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Moon Sisters

It has been 100years after Breaking Dawn the Cullens are now back in Forks. What happens when the mysterious Moon Sisters, the red eyed human Ruby and Her blue eyed Twin Safire move into town, who have a secret of their own? Banner made by my awesome brother Brian who made this in an hour

this is my second story but has no relation to my first.

5. Chapter 5

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Bella POV

As we entered the clearing I saw Renesme, and the wolves being pinned down by other wolves that I didn’t know. I rammed into the one on Renesme and sent it flying into a tree. “Momma?” Renesme asked. “It’s me sweetie.” I said as Renesme shut her eyes. She passed out. I grabbed her and brought her over to the edge of the field.

The same Wolf I sent flying came and attacked me. I growled and shoved it off me. It hurt my baby and now it’s going to pay. I slammed into the wolf again knocking it backwards. “You’re going to pay for what you did to her!” I growled and lunged myself at the wolf but before I could get to it I was slammed into by a gray wolf. I then looked around and saw that there were many wolves other then Jacob and Sam. None looked familiar.

“Edward who are they?” I asked. Edward was flinging a wolf off of Jacob. “I’m not sure, they know Amber though and their thoughts are focused on killing her, the twins and anybody who gets in the way.” Edward said.

I was fending off two wolves when Jacob’s pack came. Seth and Leah came to help me with them. I took the brown one that attacked Renesme and they took the gray one. Jake appeared at my side and helped to kill the brown one. Once he was out of the way Jake helped Seth and Leah.

I went over and knocked the wolves off of the Twins. “Go help Renesme!” I yelled at them. The left and went to stand by Renesme. Edward took on the wolf that was on Ruby and I went after the one that was on Safire when Sam’s pack came. They were much larger then Jacob’s pack and went after the other wolves that did not have anyone pinned down.

I saw Amber fighting a jet black wolf with a scarred up face. I made a mistake looking away and before I knew it I was on the ground with a sandy colored wolf on top of me. It tried to bite me. Then Jake came and knocked it off of me. I stood up and growled at the wolf.

Edward looked like he was having trouble. Jacob nodded his head as Embry came and attacked the sandy wolf along with Jacob. They had this covered. Just as Edward was being pinned to the ground by a black and gray wolf I rammed it off of him and we fought it together. I stood back to back with Edward as we fended off oncoming wolves.

Once no more went after us I saw that Ruby and Safire were fighting a wolf two times their size in an attempt to keep it away from Renesme. I looked at Edward and he and I ran to help the girls. Edward and I distracted the wolf while Safire and Ruby killed it. I knew I was going to be upset about killing so many wolves even if they were trying to kill us.

Soon there only a 3 wolves left. The one that was fighting Amber and 2 others. One surrendered and the other we had to kill. In the end we killed 5 wolves and 6 surrendered. I went to go help Amber when Edward put his arm around me. “That’s her fight let her do it herself. She thought that to me.” Edward said. I nodded my head and went to go see Renesme. I picked her up and Safire looked at me and whined. Edward came over then and growled when he saw Renesme.

She had a few injures that were very noticeable and some that were not. “Call Carlisle.” I said when Edward already had his phone out. He told Carlisle to meet him at our house as soon as he can. I felt a nudge on my shoulder. I turned around to see Jacob. He had tear running down his over grown head and body. I looked at Edward who just nodded.

“Jake I need you to take her back to our house. Carlisle will be there to help her.” He nodded and I set Renesme on his back and he took off. I looked over to see that Amber had the wolf pinned on his back, he knocked her off and she went flying. Safire and Ruby went over to help their mother.

The three went after the mysterious wolf in one attack. He fought them all off and growled. Then my phone rang, it was Carlisle. “Bella you and Edward need to get home now!” Carlisle said. I hung up the phone and Edward and I took off towards our house.

Amber’s POV

While I was being pinned down I noticed that 6 other wolves had come out. I growled at Jeremy as he pinned me down. He said he would never come back after me or my family. I noticed that the 6 new wolves that appeared was my old pack.

Jacob and Sam’s pack along with Edward and Bella had taken down all but my pack who had surrendered. I then kicked Jeremy off of me and now I was pinning him. I growled and that’s when I saw my girls they were next to Edward and Bella. Bella was giving Renesme to Jacob. She didn’t look very good as Jacob ran away with her on his back.

I felt like I was hit by a bus and then I realized that I was flying through the air and I hit a tree. Mom! We’re coming hold on! They thought to me. I stood up with my girls flanking me. Go at his sides! I thought to them. I charged at Jeremy with my girls. He flung Safire off then Ruby and last me, but not until after I got a good swipe at his already scared face. He yelped as I saw Edward and Bella leave.

Why are you here? I thought you weren’t going after me and my family anymore. I thought you learned the last time that you can’t win. And the girls are wolves. Why did you take my pack! I thought to the evil black wolf that stood before me.

You see my dear I can’t fully take your pack until you and your girls are dead, and you know how much I truly want the pack to be mine. As you can see I had gathered a pack of my own along with yours. Too bad they weren’t strong enough to survive. He thought back.

I growled and launched myself at him. Knocking him to the ground. Safire and Ruby came over and kept him pinned as I got off of him. He growled and snapped his teeth at me. I shook my head. I knew I had to end this as soon as possible. Do you surrender or do I have to kill you? I thought to him. He didn’t reply so I did what I had to do. I killed him. And as I did this I could hear all of my pack again.

Amber we are so sorry. We tried to fight him but he won. He forced us here to kill you. We still had some control so we did not fight. Joyce, my beta thought to me. I nodded my head at them. Shift back so we can talk. I thought to my whole pack. They went into the forest and came back as humans. I did the same and so did my girls.

“It is so nice to see all of you well. There is no need for an apology, you couldn’t help it. As you see Ruby and Safire have changed. What happened was nothing. You guys can go back to Michigan now. It’s safe here.” I said. Joyce stepped forward. “Amber it’s nice to see you are fine as well, but we don’t want to leave without you. We need you back in Michigan.” He said.

I shook my head “You don’t need me. I’m needed here in Forks more than anything. You can’t stay with me. You will have to go back to Michigan. I love you all and that is why I’m refraining as Alpha of our pack and giving it to you Joyce and your wife Sarah.” I said. “Thank you so much Amber we will do our best to protect Michigan.” Sarah said and she grabbed Joyce’s hand.

“This is good bye; I will miss all of you. Keep in touch Joyce and let me know how our, I mean your pack is doing.” I said as tear’s filled my eyes. Joyce and Sarah hugged me and said good bye. The rest of the pack came and said farewell to me as well. “I will miss all of you.” I said as the last of the pack said their good byes’.

“We will miss you too Amber.” The all called at the same time. “Bye, now everyone be safe.” I said as they left. “Mom we need to go see Renesme, she got hurt bad in the fight.” Safire said. “Ok. Come on girls lets go.” I said and we headed off towards Renesme’s house