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Total Bliss...Or Not

**Sequel to The Way I Love You, read it first or this won't make sense to you!** Edward and Bella are getting married. That also means they have to leave their children behind for a week when they go on their honeymoon. But what happens to the kids that causes them to come home early from their honeymoon? Edward and Bella are now 21, the twins are 3. A little fluff here and there, nothing racy though. **Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, just the plot of this story and any characters not in Twilight****Sequel now posted, called "Turning Back In Time"**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


6. Forgiven

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No reply.

"Edward?" I mumbled again, reaching around in the bed for his body.


It was then that I remembered I was furious at him, and I chose to sleep in one of the guest rooms last night. Sighing, I got up out of bed and looked at the clock on the wall. 8:03. And my children weren't up yet? Wow, that's a first. I wonder what time they went to bed last night....

I made my way into the kitchen to start breakfast. Coffee first, nothing will get done if I don't have coffee. I decided on french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit for breakfast. As the coffee brewed, I thought about what happened last night. I knew I wasn't going to call off the wedding, but I needed to talk to Jasper first. Edward had turned 21 about eleven months ago and I've personally never seen him get drunk, but I know the guys have. They got drunk and watched football all the time during the season. I was hoping that this was just the way Edward was when he got drunk; frisky. You know, some people just get really loud and some admitt their darkest secrets. And if this was just the way Edward was, I would be blaming Emmett big time because he would know about this and he brought him to a strip club anyways.

And the only other time Edward gets drunk will be when he's with me, all alone.

I was turning the bacon when I heard the little pitter-patter of feet coming into the room. I turned and saw my little boy standing in the doorway, just looking at me. I smiled and held my arms out for him. He ran to me, smiling, and I picked him up.

"Good morning buddy," I whispered, then kissed his forehead.

"Good morning mommy!"

"Would you like to help me make breakfast?" I asked.

"Sure!" he replied.

"How about you set the table for me?"

"Okay!" He was always so enthusiastic about things.

I went into the dining room and got a chair for Jack to stand on so he could get the plates out of the cupboard. I picked him up again and stood him on the chair.

"Mommy, I'm taller than you!" he said, excitement clear in his voice.

"Yeah you are," I grinned. "Okay, buddy, we need four plates and four glasses from that cupboard."

I flipped the french toast on the the skillet as Jack started to get down a plate. There was another set of footsteps coming into the kitchen. I looked and saw my daughter coming in.

"Good morning, sweetie," I smiled at her.

"Morning, mommy," Lucy smiled, walking over to my side.

"Good morning Lucy!" Jack said from his chair.

"Good morning Jacky," she grinned up at him. They got along so well, it really did make my life easier.

"Jack's getting plates and cups, do you want to get the silverware out?" I asked her.

"Sure," she said quietly.

I placed the french toast on a plate and started the scrambled eggs. My kids had gotten everything out and started to set the table. I taught them how to do this very young, because, well, it's one of the easiest ways they can help me out around the house.

"You guys are doing great," I told them, putting the bacon on a seperate plate.

"Thanks!" they replied at the same time.

I poured a mug of coffee for Edward. No matter how mad I was at him, I would always take care of him, because I love him. And he's going to need that asprin if he's as hungover as he should be.

"Jack and Lucy, will you please finish setting the table? Please get out the syrup, some strawberries, the butter, milk, and orange juice, I'll be right back," I told them. They nodded and got to work.

I had them trained well.

I went to the bathroom and grabbed to asprin. I quietly walked to my bedroom, where I stopped at the doorway. Edward was laying on his side of the bed. He was mumbling something, and I strained to hear the words.

"Bella," he mumbled, reaching over to my side of the bed. "Bella, I'm sorry, I didn't sleep with her." His face was scrunched up in pain. I could only imagine what I was lashing out at him in his dream. "Baby, I love you, please don't leave me, please. I was drunk, I wasn't me. Don't leave me." He actually started crying in his sleep. That was the last straw, seeing him cry broke my heart. That must be one hell of a dream.

I walked into the room and set the coffee and painkillers on the nightstand on my side of the bed. I laid down next to Edward, facing him. He was still crying softly as I took his face in my hands.

"Edward," I said, wiping the tears away as fast as I could.

"Bella. Bella don't leave!" he screamed, thrashing around in the bed.

"Edward!" I yelled, shaking his shoulders now. "Edward, wake up!"

His eyelids fluttered open and he just looked at me. "Bella," he whispered.

"Please don't cry," I whispered back, tears of my own forming. I quickly wiped his tears away and kissed him softly. "I love you, and I'll never leave you, but we need to talk, okay?"

He nodded. "I'm so sorry."

"I know," I said, getting out of the bed. I grabbed the coffee and pills and told him to sit up. "How's that hangover?" I smirked, handing him the coffee and asprin.

"Horrible," he groaned. He swallowed the pills and handed me the coffee. "Thanks."

"Breakfast is ready, put some clothes on," I told him.

He quickly pulled on some sweatpants and an old t-shirt. I gave him his coffee and he took my right hand in his left. He leaned down and kissed my cheek. "I love you," he said against my skin and pulled away. I gave him a small smile and we walked hand in hand down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Daddy!" Lucy and Jack ran to us from where they were sitting patiently at the table, waiting for us.

"Hey, angels. Good morning!" Edward grinned as they each wrapped their arms around his legs. I took his coffee cup so that he could greet them. He picked them both up and they started telling him about how they helped me make breakfast. I could tell Edward loved being with his kids right now, but I could tell that their loud, excited voices were not making his hangover any better.

"Jack, Lucy, I know you miss daddy, but he's sick right now, let's eat some breakfast, okay?" I stepped in.

At this news, Lucy looked up at Edward with wide eyes. "Are you okay daddy?" she asked, placing her tiny hand on his cheek. Aww, my sweet little girl. I loved my babies so much, I'm so glad I got pregnant.

"I'm fine, baby, I just have a headache," he assured her, and kissed her forehead. He then kissed Jack's forehead so that he wouldn't feel left out. "So, should we eat this wonderful breakfast my three babies made?"

Jack giggled. "Daddy, mommy's not your baby, she's your lover!"

Edward winked at me and we both burst out laughing. That was the funniest thing I have ever heard, and I knew that Jack needed to stop hanging out with Emmett so much. "Your right, Jack, my bad. Let's eat!" Edward grinned.

The four of us sat around our little table. Lucy and Jack ate strawberries out of the carton while Edward and I cut up french toast for them. I gave them each a scoop of scrambled eggs and two pieces of bacon.

"My God, Bella, you sure can cook," Edward said as he took the first bite of french toast.

"Language," I scolded. He smiled apologetically. "But thank you."

A comfortable silence went around and I took the chance to look at my family.

There was Edward, my adorably smokin' fiance, who just so convienently screwed his ass up last night, but I'm leaning towards Emmett when it comes to who's at fault. Besides, let's remember who's the one that's suppose to be mad here. I mean, with one simple look, Edward could completely break me and I would forgive him.

Uh-oh, he caught me staring at him. I blushed and he mouthed, "I love you so much," to me. Dammit, he made me weak and he knew it. He also knew I wouldn't stay mad at him for long. I already sort of broke down this morning, not much more would do me in for good.

I moved on to my little Jack. He is so stinkin' cute, lookin' like Edward more and more every day. He is very easy-going, caring, and so dang lovable. He is a sweetheart, and he is going to break hearts in the future. He is so funny, and he loves to laugh. He's outgoing and loud like Emmett, but he's so much like Edward too. He's sweet, smart, and he's very protective of me and Lucy, just like Edward. Edward was still stuck in the early 1900s in the sense that the man was the protector of the women, and he clearly passed that on to our son.

And Lucy. Little Lucy. What can I say? She's me, eighteen years younger. She is quiet, thoughtful, stubborn, but thankfully not as clumsy. Edward just loved that little girl, and boy was she a daddy's girl. She was an observer, sometimes we had to break her out of a trance, she was thinking so hard. She is very, very smart, and loves to read. Yes, at three, she is reading. Very simple books, but reading none the less. Edward says she gets that from me, and I have to agree. Edward doesn't read.

I smiled at my little family, grateful for everything I've been given. I wouldn't change a thing, you couldn't pay me enough.

"I hear Auntie Alice had her baby last night," Edward said, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I stiffened a bit as I remembered what happened right before Alice had given birth. I quickly recovered before Edward could notice and said, "She did. I was thinking we could walk to the hospital and visit them today."

"Really?" Jack asked, his eyes lighting up with excitment.

"Of course, Auntie Alice will love to see you guys. And it's a beautiful day outside, no need to take daddy's precious car when we can walk," I smiled.

"Yay!" all three of them cheered. I rolled my eyes at Edward and finished my breakfast.

Once everyone was finished, I told them to go play for a little bit while I cleaned up. I was rinsing the plates when I felt those two strong arms wrap around me from behind. I placed the last plate in the drying rack, basically ignoring him until I finished. Then I turned around and leaned against the sink, his arms still around my waist. He grinned when my eyes met his, but I didn't move a muscle. He leaned down to kiss me, but I put a hand up to stop him. He pouted and I almost gave in.


"Where are Jack and Lucy?" I asked.

"In the family room watching cartoons," he answered, trying to kiss me again. I stopped him.

"Edward, stop it," I said sternly.

"Bella," he whined.

"Are you sexually frusterated? Is that why you felt the need to sleep with a stripper?" I might as well get to the point before he fully distracts me.

"Ugh, I don't know!" he groaned, taking his arms away from my waist to run his fingers through his hair. "I shouldn't be, it's not like we don't have sex!"

"Then please, explain to me what you were thinking last night, because Lord help me, if you answer this wrong..." I threatened.

"That's just it, though! I wasn't thinking!" he defended. Then he looked defeated. "Bella, I don't know if you know this, but when I get drunk, I get...oh goodness," he exhaled.

"Spit it out!" I practically yelled.

"I get horny!" he yelled back. "And the guys know that, and I tried to get out of the strip club last night, but Emmett practically carried me inside. I didn't want to make out with a stripper, because I really do love you and I never want to hurt you. I was thinking of you the whole time, and all I can think is that I am a sick, horrible bastard," he whispered the last part, staring down at the floor. I didn't go to comfort him just yet, not all things were explained.

"Why didn't you just walk away?"

"I did."


"We didn't have sex."

"Did you, you know....?"

"Nope, once we made it to the couch," he took in a deep breath, "All I could think about was you. My head kept chanting Bella, Bella, Bella, and she went to take of my pants when I kind of shoved her off the couch."

"Good, she deserved it. Bitch," I muttered.

"Bella," he laughed.


"You're so bad," he murmered, finally looking up and meeting my eyes. His were a dark green and full of lust. Wow, he's just one big horndog. I mentally checked the last time we did it and it was most likely two or three days ago.

The man couldn't go two days without sex?

"Hold up!" I said as his arms made their way around my waist again. "Go brush your teeth about five times and rinse your mouth with mouthwash about fifty, then you can come back here and kiss me." I didn't want any traces of that slut's tounge down his throat when mine was.

He ran off so fast it was almost comical. I laughed to myself and finished cleaning up breakfast. He was back in five minutes with no shirt on. He stood in the doorway and looked at me, just like Jack did earlier. I was standing against the sink again, my arms folded across my chest. I stared him down for a few minutes before I held out my arms and smiled.

"Oh, come here," I said, and it was all he could do not to run over. He grabbed my waist and kissed me, picking me up off of the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me over to the counter so that I could sit on it while we kissed.

"I love you," he murmered, kissing his way down my neck. "I'm so sorry."

"Let's just forget about her," I said breathlessly. "If she didn't even see you naked, I guess you're forgiven. Emmett, on the other hand....but her tounge was down your throat..." I shuddered.

"You are killing the mood," he complained, pulling away.

"Shut up," I muttered, bringing his mouth back to mine, bringing the mood back. I could tell he wanted more, but I was giving in to that right away. So we sat there, making out, until a voice rang out.

"I told you she was his lover!" Jack whispered into Lucy's ear.

I broke my face away from Edward's but keeping my arms around his neck and looked over at my children. They were standing in the doorway, with disgusted looks on their faces. I grinned at them and kissed Edward once more.

"MOMMY!" they both screamed, covering their eyes. I pulled away laughing.

"Jack, we need to have a talk about what Uncle Emmett teaches you," I told him.

"Uncle Em doesn't teach me anything," he said innocently.

"Jack, do not lie to your mother," Edward said sternly.

"Sorry, mommy," Jack apologized.

"Just don't do it again," I said, climbing down from the counter.

"Can we go see Auntie Alice now?" Lucy asked.

"Of course, baby girl," Edward smiled, picking her up. "Let's go find some clothes," he said, and led her away to her room.

Jack and I stared each other down. He hated getting dressed, he prefered to be nice and naked.

He turned and started running down the hallway towards Lucy's room. I ran after him. "Daddy, help!" Jack screamed.

"Oh Jack, I'm going to get you!" I sang, running faster. I tackled him (gently of course) right inside of Lucy's room. He was running for Edward's arms, but I got there first.

"Ha ha, got ya!" I chuckled and started tickling him.

"Mommy! Stop!" he giggled loudly.

I stood, picked him up, and threw him over my shoulder. "Whew. You know, honey, you really should be the one chasing, it's took much work for me," I feigned exhaustion, looking at Edward.

"Sorry, you snooze you lose," he smirked.

I carried Jack out of Lucy's room and into his own, him protesting the whole way.

I shut his door and set him on the bed. "Don't you run, mister, I'll catch you," I warned. He pouted and crossed his arms. I kissed his forehead. "I love you buddy," I smiled. He was breaking. "And I think, if we can convince daddy, we can go to the park after we visit Auntie Alice."

He tried so hard to stop the smile that broke across his face. "Really?"

"Really, really," I grinned. He wrapped his tiny arms around my neck and kissed my cheek.

"I love you, too, mommy."

"I love you, Jacky. Let's find some clothes."

An hour later, we were all ready to go. Jack and Lucy walked hand-in-hand in front of Edward and I. Edward grabbed my hand and we walked, listening to our children talk about silly things.

It only took us fifteen minutes to reach the hospital. Talk about your small town.

"Hello, Edward," the receptionist on Alice's floor said.

"Hello, Emily," he smiled, squeezing my hand.

"And who are these cute kids?" she smiled down at Lucy and Jack.

"These are my babies, Lucy and Jack," Edward grinned. "And this is my Bella."

"Nice to meet you," I shook her hand.

"You too," Emily told me. "So, who are you here for?"

"My sister, she just had her baby," Edward said.

"Well tell her congratulations. Room 302."


We headed towards Alice's room and saw that Rose and Emmett were there. Rose was holding Danny in her arms; he was sleeping. Good, now I can have a little chat with Emmett.

"Uncle Em!" Jack yelled and ran towards him. Lucy chose to go to Jasper, she tended to stick to the quieter members of the family.

"Hey, Luce, how are you?" Jasper asked, sitting her on his lap.

"I'm good Uncle Jazzy, how are you?" So polite.

"I'm great!"

Alice was holding Caleb in bed while Rose and Danny stood nearby.

"Hey, Luce, do you want to see your new cousin?" Rose asked her.

"Yes please." Jasper picked her up and they stood next to Alice's bed. Lucy started grinning. "He's so cute, Auntie Alice," she said quietly.

"Thank you, Lucy. You can give him a kiss," Alice smiled at Lucy. Lucy bent down and gently kissed Caleb. He looked up at her and sort of giggled. Lucy grinned.

"Daddy, he laughed at me!" she said proudly.

"He loves you," Edward responded.

Pretty soon, Jack was over there too. He looked at Caleb for a couple of seconds before asking, "Where do babies come from?"

Oh dear Lord. Emmett and Alice started laughing, while Edward had a look of bewilderment on his face.

"Well, buddy, babies are made by their mommy and daddys. Their mommy and daddy love each other so much that a baby is made and pretty soon it just pops out," I explained. It apparently satisfied him, because he went back to playing with Caleb.

I looked away from him, proud of myself that I handled it so well. Everybody was looking at me with stunned faces. "What?" I asked.

"That was great, love," Edward said.

"Mind if I borrow that for when Danny asks?" Rose whispered.

I laughed at my best friends and went back to gazing at Caleb.

Eventually though, I pulled Emmett, Rose (and Danny), and Edward over to the couch in the corner of the hospital room to have a little chat.

"Emmett, I would just like you to know that I am about ready to kill you," I told him.

"Whoa, Bella, slow down." He looked a little nervous. Damn right he should be scared. "Let's just think this over."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You know that I know what you know," I growled.

Rose looked confused.

"Um, yeah, whatever you just said, I think that's right," Emmett said, and I swear he broke into a bit of a sweat.

"Then you know that you're dead meat to me, and I will never forgive you," I snapped.

"I'm sorry Bella! I didn't think he would go that far!" Emmett cried. "Edward, look man, I'm sorry, please don't let her kill me!" Danny started to cry.

"I'll let her do whatever she wants with you. You deserve it," Edward glared.

"Okay, will somebody please tell me what my idiot boyfriend did?" Rose demanded as she started to breastfeed Danny.

"Rosie, baby, just so you know, I didn't know Edward would be so stupid," Emmett started.

Rosalie glared at him as she tried to readjust Danny. "What. Did. You. Do?" she asked slowly.

"Oh, I'll tell you what he did, starting with the boys' football nights," I said, and then launched into the entire story, ending with Edward walking away from that bitch.

By the time I was finished, Rose looked about ready to murder somebody. "Burp him please while I kill my boyfriend for you," she said lowly, handing me Danny.

I smiled smugly at Emmett's terrified expression as I took little Danny in my arms and gently patted his back. "Gladly, Rose," I said.

"Emmett, outside. NOW!" she yelled. He flinched and practically ran out of the room, Rose hot on his heels. All I heard as they waited for the elevators was, "EMMETT CULLEN! HOW DARE YOU!! HOW DARE YOU DO THAT WHEN YOU KNOW HE GETS HORNY! WERE YOU TRYING TO BREAK THEM UP?! BECAUSE I SWEAR TO GOD, YOU AREN'T GETTING SEX FOR A YEAR! AND YOU THINK IM JOKING, BUT I'M NOT. I'LL GO FIND YOUR REPLACEMENT FOR A YEAR AND IF YOU'RE LUCKY..." The elevators shut closed and Rose's voice was muffled, but we had a good idea of how the conversation went...