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The Forgotten World

Bella is the Princess of the kingdom called Zin. Zin is not really a place but a race of all mythical creatures. From Minotaur to Werewolves. Though there are some that go againt the law and it is Bella's job to find them and kill them. The Cullens know nothing of the world of Zin even though they are a part of it. So when they see a girl who appares human, take down two werewolves they are shocked. Please just give it a try. Rated adult for cussing and off and on gore.

I'm puting a short prologe in the chapter notes that way you know whats going on. Also, werewolves are werewolves wich means thay stand on their hind legs when they are not in humane form.And there are two types of werewolves ones that are from the earth can be killed like humanes but its alot harder and the ones of the moon wich can be killed by silver. PICS. ON BIO.

2. Chapter 2

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The little vampire yelled rite when he started to run toward Bella at vampire speed. Quickly she stepped and turned so that she could grab the vampire from behind and pinned him. The vampire struggled and Bella said, “Jasper,right?” she turned to she the shocked vampires nodded at the same time, then she turned back to Jasper. “Well, Jasper I want you to hold your breath and think of your mate,OK?” he nodded. Then he started to calm down. “Good, now I'm going to let you go so I can clean my cut and you are going to run so your coven or family, which ever you prefer, can help you, OK?” he nodded again and she let him go, and he ran write to his mate. Bella placed her hand over the cut and healed it, then she said a spell and the bodies vanished along with the blood. Then the vampires gasped and stared at Bella. The other male blond, the leader, asked, “Who are you?” Bella looked at them strangely and said “ Princess Isabella of Zin, you can call me Bella. And you really don't know who I am do you?” They shook their head. “Do you even know what Zin is?” They shook their heads again. “Hmmm, that weird I thought every vampire knew of Zin, I'll have to talk to daddy about this.” The Vampires stared at Bella as if she were crazy but of what they just saw they knew she wasn't. Then the leader cleared his throat to get Bella's attention again, “Hello Bella I'm Carlisle, this is my mate Esme.” Esme smiled thoughtfully at Bella and Bella smiled back, “Hello, dear” said Esme. Then Carlisle continued down the line and gestured to the goddess and the big guy, “This is my son, Emmet and his mate Rosalie,” Rosalie gave Bella a cold stare, and Emmet said in a booming voice, “Hey, Bella!” Bella smiled and said a simple “Hello.” Then Carlisle turn and said “Then this is Jasper and his mate Alice,” Alice gave her a thankful smile and Jasper looked guilty but forced a smile. She looked at them questionably and Jasper said, “Sorry.” At first she didn't know what he was talking about then it clicked and all she could do was laugh, her laugh sounded like bells in the wind and she saw that she just 'dazzled' them as her dad puts it. When they came out of it Bella said, “Jasper, trust me I rather take you than some of the newborns that I've encountered, any day!” At first they look at her questionably but decided not to ask. Then Carlisle motioned to his last son and said, “ And this is my son Edward . We are the Cullens” When he was done Bella spoke “ Well it is very nice meeting you all, but since I have my job done I should be going home,” and started to walk but something grabbed her wrist. Bella took the hand and pinned it behind the culprit's back until she saw that it was Carlisle, “Sorry Carlisle, reflex.” Carlisle looked at her sadly and asked “Bella why would that be a reflex?” Bella looked like it was the most obvious thing, when she remembered that they didn't know what she dose, “Carlisle as Princess of Zin I also have to take up the duty of the law, which means when some one goes and dose something agents the law I am to hunt them down and Kill them. But I assure you that we do not kill unless it is the only option, like the two werewolves that were here a moment ago. They were a threat so I took them out.” All the Cullens look at her in a strange way. “What!?” Bella said after a few minutes of staring. Then Carlisle spoke, “Bella why don't you come to our house?” Bella gave him a questionable look and said, “ I already told you I need to go home, Dravic will get worried.”

“Whose Dravic?” asked Edward in a worried tone, which Bella had no explanation for.

“He's my dog.” Bella said as if it was nothing.

Then Emmet spoke, “OK, now I think your trying to get rid of us. Why, Bella don't you like us?” he asked in a playful voice

“Fine, I'll go but I do have to tell Dravic so let me send him a message” spoke Bella in a defeated voice.

Dravic, I have to go to a persons house you want to meet me there in lets say 20 minutes? Bella said using her mind conversation power.

Fine, But you owe me one. So where is this place?Asked Dravic.

Ummm,I don't know let me ask.

“Hey were do you guys live?”asked Bella.

“Um, 1092 on Redbird street,Why?” asked Carlisle

“I'll explain later.”

OK,so they live at 1092 Red bird street and we are in Washington.

OK, I'll meat you there

~19 Min. later~

Soon Bella was stepping out of Edward's Volvo followed by Alice, Jasper, and of course Edward. When she saw the house she noted it was very big, but not as big as her house. Then she heard Emmet's jeep and Carlisle's Mercedes pull up in the drive way behind her. Carlisle and Esme got out of their vehicle then Rosalie and Emmet got out of theirs. Then all the Cullens started their way up to the house until they saw that Bella wasn't following. They all turned and look at Bella when Esme asked, “Bella, dear, why aren't you going to come in?” Bella looked up with a smile and replied, “ I will, its just that I was suppose to have a friend here to help me enplane, thats why I asked for your house address. You see he is never late and I told him to meet me here in 20 min. and its been 19 so I would of thought that he would be here by now but I guess hes la-,” But Bella didn't get finished when a big gray Hellhound came sweeping out of the sky (Hellhound has wings pic on bio.) and tackled Bella.

At first all the Cullens where frightened, stunned, and angry. but then they heard Bella scream in fits of giggles saying, “Dravic stop!” and “Bad dog!” All the Cullens looked at Bella Laughing and rolling in the dirt when the creature got of Bella. Bella, still trying to calm down said, “ This is my dog Dravic, Dravic these are the Cullens, say hi.” At first all the Cullens thought it was just going to bark but then it opened its mouth and said, “Hello, Cullens. A pleaser to meet you all.”

“Holy Shit!” said someone at first every one thought it was Emmet or Rosalie, but instead it was Esme with her mouth hanging open. Then she saw everyone looking at her when she said, “What! Thats just messed up on so many levels. Come on every one was thinking it! Right?” The Cullens just nodded and started their way up to the house with Bella and Dravic in toe and all Bella could think was, Its going to be a very long night.