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Total Bliss...Or Not

**Sequel to The Way I Love You, read it first or this won't make sense to you!** Edward and Bella are getting married. That also means they have to leave their children behind for a week when they go on their honeymoon. But what happens to the kids that causes them to come home early from their honeymoon? Edward and Bella are now 21, the twins are 3. A little fluff here and there, nothing racy though. **Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, just the plot of this story and any characters not in Twilight****Sequel now posted, called "Turning Back In Time"**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. Home

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I put down the knife I was using to chop potatoes for supper and went into the livingroom.

"Yes, Jack?" My son had grown up with his father's everything. He had Edward's disheveled bronze hair and bright green eyes. Ever since he was born he was the spitting image of Edward.

"Auntie Alice is being a meanie!" he pouted.

"I am not, I'm simply having him try on his tuxedo for the wedding to see if it fits or if we need to bring it in for hemming," Alice explained calmly, which was hard for her because she had crazy hormones, due to the fact that she was pregnant with her first baby and is expected to pop any day now. Her and Jasper got married two years ago, a little after the twins turned one.

"Jack, you'll be fine," I said, and headed back into the kitchen to finish dinner.

Edward and I found a house not far from the Cullens' house to buy about a year ago. It was a cute white house with three levels and a basement. I wanted a smaller house, but Edward used the "What if we have more kids?" card on me and I gave in. He liked to go all out when buying things for me.

There are six bedrooms and four bathrooms, a family room, two offices (one for Edward and one for me), a kitchen, a livingroom, and a dining room. The kitchen is huge, and I love it very much. All of the appliances are stainless steel, and there's a ton of counter space. Lucy is very much a girly girl, so her bedroom is painted a sage green and has white accessories (dresser, nightstand, etc.). Her bedspread is shades of pink with fun flowers scattered on it. The curtains are the same way, and are outlined in sage green to match the walls. Jack's room is painted a light blue color with a sports theme. He loves watching baseball with "Uncle Em". Edward and I's room is painted a blood red color with dark cherry wood bed frame and accessories. It had a Chinese vibe to it. I found three wall decorations that each had a chinese symbol for love, happiness, and passion. We made one of the extra rooms into a playroom for the twins, which was painted in crazy colors. I loved my home, it was perfect for our family.

Jack and Lucy are three years old now, it seems like just yesterday they were saying their first words, or taking their first steps. Edward and I decided that they were old enough to be in a wedding and were old enough to be left with family members for a week while we went on our honeymoon. Okay, so it wasn't so much that they weren't ready to be left alone for a week, it was more that I was ready to leave them for a week. Of course, I would never be able to leave them for a week without feeling guilty or not full, but I could handle it. Anyways, since we've decided that, we're getting married in two weeks, which is May 26th. I've always wanted a spring wedding outside, that way it's not too hot or too cold. Alice, Esme, and Rose basically planned the whole thing, but I had to approve everything before they went ahead and ordered it. We were just putting the finishing touches on the whole ordeal now, like final fittings and last minute things.

I was broken away from my thoughts when two very familar arms wrapped themselves around my waist. Some very familar lips went to my neck, kissing every inch they could reach. "Hello, my love," his husky voice said against my skin.

I giggled at the tickling sensation. "Hello, darling husband of mine."

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you, too," I smiled, finishing the salads. "How was school?"

"Oh, it was great! We learned about how to deliver a baby, right out from the va-"

I cut him off there. "Whoa! Okay honey, I don't need the details! Besides, been there, done that, remember?" Edward decided to become an obstetrician, which is a doctor that delivers babies, after the birth of Jack and Lucy. He's in his first year of medical school, and after four years he can begin his residency.

"Right," he smiled. "Speaking of giving birth, when are we going to have another baby?"

"Are you ready for another baby in the house?" I asked as his hands went to my stomach.

"Definately," he responded quickly.

"Well okay then, let's try on our honeymoon," I said seductively. He froze and I smiled triumphantly. He was about to pick me up when a very cute little girl came into the kitchen, holding her favorite pink blanket. She must have just woken up from her name; she still looked sleepy. Her bronze hair had grown out and is long and wavy now. She does look a lot like me except for the eyes, she still has Edward's eyes.

"Daddy, can you make me some chickin' noodle soup?" Lucy asked Edward. She had gotten the stomach flu about two days ago and has been in bed constantly.

"You still sick sweetie?" he asked as he picked her up. She cuddled into his chest and nodded. "Well, we have to ask mommy because she's making dinner already, but I think we can make an exception," he winked at me. I smiled at him and went to grab a can of soup from the pantry. Lucy had Edward wrapped around her little finger, she's daddy's little girl.

"Looks like we have a can, baby. Daddy will make it for you," I said, kissing the top of her head.

"Mommy, my tummy hurts," Lucy told me.

"I know, honey. Eat some soup and I'll give you some medicine okay?" I said, brushing the hair out of her face.

"'Kay, mommy."

Edward heated up the soup as I put the steaks in the oven and boiled the potatoes. I was making steaks, mashed potatoes, salad, fresh green beans, and homemade bread for dinner. The Cullens were all coming over for supper, and Charlie too.

"Honey, I'm home!" I heard Emmett boom from the doorway.

"Uncle Em!" Jack screamed, running towards the door to Emmett.

"Jack! How are ya buddy?" Emmett asked.

"I'm good Uncle Em!" Jack responded happily.

"Jack Anthony Cullen, what did I tell you about screaming and running in the house?" I scolded.

"Sorry, mommy," Jack apologized.

"Just don't do it again," I warned, going back into the kitchen where Edward was putting some soup into a bowl for Lucy. "Hey, cutie pie, how about you and daddy go watch cartoons in our bedroom while you eat soup?"

"Yay!" Lucy exclaimed as best she could. It was more like a loud whisper.

"I'll bring your medicine up in a bit. Get some rest, I love you," I said, and kissed her forehead.

"Love you too mommy," she smiled as Edward carried her and the soup up to our room.

"Whew, your son is a handful," Alice said, coming into the kitchen and plopping down on a barstool opposite of where I was still making salads.

"Yes he is. I'm pretty convinced he gets it from Emmett," I laughed.

"No kidding, only Emmett's worse than Jack at home," Rosalie said, walking into the kitchen with Daniel, her six month old son. Emmett and Rose still weren't married, and probably wouldn't be for a long time yet. Danny was more of an...unexpected suprise, but Rose and Emmett just love the kid, and they're great parents.

"Hey Rose, how are you?" I asked. "Hi, Danny! You're getting so big!"

"I'm good, and I know, isn't he? It seems like he was only born yesterday," Rose sighed.

I heard the door open again and saw Esme and Carlisle coming in. "Hi, Carlisle and Esme!" I said loudly. "The girls are in the kitchen, boys in the livingroom!"

Carlisle went to join Jasper, Emmett, and Jack in the livingroom while Esme came into the kitchen, I'm sure with helping on her mind. "Hello, everybody. Alice, how's the baby?" she asked.

"He's suprisingly calm, doesn't kick much. He's going to be just like Jasper I'm guessing," Alice replied. She was also having a boy. Poor Lucy was the only girl in the family so far.

Esme nodded and continued. "And how's little Danny?" Esme went and got him out of his carseat so she could hold him. He smiled up at her.

"He's great, and he sleeps through the night!" Rose cried happily. None of us really liked it when Danny wouldn't sleep, because that meant Rosalie didn't sleep, and that called for one cranky Rose.

Esme laughed. "Well, that's good. How's Lucy, still sick?"

I nodded. "She's not feeling too hot. Edward's upstairs with her right now, she's eating chicken noodle soup."

"She's get better soon. How's Jack?"

"Looking more like Edward every day and acting more like Emmett every day," I laughed.

"Bells, when do we get to eat?" Emmett whined, coming into the kitchen.

"Well, you set the table and finish the food. Oh, and while you're at it, can you give Lucy her medicine?" I said sarcastically. It's not easy doing three things at once. Men.

"Fine, take your time," he complained, walking back into the livingroom.

"Hey, Bells, sorry I'm late! I just got home from fishing," Charlie apologized, coming into the house.

"That's okay Dad, go sit for a minute, supper should be done soon!" I answered. I turned back to the girls and asked, "Could you guys set the table, take the steaks out, and mash the potatoes while I give Lucy her medicine and get Edward?"

"Sure, Bella," Esme smiled.

I got some medicine and a bottle of water ready for Lucy and brought it upstairs to my bedroom. Edward and Lucy were sleeping peacefully. Edward was sleeping on his back, with Lucy cuddled into his side. His arm was wrapped around her, and they looked so sweet I had to get the camera and take a picture.

Edward had been working so hard lately, I wouldn't doubt he was tired. I didn't want to wake him, so I set the medicine down on the nightstand, kissed each of their foreheads, covered them up with a blanket, and made my way back to the kitchen.

"Where's Edward?" Alice asked.

"He's sleeping with Lucy, I didn't want to wake him up," I said, placing the soup bowl in the sink. "Thanks for finishing dinner, ladies," I smiled.

"Boys! Dinner's ready!" I called. They all came stomping into the dining room, Jack on Emmett's back.

"Mommy, where's daddy and Luce?" Jack asked as I set his cut-up food in front of him.

"They're sleeping, baby," I told him.

"It's great, Bells," Charlie commented as he took a bite of steak.

"Thanks, Dad."

We talked about Alice's baby and our wedding all through dinner. It was nice to have the whole family together again. Well, most of the family.

The girls and I were cleaning up when Edward came into the kitchen. "Why didn't you wake me?" he asked, coming over to kiss my cheek.

"You need your rest, you've been busy these days," I said, turning so I could give him a proper kiss. "Plus you two were so cute."

"Yeah, yeah. Any dinner left?" he asked.

"I made you a plate, it's in the fridge," I told him, rinsing the rest of the dishes.

Around seven, I sent everybody out the door because Edward, Jack, and I were going to get ready for bed and watch a movie.

"Don't forget, final dress fittings tomorrow!" Alice called.

"I won't! Besides, I'm sure you'll be over to remind me anyways!" I laughed.

"Mommy, can I have some more chickin' soup?" Lucy asked, coming down from our bedroom.

"Sure, sweetie, just let me say goodnight to Grandma Esme, Grandpa Carlisle, and Grandpa Charlie." She reached up to me and I picked her up. My little girl still wanted me to hold her. I loved it.

"Hi, little Lucy," Esme said, coming over to kiss her granddaughter.

"Hi, Grammy," Lucy smiled.

"I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Get some rest and feel better, darling," she said, kissing Lucy's forehead.

Pretty soon Charlie was the only one left. "Okay, Jack, come give your old Grandpa a hug," he said, getting down on his knees so Jack could reach him.

"Bye, Granpa!" Jack said loudly, giving Charlie a hug.

"I'll see you later," Charlie said. "Bye, Lucy, feel better."

Pretty soon, it was just my family left. "Jack, go help daddy pick out a movie we can watch while me and Luce make some soup," I told him.

"Alright, Luce, let's get you some soup and medicine," I said, carrying her into the kitchen.

"Mommy mommy mommy!" Jack practically screamed, running into the kitchen. "We gonna watch Aladdin!"

"Okay, buddy," I laughed.

"Mommy?" Jack asked, tugging on my pant leg.

"Yes, baby?"

"Can I have some chickin' soup too?" he asked, looking up at me with those bright green eyes.

"Are you hungry after your steak?" He nodded. "Sure, buddy. Go get some blankets and pillows for all of us."

"Mommy, why does Jacky get soup when he's not sick?" Lucy asked me.

"Well, baby, I think he's just a little jealous that you get soup and he had to eat steak." My children had a thing for chicken noodle soup, it's just weird.

"Jacky's jealous," she giggled. I grinned at the sound.

"Okay, sweetie, go into the family room and I'll bring your soup out," I said, setting her down. I got out two bowls, one with cars and one with unicorns. These are what I like to call their soup bowls.

When I made it into the family room, Edward was in the recliner with Lucy on his lap, and Jack was sitting on the couch, waiting for me.

"Do I get to sit by you, Jack?" I asked him.

"Yeah!" he cried.

"Okay, let me give Lucy her soup and I'll come cuddle with you," I said, grinning when he scrunched up his nose.

"Here's your soup, baby." I handed the bowl to Lucy.

"Thanks, baby," Edward joked. I playfully swatted his arm but he just grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. I kissed him hard, and we couldn't seem to stop until I heard a giggle.

"Mommy, stop kissing daddy!" Lucy squealed.

"Yeah, it's gross!" Jack piped in.

"Oh, it's gross, is it?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. Jack nodded. "Well what if I kissed you?" I yelled, running over to tickle Jack and kiss him all over. He was giggling like crazy.

"Mommy!" Jack managed to get out between giggles. I eventually stopped and sat down, pulling Jack into my lap. "I love you," I told him, covering us up with a blanket.

"I love you, too, mommy!" Jack smiled.

"And I love you, too, Lucy," I told her.

"I love you mommy!" she said to me.

We watched Aladdin for a little bit, but soon after we started it, Jack and Lucy were fast asleep. I slowly got up and carried Jack into his room and laid him down on his bed. "Sweet dreams, buddy," I whispered, kissing his forehead. I went into the hall where Edward was coming out of Lucy's room. "Switch?" He nodded and I went into Lucy's room. "Goodnight, sweetheart, get better soon," I whispered, and kissed her forehead. I met Edward in the hallway again where he grinned at me and scooped me up bridal style. I squealed as he carried me upstairs to our bedroom.

"You've been a big tease all night, my love," he said in a husky voice, setting me down on the bed.

"I love you," I said seductivly. Believe me, there's a way to say it seductivly. "Now come to me," I said, beckoning to him with my finger.

He took off his shirt before crawling on top of me. "I'm not going to be the only one coming tonight."