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Moon Sisters

It has been 100years after Breaking Dawn the Cullens are now back in Forks. What happens when the mysterious Moon Sisters, the red eyed human Ruby and Her blue eyed Twin Safire move into town, who have a secret of their own? Banner made by my awesome brother Brian who made this in an hour

this is my second story but has no relation to my first.

1. Chapter 1

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Safire’s POV

“Safire! Ruby! Time to go to your first day at your new high school!” I heard my mom calling me and my twin. “Ruby, come on you look fine.” I said to my almost identical twin. I say almost because we look exactly the same except our eyes. My eyes are a light blue and Ruby’s are a reddish orange color. A lot of people think she wears contacts but nope her eyes are just plain weird, but pretty also. Ruby, my mom, and I are decadents of the Potawatomi tribes in Michigan.

We can from Muskegon MI. Muskegon isn’t a big town but it’s also not a small town either. The weather is weird in Muskegon. It can be 70 degrees one day and 52 the next. It can be warm and sunny then cold and rainy all in the same week. I already miss Muskegon. It has a very homey feel to it.

“Is that all your going to do with your hair twin?” Ruby asked me. I pretended to think about and put my index finger on my chin and said, “Yep!” Ruby rolled her eyes. My sister, mom and I moved to small rainy town in Washington after my dad’s accident.

“Girls come on your going to be late to Forks High!” I heard my mom call again. “Come on Rubs before Mom has a coronary.” Ruby laughed and we headed off to Forks High. Ruby got into my electric blue slug bug. It may be a small car but it works.

I held Ruby’s hand as we got out of my car and walked to the office to get our classes. “Chill Safi, its okay Mom said we will probably get all of our classes together because of what happened to dad.” She said the last part with sadness in her voice. I hugged my twin. We walked into the office and sure enough we did get every class together.

“See nothing to worry about twin.” Ruby whispered to me. I nodded my head and we went off to our first 4 classes which were English, Art, Trig, and com tech. Art has always been something my sister and I have been good at. A lot of kids stared at us during class and as we walked into the lunch room.

After we got our food we went and sat at an empty table in the back of the launch room. Ruby and I were eating and listening to our IPods when we felt like other people were sitting with us. Ruby and I looked up to see a tall Native American boy, and red haired girl holding his hand sitting next to me, a pale boy with tousled brown hair and a brown haired girl sat next to the red haired girl, a big football playing guy was holding hands with a blonde Barbie doll looking girl, were next to the brunette girl, and finally there was a pixie looking girl holding the hand of a blonde haired guy that looked like he was in pain. I knew right away what they were and so did Ruby. Vampires, but these had gold eyes not red like the ones who killed our father. I wasn’t sure about the red head and the Native American though, they were not vampires, but if they are friends with them then I don’t like them.

I looked at Ruby. “Umm are we sitting in your seats? Because I don’t see any names on them!” Ruby said. I hit her in the arm. “We’ll move if we are in your seats though.” I said shyly. Sometimes I wish Ruby was quieter and did not open her big mouth. She might get us killed.

No answer, so Ruby and I kept eating as they all sat around us. The Barbie doll girl then spoke, “Why are you at our table?” she said. Before Ruby could open her mouth I spoke. “Sorry we’re new and have nowhere to sit.” I said calmly, and just like I thought she would Ruby opened her big mouth. “What’s it to yah Blondie?” Ruby asked. I kicked Ruby. Here we go we’re going to join our father. “Why don’t you move little girl?” the Barbie doll said.

“I would say “Bite Me” but you would like that wouldn’t you.” Ruby said. Oh crap. The circle of vampires gasped and stared at Ruby and I. “How did you know about that?” the brunette girl said. Just then the bell rang and I pulled Ruby out of the lunch room. “Great Ruby now we have a coven of vampires coming after us! Why did you have to open your big fricken mouth? We could have let them think we were normal humans who knew nothing, but no you and your temper wouldn’t allow it.” I said to Ruby as we walked to our next class. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I thought about dad which made me upset and when Blondie started shooting her mouth I just blew up!” Ruby said. She had a tear threatening to over flow.

I sighed and hugged her. “Now what do we do?” I asked. “They are going to want to know how we know and then will probably have us for lunch.” I said. Just then we walked into our next class which was Biology, and sure enough right were the teacher showed us to sit was the Brunette girl and the boy with the brown tousled hair. We took our seats in front of the Vampire duo.

Half way through class a felt something land on my hand. It was a note.

How do you two know about us?

I showed the note to Ruby who responded to the note.

Why should we tell you?

Then she through the message back. Then we got it back again.

Meet us after school by the silver Volvo.

I responded this time to the note after Ruby showed me.

Only if there are going to be other people around

I wrote back and through it back to the girl. She nodded yes and the bell rang for next period.

Bella’s POV

We were all going to lunch when Edward stiffened. “What is it?” I asked. Edward shook his head and kept going. Renesme and Jacob were ahead of us. It had been 100 years since we were last in Forks. I had asked Edward if we could move back here now that for sure everyone we knew was dead. When we got to the lunch room there were the two new girls sitting at our table. They both were listening to their IPods.

We all walked in and sat down. The girls looked up. They were identical except for their eyes. One had red eyes and the other had blue. The red eyed one did not smell of vampire but of human. How odd to have a human with red eyes. The Red eyed girl spoke up, “Umm are we in your seats? Because I don’t see any names on them.” She said. The blue eyed girl then hit her sister and said, “If we’re in your seats we’ll move.”

No one said anything. The girls then started to eat again when Rosalie spoke up. “Why are you at our table?” she asked. The blue eyed girl spoke up, “Sorry we’re new and have nowhere to sit.” Then the red eyed girl spoke up, “What’s it to yah Blondie?” “Why don’t you move little girl?” Rosalie said. Then something unexpected happened the red eyed girl spoke up, “I would say “Bite Me” but you would like that wouldn’t you.”

Everyone gasped. “How did you know about that?” I asked. Just then the bell rang and the blue eyed girl pulled her sister out of the room as quick as possible. “Call Carlisle now!” Edward said. Alice obeyed. “What do we do?” I asked no one in particular. No one answered. Edward and I went to our next class which was evidently Biology.

A few minutes after we arrived in Bio the two twins who knew the secret came in and sat right in front of us. About half way through class I through a note at the blue eyed one. She read it and sent it back with a message of its own. I had asked how they knew and the message back asked why they should tell us.

Class was almost over so I told them to meet us by Edward’s Volvo. Sure enough they sent the message back saying as long as there would be other people around. I nodded to confirm that there would be other people around. Then the bell rang and Edward and I went to tell the others.