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Moon Sisters

It has been 100years after Breaking Dawn the Cullens are now back in Forks. What happens when the mysterious Moon Sisters, the red eyed human Ruby and Her blue eyed Twin Safire move into town, who have a secret of their own? Banner made by my awesome brother Brian who made this in an hour

this is my second story but has no relation to my first.

3. Chapter 3

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“We’re here!” Alice giggled. I sighed and heard Ruby mumble “Great…” in a sarcastic tone. I knew the vampires could hear her and I slapped her on the shoulder. Ruby rolled her eyes as we got out of the car. Just then the big vampire came up behind me. “HI! I’m Emmett!” I jumped at his booming voice. Ruby chuckled.

“The big one, Emmett is super HOT and delicious.” Ruby thought to me. I rolled my eyes and I heard Edward chuckle under his breath. I was nervous and I think Ruby knew that and she grabbed my hand and whispered “Breath Safi, breath.” I then thought a message to her I’m just scared. I keep thinking of you know who. Ruby nodded and hugged me.

I looked up to see yet another pair of vampires at the door way. Alice grabbed Ruby and mines arms and pulled us inside. I was probably shaking because Alice looked at me weird and let go. The inside of the house was beautiful. I stood there in the door way as the other vampires went inside. Ruby had already gone to the couch.

I slowly moved to sit next to Ruby. All of the vampires stood there and stared at us until Alice spoke up “This is Renesme, Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Jacob. As you know I’m Alice, and this is Edward and Bella.” Alice said after pointing to each vampire. “Jacob is a werewolf just like your father.” Edward said.

I looked at Ruby and back at Edward “What did you say our father was?” I asked. “A werewolf.” Edward said again. “How dare you call our father a dog?!” Ruby screeched! “Not a dog a werewolf, there is a difference.” Jacob said before exploding into a wolf like our father had done at the prison. “How…what our dad was a werewolf? How did you know he could change into a wolf?” I asked totally confused.

“I heard you thinking about him as you were coming up to our car.” Edward said before explaining how we knew about vampires to the rest of his family. Again the vampire’s attention was set on us. I looked around the room and every vampire and werewolf was looking at us. Ruby did you see that the vampires have gold eyes except for Renesme who has brown? The vampire who attacked Dad had crimson eyes. I thought to my sister. Yeah I noticed that too. Are they different here? Ruby thought back.

“Our eyes our golden because we don’t drink from humans, we drink from animals. Renesme is mine and Bella’s daughter. Bella gave birth to her when she was human and I was a vampire.” Edward said. Now I am super confused. Edward then went into the story on how he met Bella, Emmett was yawning the whole time.

“Why are you telling us all of this?” Ruby and I asked at the same time. Just then Renesme came up to us and laid her hand on our faces. As she did this pictures of us sitting and hanging out with the vampire and werewolf family appeared into my head. I looked at Ruby who apparently saw it too. “How did you do that?” Ruby asked Renesme. “It’s my power.” She said before more pictures came into my head.

This time it had pictures of Bella blocking a strange mist, Alice going into a blank stare, and Jasper sitting next to her making her smile. “She is showing you the rest of our family’s powers. Alice can see the future, Bella is a mental shield meaning she can blocked mental attacks, and Jasper can control emotions.” Edward explained.

Then the pictures of us hanging out with the Cullens came back into my head. I looked at Ruby. “Friends?” Renesme asked. Ruby and I shared glances. “um.” I said. I didn’t know if I wanted to be friends with a group a vampires and werewolf, and by the looks of it Ruby wasn’t sure ether.

“No. we don’t want another human friend much less two humans hanging around us.” Rosalie said. “What was that Blondie? You don’t want us around then fine we won’t be around!” Ruby shouted. “We won’t tell your secret. Don’t worry.” I added on not really wanting to see us get shredded by Rosalie.

Ruby grabbed my arm and pulled me out of there and we got in my car. I drove away as quickly as I could without breaking the law. As soon as we got home I heard a growl coming from the house. I grabbed Ruby and we ran into the house to see a giant silver and white wolf fighting the same vampire who killed our father. I knew that the wolf was our mom. The vampire turned to us and hissed when Mom lunged herself at the vampire. “MOM!” Ruby and I yelled. The vampire then turned to us. “I killed your father and now I’ll kill you!” she hissed before Mom got her attention again.

Bella’s POV

“Well that went well.” Jacob mumbled under his breath. I rolled my eyes. “So what do we do now?” I asked. “We should follow them. They could also be werewolves. The pack could help them if they are.” Jacob said. “No. the only emotions they were giving off were fear and sadness.” Jasper said. “He’s right their thoughts were filled with fear and questions too.” Edward said. “But they weren’t scared of Jacob or Renesme, so maybe they could follow after them.” Jasper said.

“Rosalie, you have to let them befriend us. I know you don’t like humans but they could use our help. They also know our secret and it won’t be long before the Volturi find out.” Carlisle said. Rosalie sighed and mumbled “fine.” “Momma?” I heard Renesme ask. “Yes Nessy?” I replied. Jacob smiled at them name I used. “We have to help them. I want to help them.” Renesme said.

Alice then took a sharp intake of breath. She was having a vision. “Alice what’s happening?” Jasper asked. “I can’t see the twins anymore. I was looking for them to see if they are okay and I saw a vampire and the twins then nothing. I can’t see them anywhere!” Alice cried out. As she said that Renesme grabbed Jacob and pulled him out the door. Edward and I fallowed after them, if there was a vampire there then I’m not letting Renesme and Jacob fight it alone.