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Total Bliss...Or Not

**Sequel to The Way I Love You, read it first or this won't make sense to you!** Edward and Bella are getting married. That also means they have to leave their children behind for a week when they go on their honeymoon. But what happens to the kids that causes them to come home early from their honeymoon? Edward and Bella are now 21, the twins are 3. A little fluff here and there, nothing racy though. **Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, just the plot of this story and any characters not in Twilight****Sequel now posted, called "Turning Back In Time"**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


10. Fireworks

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I woke up, tangled in sheets, naked and alone. The sun was pouring in the window, so it must have been around nine. I stretched and sat up, squinting my eyes from the sun.

"Edward?" It came out as a squeak. I cleared my throat before calling him again.

"Good morning, Love," he responded, strolling into the room in all his naked glory. I gawked at him. "Bella, it's not polite to stare," he teased.

I snapped my jaw shut and shook my head, trying to clear it. "Where were you?" I asked, diverting the subject from my embarrassment.

"I was ordering us breakfast," he said, sitting down beside me.

"Well, I hope you plan to put some clothes on to answer that door. Your body is for my eyes only," I smirked.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

He took me in his arms and kissed me. I could feel all of the love rolling off of him. I pulled him closer and kissed him harder.

But of course, just as we were getting really excited, there was a knock.

"I have to get that," Edward whispered, pulling away. I nodded, gasping for breath. He threw on a pair of sweats and went to answer the door. I lay back, trying to think of how I deserved this Greek God I can now call my husband. I can't really come up with a reason.

Oh well, he's all mine.

"Now, I didn't know what you would want, so I just ordered a little bit of everything," he said, rolling in a giant cart full of food.

"This is a ton of food!" I exclaimed.

He shrugged. "We can always put the leftovers in the refridgerater and heat it up later."

"Sounds good enough to me!" I pulled the sheet up around me, so that I wasn't flashing the world.

"What would you like?" he asked me.

"Is there a breakfast burrito? I really want one with eggs and syrup and peppers," I told him.

Edward looked at me for a second before chuckling to himself. "And the weird eating begins again!"

I playfully slapped his arm, laughing with him. It was nice to spend time with him, and only him. We got to have adult conversation for the first time in a long time. Usually, it was filled with baby cooes, or now that our kids were a little bit older, toddler talk. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies to death, but Edward and I needed time alone. I would definately be asking him to get away for a night, at least once a month, just us.

He handed me a burrito filled with scrambled eggs, red and green peppers, and syrup covering everything.

"Aww, honey, I love you!" I cooed. He was so sweet to me. he never argued about my food choices while I was pregnant, unless it was sushi. He put his foot down at the mention of raw fish.

"I love you too, sweetheart. You know I would give you anything your loving heart desires," he smiled, showing his dimples even. I grinned back and laid my head on his shoulder, totally content.

After our feast, Edward suggested we talk a shower together to, you know, save water.

Hmm, a shower with my completely sexy and well-defined husband?

Well, who was I to argue?

After all, save the planet!


"What should I wear?" I asked Edward, standing in front of my suitcase in a comfy robe the hotel provided.

"I suggest something light and comfortable, it's supposed to be rather hot today, and we'll be doing a little bit of walking," Edward replied.

I decided on dark denim shorts with a pretty red halter top that has gold metals around a scoop neckline. I wore plain black flipflops, I didn't want it to look too fancy for a kid-friendly theme park. I did throw my hair up in a ponytail, though. Alice would be so proud of me.

I wasn't even going to ask where we were going, because I knew it would do me no good. Even if he didn't admit it, Edward is just as stubborn as me. I'm sure whatever he has planned will be great.

"Ready to go, love?" Edward asked me.

"Yes!" I said eagerly. I took his hand and we made our way to the Volvo.

We sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes, our hands entertwined on the console.

"What? No twenty questions about where we're going today?" he asked, a hint of a smirk on his face as he glanced at me.

"Nope," I said, popping the "p".

"Well, I'm impressed," he grinned. Edward pulled the car into the Disneyland Park. I was practically bouncing in my seat. He noticed and laughed. "Sweetheart, settle down."

"I'm just so excited!" I said happily as he bought a parking ticket and pulled into a parking spot.

"You look like a child on Christmas morning," he chuckled.

"I feel like one. This has always been a dream of mine," I admitted.

"I'm glad I could make it come true, then," he smiled, kissing my hand.

"We have to come back sometime with our children. After this little one gets old enough to enjoy it," I said softly, placing my free hand on my still-flat stomach. Edward's smile grew and he moved his hand to place it on my belly.

"Hi, baby. I can't wait to meet you!" he cooed to my flesh.

I laughed. "You know the baby can't hear you yet, right?"

"But he or she already knows who their daddy is," he smiled cheekily. I couldn't help but smile back. He was a great husband and dad.

"Speaking of children, can we call ours quickly? I miss them," I pouted.

"Sure, love."

I dialed Emmett's number first.

"Bella!" he shouted into the phone.

"Hey Em," I laughed. "Can I talk to my son?"

"You don't want to talk to me?" I could almost hear his pout through the phone.

"Sorry, I miss my baby more than you," I joked.

"Ouch! That hurts."

"Sorry," I said again.

"Yeah yeah," he mumbled, handing the phone to my son.

"Mommy!" he said enthusiastically.

"Hi, buddy! I miss you," I told him.

"I miss you too, but mommy, Uncle Em and I are havin' so much fun! We built a fort in the livingroom and slept in it last night!" Jack said.

"Wow! Aren't you special!" I grinned.

"Of course I am!" he shouted.

I laughed softly. "Okay, sweetheart, I'm going to let you talk to daddy. I love you."

"I love you too, mommy," he said in a relativly quiet voice. Well, as quiet as Jack can be. I gave the phone to Edward so he could talk to his baby boy.

"Hi, Jack," Edward chuckled.

He talked to Jack for a little bit before hanging up so we could call Lucy.

"Hi sweetie!" I say.

"Momma! I miss you!" she replies.

"I miss you too, little Lucy. Are you having fun?" I ask.

"Yeah, tons! Uncle Jazzy showed me his really old books!" That would be something my daughter would like. She's so mature for her age, really.

"Oh, really? Are they dusty and falling apart?" I teased.

"Mommy!" she giggled. "Uncle Jasper's not that old."

"Are you sure? He seems pretty old to me!" I heard a "Hey!" in the background and knew Jasper was listening. I laughed.

"Momma, can I talk to daddy?" Lucy asked quietly.

"Of course, baby. I love you, and I'll call you later," I told her.

"I love you too."

I handed the phone to Edward, who was completely wrapped around Lucy's finger.

"I love you, sweetheart. Have a good day," Edward said, then hung up the phone. I put it back in my pocket before turning to face my extremely good-looking husband.

"Can we please get going now?" he pleaded, giving me that pout he knew I couldn't resist.

Good thing I didn't want to resist.

"Let's go!" I said, jumping out of the car. I met Edward in the front and took his hand.


We stopped in front of a large blue and pink castle I knew very well to be Sleeping Beauty's. Lucy loved that movie and claimed that her Prince Charming was going to kiss her while she was sleeping and make her his princess.

Kids and their imaginations.

"It's beautiful," I said quietly. Edward squeezed my hand.

"Would you like to see the inside?"

I stared wide-eyed at him. "We can do that?" I whispered.

He laughed. "They give tours now." I nodded and he led me inside.

It was just as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. I knew I would be bringing Lucy here sometime soon. She would love it.

The tour took about forty five minutes. "Edward that was amazing!" I gushed. We were standing right under the doorway of the castle.

"You're amazing," he whispered. He took both of my hands in his and kissed me. I saw a flash go off and broke away from Edward.

I saw an elderly lady holding a camera, looking at Edward and I sheepishly. I immediately smiled at her.

"I'm sorry, you two just looked so in love," she said.

"That's okay, as long as you take one on my camera too," I smiled, letting go of Edward's hands. "I'm Bella, and this is my husband, Edward." I shook her hand and Edward followed.

"I'm Eva. Are you lovely dears here to get married?"

"Honeymoon," I corrected. "I was just thinking that we needed to bring our daughter back to see the castle though, she would love it."

"How old is she?" Eva asked politely.

"She's three, as is our son, her twin. Their names are Lucy and Jack, and I'm pregnant with our third," I grinned, resting a hand on my stomach.

"Congratulations!" she chirped.

"Do you want to see pictures?" I asked. She nodded furiously and I spent the next five minutes showing the lady our family. She was a joy to talk to. I learned she was here with her daughter and granddaughter, who were getting something to drink.

"You have a beautiful family, sweetie," she smiled at me. She turned to Edward. "Don't you ever let this lovely woman go," she scolded him. He put his arm around my waist.

"I don't ever plan on letting her out of my sight," he responded, giving me a peck on the cheek.

"Good. Now, let's get you that picture so you two can go on with your honeymoon."

I stood with Edward in the same position as before, a big smile on my face. He leaned down to kiss me, lingering a bit. I smiled against his lips as the flash went off. We pulled away and walked over to Eva.

"Thank you so much," I told her. She pulled me into a hug after giving the camera back.

"You're welcome dear. It was a pleasure meeting you. You are just gorgeous," she said as I blushed.

"Thank you, Eva. You're a great person," I smiled.

"Goodbye, Edward. You hold on tight, okay?" Eva said, hugging him.

"I promise. Thank you for making my wife happy," he whispered loudly, giving her that heart-stopping grin that showed his dimples. She even blushed a little as he kissed her cheek.

I took his hand and waved at Eva as we walked away. "Bye!" I yelled.

"Goodbye, dear!" she yelled back.

I sighed, completely happy. "What a great woman."

"She was very sweet," Edward commented.

We walked a little ways before Edward spotted the famous tea cups.

"Oh no," I glared.

"Please, Bellie! Please?" He sounded like a little kid whining to get his way. Plus he's never called me Bellie before. It made my heart race and a blush come across my face. He grinned and I knew he saw it.

"You like when I call you Bellie?" he whispered into my ear. I swallowed rather loudly and nodded. "Well, if you go on this ride with me, I promise there's more where that came from. Tonight."

Oh boy. This is not how I wanted things to go. Why must he have these powers on me?

I looked into his pleading green eyes for a moment before sighing very dramatically. "Fine, but you owe me!"

He dropped his head to my ear, whispering seductively, "Oh, I plan on making it up to you later."

I literally shivered. He smirked and kissed my ear before dragging me into the long line.


"Edward!" I shouted. "Stop spinning us!" I laughed.

"Never!" he yelled back, laughing along with me.

"Please!" I said, letting out another giggle. I was feeling very sick, but this ride was so contagious that I couldn't help but laugh.

I stopped when I felt something stir in my stomach. Edward must have noticed because he stopped spinning immediately and took me in his arms.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart," he whispered into my ear.

"It's okay, I know you wanted to go," I gulped as the tea cups kept spinning round and round.

Edward brushed the hair out of my face and gently kissed my forehead. "It will all be over soon, and we can get some water, okay?"

"Okay," I said quietly. No more rides for me.

The ride ended not long after and Edward helped me out of our tea cup. "Let's find you some solid food to keep your stomach at bay," he said, keeping his arm around my waist. "What would you like?"

"Ribs," I responded.

We walked down Main Street, searching for a map that would tell us what restaurant had ribs. We ended up walking all the to the front of the park. Edward found a little place in Frontierland, which meant we had to do more walking. But I had insisted on ribs, so I would have to shut up and deal with it.

The restaurant had a Western feel to it. There were cowboy decorations everywhere. I bet Jasper would feel right at home here.

"Hello, my name is Heidi and I'll be your server today, what can I get for you guys?" the waitress said with a genuine smile. I immediately liked her because she wasn't standing there ogling my husband, and she actually looked at me when she was speaking.

"Hi Heidi," I grinned. "I'll have a Coke, but can you bring me a glass of water too please?"

"No problem. And you?" she asked, turning to Edward.

"I'll have a Coke too, thanks," he told her.

She left and was back not long after with our drinks. Edward and I both ordered the lunch special, which consisted of barbecue ribs, cole slaw, baked potato, and cornbread.

"What do you want this little one to be?" I asked him before taking a sip of Coke.

"I honestly wouldn't mind either. We have one of each, and whatever we don't get this time, we'll just have to try for after," he smiled.

"You want another baby after this one?" I asked, shocked. I guess we hadn't really talked about how many children we wanted.

"Three's an odd number. I like four better," he grinned, dazzling me with his eyes.

"You aren't the one that has to carry our children for nine months, then go through excruciating pain for approximatley eighteen hours giving birth," I said calmly. He didn't even flinch.

"But you've had twins, one baby has to be a breeze compared to twins," he retorted.

"Who says I only have one baby in my stomach right now? Or the next time?" I raised an eyebrow.

It took a moment for him to give up on thinking of a response. He sighed and I knew I had won. The defeated look on his face made me a little sad, though.

"Let's wait until this one's born, okay? We don't have to decide our future right now," I said softly, laying my hand over his. He smiled slightly at me.

"Here you go! Enjoy!" Heidi said with a smile, setting our food down in front of us. Edward thanked her and before she left, she leaned down beside me. "Hold on to him, he's a cutie!" she said in a fake whisper, knowing full well Edward could hear. I grinned back at her.

"I will," I promised. She knodded and walked away. I looked over at Edward and giggled when I saw his cheeks tinted a light rosy color.

"Shut up," he mumbled, stuffing a forkful of potato into his mouth. I giggled again and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

"I love you," I smiled.


"What did you have planned for us tonight?" I asked. Edward and I were walking hand in hand down Main Street, heading back to our hotel after a fun afternoon exploring the park. It was just after 6:30, and we had just finished watching the parade they hold on Main Street with all of the characters.

"I was thinking we could go to our hotel room, order a pizza, change into comfortable pajamas, and watch the fireworks from the balcony," he replied with a smile.

"That sounds perfect," I grinned, loving how laid back this trip was going so far.

"You're so cute," he said, showing his dimples. He kissed my cheek sweetly and I smiled up at him.

"You're so handsome," I said, kissing his cheek in return.

Once we were in our room, I went to change into my favorite pairs of pajamas (which I found in the set of clothes Edward brought, of course) while Edward ordered pizza.

"The pizza's all ordered. I have to change and set up still, so you cannot leave this room until I come and get you, okay?" he said, trying to look stern.

"Yes, sir!" I said loudly, saluting him.

I found my book on the nightstand and began to read. I read one and a half chapters before Edward pounced on me.

"Are you ready?" he asked me, a playful smirk on his face as he straddled my waist.

"Let's go," I said, gently pushing him off of me so I could get up. I reached for his hand and he took it, leading me out onto the balcony.

The balcony off of our room was beautiful. It was long and wide, made of fine wood. Edward had scattered rose petals everywhere, and strung white Christmas lights all around it, giving it a soft glow in the moonlight. There was a single blanket spread out over a matress that must have come from one of the other bedrooms in the suite, and two pillows at the head. A bucket with a single bottle of champagne and two flutes was beside the little bed, along with a box of pizza.

"Edward, this is amazing," I gasped, pulling him towards the bed.

"I figured you would like it. I know champagne doesn't go with pizza, so there's water out here too that we can drink with dinner, and we can have the champagne after."

"It's perfect."

We sat in the middle of the blanket, me in Edward's lap. I opened the pizza box and dug in.

We talked about our babies, our future, and just us. Being together for the rest of our lives. Time just flies when you're with the ones you love, and before I knew it, I was laying down under the blanket, my head on my husband's chest as he held me tightly to him. We watched the fireworks show, which was spectacular. I fell asleep after, curled up next to the one I love.

It was the perfect ending to the perfect first day.