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A Year of Pain

Written for Novel Novice's May/June prompt, Leah discusses the changes she's experienced in the year she's been a werewolf.


1. Chapter 1

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A Year of Pain

By: Lady Saffir

Rating: G

DISCLAIMER: I own no rights to any character from the Twilight universe.

Written for Novel Novice’s May/June prompt. I’ve never tried to write this character before, so I hope it turned out okay.


The difference one year can make.

A year ago, I was a regular girl with a slightly annoying younger brother, who I would admit only to myself, was actually a pretty good guy. A year ago, my family life was pretty good. A year ago, I was happy and in love. A year ago I had the possibility of having a husband and children.

And now? Now I’m a genetic freak, and anomaly. The only female werewolf in our history. My boyfriend, whom I had hoped to one day marry, is now bound to my cousin, never to see another woman as attractive as she, regardless of the deformity of her face. A deformity HE caused, but no one ever speaks of that. No, there is only happiness for the husband and wife to be.

I’ve had everything taken away from me. My normal, high school life? Gone. My father? Gone. My boyfriend? Run off with my cousin and best friend. Instead, my life has been replaced with an alliance to the very vampires our tribe considered the enemy, our two sides coming together against the greater threat of the ruling vampire coven.

My life is screwed beyond belief.

My younger brother sees only the glory, the good things that being a werewolf could bring. Prolonged, possibly immortal youth, unbelievable strength and speed, the chance to take part in something only usually reserved for comic books and movies. That’s all Seth sees in this.

And why should he see the downside? HE can still have children, still pass along the genetic quirk that allows members of our tribe to grow into monstrous beasts to defend our way of life. One of his closest friends is a vampire, for god’s sake. He sees nothing wrong with any of this.

There are some cool things about being a werewolf, I will give you that. The sheer difference of how the world is viewed through an animal’s eyes is astounding. Our human senses are heightened, but still nothing compared to when we run on four legs. The forest is alive, and is very aware of what walks among it. This gift and curse has let me appreciate nature more. Whenever I stand at the ocean’s edge as a storm rolls in…words cannot describe the multitude of scents that assault my nose.

I am extremely hard to hurt, and I do heal quickly. Something that perhaps Bella should have been graced with, instead of me. How the girl survived childhood is a miracle. I haven’t had a cold, nor have my allergies acted up since I’ve become a werewolf. Edward says that we aren’t true werewolves, only shape-changers that think we can only become wolves, but what we really are doesn’t matter to me.

Only one thing matters, and it is something I cannot change. It’s funny, how you never realize you’ve planned on something happening until that possibility has been stolen from you. I never would have thought having children would be that important and all consuming, but now I’ve found out the hard way that it is possible to miss what you’ve never known.

It’s been one year to the day since I first changed, and I have an untold number of days ahead of me. This isn’t the life I wanted, but it’s the one I’ve been given, so I suppose I should stop crying and whining and learn to smile through the pain.