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The Gift of Children

Gift Of Children Banneramazing banner made by: eternitys_charm Selena Spelling is a vampire with a gift not even the Volturi could even dream of. Her power is something every female vampire will chase her for. Her gift is something that any vampire would trade places in a heartbeat with her for. Now that she's on the run from the vampires that want her gift used on them, she stumbles into the town of Forks. Little did she know, Rosalie Hale Cullen wants her gift most of all. Did I mention what her gift? The power of making a female vampire able to give birth.


1. Chapter 1: Intro

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I hate my life. I hate that every vampire in the world is chasing me. But I don't hate my gift. I have a gift that nobody ever thought possible. I don't even know how I got my gift. I was changed by one named Victoria, I was to be used for an army she was constructing to avenge her lover. I had supernatural control, so she ordered me to be killed by Riley. What she didn't know was there was a flaw in her plan. Riley loved me when we were human.


Why are you not extremely thirsty and rabid?” the horrible redhead demanded.

I do not know.” I answered, scared out of my mind.

RILEY!!” she roared, he came to her side immediately and didn't take his eyes off her. I choked back a gasp when I noticed who he was. Riley Scott, my fiancee in the human lifetime.

Eliminate her.” she spat and darted out of the forest. He turned to me.

Rye?” I breathed, using my nickname for him.

Lena?” he asked in the same tone.

You're going to kill me?” I whimpered. Hurt filled his eyes.

You know, until I laid eyes on you, I had no memory of my human life. Now that I've seen you, I remember it all.” he told me.

Please don't kill me.” I begged.

Never, my Lena. I will let you go. I wish to come with you, but she would find us.” he said.

I love you, my Riley. Is she your mate now?” I wondered.

She says so, but I don't believe her. I'll help her fight this war, and then I'll leave her.” he decided.

Rye, come away with me. We'll stay together, be with each other forever.” I pleaded.

I cannot. But we can say good-bye to each other here. She won't expect me back for hours.” he said. I grabbed his neck and kissed him. Then, I left.


I got word that Riley was killed, as was Victoria. I mourned Riley's death, but got over it, seeing that he would have never come back for me anyways. I discovered my gift on Jennifer, my best friend, and her, now her mate, Joseph. I found Joseph first, and we liked each other from the start. We were walking in the forest one day, and discussed the idea of a relationship between us. We kissed once, felt nothing, and decided friendship was better. He's like my brother now. Then, we came across Jennifer, she and Joseph fell in love, and now they're together forever.

The first time they were 'together', she got pregnant. We knew vampires couldn't get pregnant, so we accused my gift. After testing it, and Jen and Joe having four babies, we discovered how my gift worked.

When I kissed a male, I gave him the ability to have children once. When he was 'with' his mate, we got her pregnant. The female couldn't get pregnant again, unless I kissed her mate again. We also found out I can control the gender too. Jen and Joe now have four beautiful babies: Marcus, Annie, Brian, and Christina. They decided that just four children is enough for now. They say I've given them their happily ever after. Now, I'm going through Hell. I'm constantly on the move, since my location is not a secret for too long. My newest home is Forks, Washington. I really hope this will be safe. Well, that's what I thought. Until now.

“Are you Selena Spelling?” an inhuman voice questioned as I was hunting animals- yes, I hunt animals.