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The Gift of Children

Gift Of Children Banneramazing banner made by: eternitys_charm Selena Spelling is a vampire with a gift not even the Volturi could even dream of. Her power is something every female vampire will chase her for. Her gift is something that any vampire would trade places in a heartbeat with her for. Now that she's on the run from the vampires that want her gift used on them, she stumbles into the town of Forks. Little did she know, Rosalie Hale Cullen wants her gift most of all. Did I mention what her gift? The power of making a female vampire able to give birth.


2. Chapter 2

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Are you Selena Spelling?” an inhuman voice questioned.

“Yes. Please don't hurt me.” I pleaded helplessly.

“I won't. I'm Edward Cullen, and I can read minds. I request your help.” he sounded honest.

“Yes, I mean every word that I say. Will you come to my house?” he begged. I nodded. He motioned for me to follow him and took off running, I obeyed. After a short run, he came to a random stop.

“Okay, well I need your help.” he repeated.

“Um, okay. I already think I know what you want.” I said. Of coarse, he wanted his mate to have a child, like everyone else.

“No, it's my sister. She is so desperate to have a child, I haven't told her about you. She doesn't know your gift, she just knows that we have a visitor coming. I want you to perhaps meet my family, and consider helping us?” he sounded desperate.

“You must really love, er...” he never said a name.

“Rosalie.” he finished my sentence. I nodded.

“I'm running away from people that are attacking me for my gift.” I said.

“Please, anything you want. What is the one thing you want most in this world?” he asked. A mate. I answered in my mind. Images of Riley came in my mind, but I remembered he was no longer my mate-not that he would have been. Edward gasped.

“Oh, sorry..... Wait a minute!” I took a step back from him. I remembered the stories of the copper-headed vampire that killed Victoria's mate. Did he kill Riley? Edward looked uneasy.

“You k-killed Riley?!” I demanded. He nodded timidly. I darted away from Edward.

“Please, come back.” an unfamiliar voice called. I ignored it. I ran for awhile, and came across a mall. Maybe some shopping will take my mind off that Edward in the forest.

I shopped for awhile, then I smelled vampire when I was in the Gucci store. Three beautiful girls stood before me.

“Hello. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Don't hurt me.” I requested.

“We won't. We're intrigued by you. I'm Bella, this is Rose, and Alice.” a brunette introduced me to a blond and a pixie-like girl.

“I'm Lena.” I used my nickname.

“Hello, Lena. Nice to meet you. May we talk in somewhere more private?” Bella asked. I nodded and they led the way. We talked for a long time, and I began to like them. I wondered how they would react if I told them my gift.

“Are you gifted?” Alice asked randomly, I wondered if she read minds....

“Yes. If I tell you my gift, you will act just like the rest of them though.” I said quietly.

“Like who? Lena, you can tell us.” Rose said. So I gave them my story, leaving out my power, about how I was being chased.

“We'll protect you.” Bella reassured me. I smiled thankfully.

“But, I am curious. If you would tell me, what is your power?” Rose pushed.

“I can make vampires have.... have....” I sputtered. “babies.” I whispered. Rose's face lit up.

“You-you mean, you can... l-let me get pregnant?!” she jumped with joy and threw her arms around me. It clicked in my mind. Was Rose short for Rosalie?

“Is your real name Rosalie?” I asked her once she released me.

“Yes. How did you know that?” she wondered.

“Edward. He killed Riley. He told me so. He killed Riley.” I repeated over and over.

“You know Edward?” Bella asked.

“He came to me in the woods today. He said his sister wanted a child. He told me he killed Riley, and I ran away. Do you know why he killed my Riley?” I asked.

“Your Riley? He was your mate?” Bella wondered.

“In the human years. You knew Riley?”

“He tried to kill me. When I was human. Edward saved me. Edward is my husband.” she explained.

“My Riley? You're the one they were after?” my eyes were wide with curiosity.

“It seems we have much to talk about. Please don't run away. We can talk this out.” Rose begged.

“You just want my gift.” I accused.

“No. I want to help you.” she argued.

“But you want my gift.” I repeated.
“I want to help you.” she insisted.

“NO! You don't care! You just want a baby!” I shrieked and ran to my car and sped away, they followed me. I'll just add them to my list of stalkers.