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Broken, Repaired, and Set Free

This is a Leah Clearwater story. BD pretty much doesn't happen. No Volturi and no Nessie. Bella and Edward are married and Bella is a vampire, but the Cullens move before changing her.


3. Chapter 3

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“Jake, wake up! It’s 9!” I said shaking him. He jumped up.

“Emily is going to kill us if were late.” I said as I put my clothes on.

“Let’s go” he said opening the door. We ran to the car, after checking out, and Jake floored it. The ride home was quiet; I was anxiously looking back and forth from the clock and out the window.

“We only got 1 hour left maybe we should run for it.” I suggested.

“No we’ll make it, besides I don’t want to phase until I wrap mind around what happened last night.” he looked at my blushing face.

“Yeah…I don’t know how were going to keep this a secret” he laughed. “Your brother is going to kill me.”

I looked at him, he was perfectly at ease. “I’m happy you’re finding it so funny” I raised my eyebrow.

“Oh come on Leah, we had sex…no big deal.”

I looked at him no big deal? “So your saying all that moaning you were doing was an act?” I joked.

“Well I had a great time…and I know you did.” He was smug about it.

“It was ok, I guess” I smiled at him, and then I look worried.

“We’ll figure something out okay? Don’t worry!” he assured me.

“I’m not worried about that; I just…have a question for you.” I looked away from him, what if he says no? “Ummm well I was just wondering if…you know what happened last night…will happen again?”

He laughed. This is soooo embarrassing. “I’m that good huh?” he joked. I growled at him.

“Well…I don’t think I could just stop; I don’t want to. What about you? Do you want it to happen again?” he asked.

“Yeah” unable to hide my excitement.

“Well all right then.” He smiled at me. I smiled back.

He dropped me off at the house. “Where have you been, Leah?” My mom asked.

“Emily mad? I said avoiding her question.

“No, she doesn’t know you were gone. I covered for you.” She eyed me critically. “Thanks, Mom” I went into my room, took a shower, put on my dress, fixed my hair, and went to see Emily.

“You look gorgeous, Em. I’m soooo happy for you.” I was shocked at how sincere I was. She was too.

“Thanks, Leah.” I handed her the bouquet of flowers. We walked out the door to the car. “Here we go.” I hopped in and smiled at her.

The ceremony was beautiful. My mom had done a great job with the decorations. Jake and I had to walk down the aisle together, being that we were maid of honor and best man. Walking down with Jacob made everything all right. I didn’t even look at Sam. I just looked around; Jake was squeezing my hand as I silently giggled. Our little secret provided a great distraction. The ceremony flowed into the reception, flawlessly. I didn’t have to pretend so hard to be happy. I really was happy. Jacob helped a lot; holding my hand as I made my toast, and as I watched them take their first dance as husband and wife. He kept close to me the entire night, so that I could feel his assuring presence. We danced and laughed all night. My feet were beginning to hurt so I sat down. “You want to get out of here?” Jake asked, as we sat down, laughing. “Yeah” I said slipping off my heels. Throughout the entire day, Jacob and I’s touch sent electric shocks throughout our bodies. The sexual tension between us was becoming too much to bare.

We sneaked away from the reception, and went into the woods. “You did well today, I was impressed” he said once we were out of sight.

“Yeah, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. It’s probably because I was so prepared.” I explained.

He pushed me against the tree. “So I had nothing to do with it?” he closed the space between us; pressing his body to mine. My breathing was accelerated almost instantly, as was his.

“Of course you had something to do with it.” He slid his hand down my back as I slide mine up his. “Some one will catch us out here” I said with no real argument in my tone; even though I knew I should be worried about someone catching us.

“Yeah, probably a bad idea.” He said as he kissed me.

“Yeah” I agreed as I started unbuttoning his shirt.

He slid his hands down the front of my body. “You look great, by the way. The dress…Do you have to give it back?” he asked. His shirt was already on the ground and I was undoing his pants, I stopped.

“No Why?” I didn’t know where he was going with this.

“Well, I didn’t want you to have to return it damaged.” He winked.

I got his drift. “Oh…no go ahead.” I stood perfectly still as he ripped my yellow dress off. A light growl escaped him as I gasped.

“You look great in it but I love how you look without it.” My heart raced as he slowly grabbed my neck; letting his tongue slid down it.

“Oh…” I moaned. I grabbed his face and kissed him. He reached down and pulled my legs up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I nipped at his ear and he shuddered. I dug my nails into him. “Leah…!” he cried out. He dug his fingers into my thighs. “Oh my god” I said as he pressed inside me. My head fell back exposing my neck. He planted soft kisses on it.

He breathed hard as my body quivered in pleasure. This was pure pleasure. This was heaven. I couldn’t think of anything better at this moment. And then “What the fuck?” my eyes popped open. What did he say? I looked at him he was frozen. “Jake, what’s wrong?” I asked, he placed me down and stood in front of me covering my body. That’s when I saw them; 3 figures standing in the darkness.