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To Not Even have a Chance

'You don't know whats its like to not even a chance' An interaction between Jacob Black and Edward Cullen over who has the better deal. A small one-shot.

So another one-shot, I know I should update Many Secrets again soon and I will but hey, when inspiration (*cough*plotbunny*cough*) comes I can't ignore it! lol, all right so this is short and probably considered a 'drabble' of sorts but please read and let me know what you think. Much appreciated :)

1. Chapter 1

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“Do you have any idea how lucky you are?” he demanded from Edward, his mood livid and aggravated.

“Yes of course-

“No I don’t think you do.”

“Of course I do, I’ve lived without her for a century, had her, lost her and almost lost her again. She is everything to me; my life, my soul, my reason for being so yes I do.” Edward explained harshly. He knew how lucky, how undeserving he was to have her as his own. How he hadn’t done anything to deserve her in his lifetime, in his existence. Jacob laughed bitterly and stepped forward, face to face with his enemy.

“No you don’t, because you don’t know what it’s like to not even have a chance! You don’t know what it’s like to see the woman you love, the one you would freaking’ die for, with another man who isn’t even human, who isn’t even aware of how exceptionally lucky, have her!” he roared. Edward instinctively stepped back, causing Jacob to chortle and look at him with dark eyes

“You can’t even stand up to me can you? What makes you so much more special than me?” he asked in confusion, his face wrinkled in non-understanding.

“If you ever hurt her again do not doubt for one second that I’ll kill you. Not to mention enjoy it; make her happy, do that much.” He finished. He swallowed and looked Edward over once more with a confused and disgusted look upon his face before turning around, hunching his shoulders and shoving his hands into his pockets, walked away into the forest. They wouldn’t see him again until the wedding day.

Edward looked at the distancing figure and looked down at the ground, contemplating. He wasn’t any better than Jacob; hell he knew that Jacob was better for Bella than himself. He even was man enough to admit that Jacob was more deserving than him; he had saved Bella, put her back together, and stitched her heart together again when Edward left her. But he was selfish, too self-seeking to give her up. She even wanted him for some unfathomable reason to both Jacob and Edward. She should be with Jacob, he was the better choice.

But if he ever did one thing right in his time, he would keep that promise to Jacob Black. He would do everything in his power to make her happy; he would sacrifice everything for her. Maybe Jacob and Edward were more alike than they previously thought. Both were desperate for an affection and love that they couldn’t have or didn’t warrant. They were both pitifully at the mercy of one barely significant girl who could twist their hearts and thoughts into a tangled web, cause them to go mad.

But what could they do but succumb? They couldn’t and didn’t, so yes, they really were rather alike. Much more than either would ever like to admit. But Edward would for the first time listen to a werewolf and keep his promise to one. He would always stay with her, do anything for her, and just make her happy. They were both running up a hill they couldn’t avoid, and could just barely make up.

One wished with all his being to be able to make a deal with God and switch places.

The other would never believe he could merit the girls love.

And all the while that one little girl would never realize what she did to their lives.