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Moon Sisters

It has been 100years after Breaking Dawn the Cullens are now back in Forks. What happens when the mysterious Moon Sisters, the red eyed human Ruby and Her blue eyed Twin Safire move into town, who have a secret of their own? Banner made by my awesome brother Brian who made this in an hour

this is my second story but has no relation to my first.

4. Chapter 4

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Bella’s POV

Jacob changed into his wolf form. “Jacob, call the rest of the pack. The vampire might not be alone!” I said. We were following the girls scent trails. They took the highway so it was hard to decipher which sent was theirs. I soon heard Alice and Carlisle come after us.

“Anything yet, Aunt Alice?” Renesme asked. “No!” was the little pixie’s answer. Renesme picked up speed and so did Jacob. Edward and I were now running beside Renesme. “Momma, Papa, are they going to be okay?” Renesme asked. “Of course.” Edward and I said at the same time even though I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

Soon the rest of Jacob’s pack was with us. A few seconds later Sam’s pack had also shown up. The girls scent was starting to get stronger as we made a turn off the highway. We followed the sent to a dirt road which led to another dirt road. Soon we had traveled down about 4 or 5 dirt roads before their scent became extremely strong. “We’re getting closer.” Carlisle said.

We fallowed their scent until we came up on a nice little white house. It had about 2 stories to it. Then we heard a howl of pain come from inside and the laughter of a female vampire. Edward broke down the door to find not only the vampire but 3 werewolves. There was a white one with a black tail, a black one with a white tail, and finally a silver one with a white tail. The black one had red eyes and must have been Ruby. The white one had blue eyes and must be Safire. The silver one had orange eyes and must have been their mother.

The girls’ mother was motionless. Safire was whining in her mother’s ear. Ruby was trying unsuccessfully to fight off the vampire. Jacob and Sam lunged themselves at the vampire. She let out a screech of pain as the two massive wolves slammed into her. Then the vampire just disappeared into thin air. “Where did she go? Everyone be on look out for her.” Carlisle said as her ran to aid the girls’ mother.

Ruby and Safire would not let Carlisle near their mother. They growled at him and Ruby launched herself at him only to be stopped by Sam. Sam was much larger then Ruby so she could not get up when he pinned her down. Suddenly Safire lunged herself at Sam and freeing her sister. Now Safire kept Carlisle away while Ruby kept Sam away.

The girls’ mother then stood up behind them. She was much larger than they were; she was about Sam’s height. Immediately the girls stood down and flanked their growling mother also growling. Sam and Jacob were side by side with their packs behind them. Total there were around 16 werewolves between Sam and Jacob. There were a couple new wolves with both of them.

Seeing that they were severely outnumbered the girls’ mother lay on her stomach and stopped growling, the girls soon followed. Sam and Jacob stepped forward and nudged the mother. She stood back up and the girls sat up. The mother left and came back a human. She looked just like the twins except she had orange eyes.

“Why are you and those leaches in my house!” she demanded. Sam and Jacob left and came back as humans too. “One of these vampires had a vision that you and your girls were going to be attacked by another vampire.” Sam said. “Why would you help us leaches?” the mother asked. Alice stepped forward. “Hi I’m Alice, I’m the one who saw you guys in trouble, well I saw the twins then I couldn’t and I got worried. See we aren’t like other vampires, we only drink animal blood. We set up an alliance with the werewolves here. Edward, my brother fell in love with a human and got her pregnant.”

I stepped forward and so did Edward. “I’m Edward and this is the human I fell in love with.” Edward said. “As you can see I’m now a vampire.” I said. “Anyway, Renesme was born so she is half vampire and half human.” Alice said as Renesme stepped forward and nodded her head. “That’s when I imprinted on her.” Jacob said grabbing onto a now blushing Renesme’s hand.

“We split into two packs, mine and Jacob’s.” Sam said as Jacob returned to his side. The girls’ mother just sat and listened as Carlisle, Jacob, and Sam explained what else has happened. Now their mother spoke up. “I’m Amber and I believe you have already met my girls Safire and Ruby. I’m guessing you probably want to know why we are here.” Amber said before continuing.

“My husband was the alpha pack leader in a little town in Michigan; I was the alpha female of our pack. When my husband passed away I decided to leave the pack to my two betas and move farther away for mine and the girls’ sake. Thankfully my pack understood. I was imprinted to my husband so losing him was hard, but I had to stay strong for my girls. I wasn’t sure if they would become werewolves or not. They weren’t very far along so I decided to wait a little longer before I told them; but I guess seeing this vampire sped up the process.” Amber concluded.

The girls were now back in their human forms. “Mom that was the vampire who killed dad.” Safire and Ruby said at the same time both sounding like they were about to cry. “Don’t worry girls I’ll personally find and kill that vampire if she ever dare show her face again.” Amber said as she wrapped the girls in a hug.

“As an alpha you should know that you could not possibly kill a vampire on your own, especially if she has a coven. Let Jacob and I help you.” Sam said. “We’ll help you too.”Carlisle said. “By the looks of it you could use some help training your girls.” Jacob said. Renesme slapped him on the shoulder. Renesme then approached the twins and sent them a message. “Friends?” she asked again.

The twins shared a look and said “defiantly!” before everyone busted out laughing. Safire and Ruby went with Jacob and Sam to get training and Amber followed. Renesme went with Jacob to watch and support her new friends. Edward, Alice, Carlisle, and I went back to report to the other Cullens what happened.

Carlisle explained everything to Esme, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie what happened. Edward and I went back to our old cottage. It was nice to relax after the day we had. I sat on our bed and Edward joined me and kissed me feverishly. “I love you.” I said before I kissed him this time. “As I love you.” Edward said.

Safire’s POV

We followed Jacob and Sam to an open field. Mom and Renesme also came. Mom had changed back into her wolf form. All right girls these nice boys and I are going to help you learn how to fight. I can somehow communicate with both of them, but only if I want to. I was wondering if you could do the same. Mom thought to us. I shared a look with Ruby and thought back Sorry Mom no luck. Ruby and I thought back.

It had been about 3 hours since we started training when Mom let out a warning growl. At first I thought it was a warning for us to take it easy. What is he doing here? I thought we agreed that he wouldn’t follow or hurt my family again! Mom’s thoughts were filled with hatred to someone. Then a jet black wolf with red scars on his face appeared out of the forest. He also had blood red eyes.

Mom let out a fierce growl at the new wolf. Sam and Jacob then came up next to Mom and let out their own growls. Ruby and I did the same. Renesme came up and stood in a crouching form hissing next to Jacob. Jacob nudged her and she looked at him with pleading eyes before whipping out her cell phone and dialing a number.

The black wolf approached Mom and she growled in return. The black wolf did not seem fazed by her growl and came even closer. I turned to look at Mom when I felt what seemed to be a bus ram into my side. I let out a howl of pain, and looked to see that another black wolf standing above me with teeth bared. This wolf had white on his feet and back though. I looked around to see that not 4 but 5 other wolves about his size come out of the forest and had pinned down Renesme and the other wolves. The black wolf from before had my mother pinned down.

Bella’s POV

I was laying next to Edward when my phone rang. I looked to see who it was; it was Renesme. “Hello Renesme. How’s practice going?” I asked. Edward had sat up and was now listening. “Mom, Dad get down her quick something’s wrong. Bring everyone ASAP.” Before I could asked what happened Renesme screamed and I heard a course of growls. Edward and I had shot out of the house and strait for the clearing. Edward called Carlisle and told him to meet us down there quick.

“Edward,” He looked at me. “I’m scared.”