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Total Bliss...Or Not

**Sequel to The Way I Love You, read it first or this won't make sense to you!** Edward and Bella are getting married. That also means they have to leave their children behind for a week when they go on their honeymoon. But what happens to the kids that causes them to come home early from their honeymoon? Edward and Bella are now 21, the twins are 3. A little fluff here and there, nothing racy though. **Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, just the plot of this story and any characters not in Twilight****Sequel now posted, called "Turning Back In Time"**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


8. Wedding

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I groaned and rolled over in my bed. I realized it was empty, that Edward wasn't with me. Then I remembered.

I'm getting married today.

"Mommy, Auntie Alice says you have to wake up," a sweet voice whispered in my ear.

I opened my eyes and saw my daughter standing next to my bed, looking at me. I smiled and kissed her forehead. "Come here," I said, lifting her onto the bed with me. She snuggled into my side and I held her close. "Do you know what today is, sweetheart?" I asked her.

"You and daddy are getting married!" she exclaimed.

I laughed. "Yes. Do you know what that means?" She shook her head. "It means that I get to have the same last name as you and Jack and daddy, and we get to be an official family, like Auntie Alice and Uncle Jasper."

"Oooh," she said slowly. "I like that, mommy!" she finally decided.

"I like it, too, baby," I smiled. "We better get up before Auntie Alice comes in here and drags us out of bed."

"Can I call daddy?" she asked me.

So I wasn't actually supposed to talk to Edward, and Alice even went so far as to threaten me.

Oh well.

The phone rang four times before Edward groggily said, "Hello?"

"Hey, handsome," I smiled.

"Bella," he said happily. "I thought you weren't supposed to call?"

"Well, I'm not, so this call never happened. And I'm only calling because our daughter wanted to talk to you."

He laughed. "My lips are sealed. Let me talk to her."

"Here you go, Lucy," I said, handing her my cell phone.

"Hi daddy!" Lucy said into the phone. Edward said something and Lucy smiled. "Yeah! I'm super excited. Mommy looks really pretty in her dress."

"Lucy!" I gasped.

"Hold on daddy," she said, sounding very much like a teenager. "What, mommy?" She gave me a look that made her seem irritated, but I knew she didn't really know how to do that on purpose quite yet.

I started laughing and said, "Nothing." I could hear Edward laughing on the other end of the phone.

"Sorry daddy, mommy's going crazy," Lucy said into the phone. Then in a much softer tone, more like the little girl she was, "I miss you."

Edward told her something. "I love you too, daddy. I'll make sure she gets to the house on time. Bye." she replied. She handed me back the phone and I took it, hoping that Edward hadn't hung up yet.


"Hi, sweetheart," he responded in that velvety voice I loved so much.

"I should probably go, but I just wanted to tell you that I love you, and I can't wait to marry you today."

"I can't wait for you to finally become a Cullen. I love you, and I'll see you at the altar."

"Bye," I said sadly. All I wanted was to be with him, but I knew that I would see him soon.

"Bye, love."

Lucy and I headed downstairs where Alice was sitting at the table feeding Caleb. Rosalie was cooking french toast. Yes! I didn't have to cook on my wedding day! Danny was in his bouncy chair on the counter next to her, smiling happily as Rose sang quietly.

The babies stayed with the girls last night because they were still breastfeeding, and they preferred their mommies over bottles.

"Auntie Ali, can I hold Caleb?" Lucy asked Alice, going over near her.

"After breakfast, sweetie," Alice told her. "Happy wedding day, Bella!" she said to me.

"Are you excited?" Rose asked me.

"Yes, I am," I grinned. I hated the planning, but marrying Edward was what I wanted more than anything.

"Wow, Bella Swan is actually excited about a party!" Alice squealed.

"It's not a party, it's my wedding. I never said I was excited about the reception," I corrected.

"Still!" Alice rolled her eyes.

"What's for breakfast?" Esme's voice rang out as she came down the stairs. "It smells great."

"French toast and sausage," Rosalie answered.

"I can't believe my little girl's getting married," my mother cried, running over to hug me.

"Whoa, mom, no crying!" I pleaded.

"Sorry, it's just so real now! I'll try and save it for the ceremony, though," Renee said.

"Thank you," I said, relieved.

We hurried up and ate. Esme and Renee watched the kids while Alice, Rose and I went to get ready. The wedding was at one, and instead of a wedding dinner, we were having lunch, followed by the reception so that Edward and I could leave for our honeymoon and get there in time to spend the night together. Edward planned the whole honeymoon, and nobody but he knew where we were going.

I showered first, and Alice did my makeup while Rose worked on my hair. We were all going to change into our dresses at the Cullen household before the wedding.

Edward and I agreed on having the wedding in the Cullens' backyard. He knew I didn't want anything fancy, and I loved how open the yard was. It was big enough for our guests.

"So Bella, what did Edward say when you called him this morning?" Alice asked nonchalantly as she took out the makeup and laid it on the bathroom counter.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I replied, but I knew she could see right through it. I was blushing furiously.

"Ali, she's blushing," Rose smirked.

"I know you called him Bella, so fess up," Alice demanded.

I sighed loudly. "Fine, yes, I did call him, but only because Lucy missed him and wanted to talk to him."

"I don't believe you," she said calmly.

"I'm being completely serious," I said just as calmly.

"But did you talk to him after?" Rose jumped in while Alice raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, okay, but only to tell him that I was looking forward to marrying him and that I loved him!"

"Bella, Bella, Bella," Alice shook her head. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Have you ever thought that maybe I don't particularly like that tradition, and that maybe I wanted to start a new tradition?" I said.

Rosalie snorted. Alice looked like she wanted to laugh, but that would mean she lost this little brawl. "Bella, you're absurd," she said, and motioned for Rose to start blow drying my hair. I sat in the chair, gloating. I finally stumped Alice Hale.

Alice finished my makeup and went to take a shower in the guest bathroom while Rose finished my hair. She curled my hair into big curls, then pinned half of it back. It was simple, but it made me look beautiful. Rose always said I had the best hair, and I'm sure that's why she left most of it down.

After Rosalie was satisfied, she went to shower while Alice did her makeup. She didn't have to do much to her hair because it was so short. Rose decided to curl her hair and leave all of it down. Alice did her makeup and we went to get Lucy.

"Baby girl, are you ready to get your hair done?" I asked her, holding her hand as we walked up the stairs.

"Yeah!" she jumped.

Rose and Alice curled her hair and pinned all of it up, leaving only two strands down by her ears. I had to tell Alice beforehand that she was to put no makeup on Lucy because Edward would have a coronary. Besides, my daughter didn't need it, she was already gorgeous.

"You look beautiful, sweetie," I told her.

"So do you, mommy," she smiled up at me. I kissed her cheek.

"Come on, Luce, let's go watch a movie while Grammy Esme and Grammy Renee get ready to go," Rose said. We all headed downstairs and freed Renee and Esme from the babies. Lucy picked Cinderella and she cuddled with me while we watched.

It was about eleven when we filed into the cars and headed for the house. Alice had, of course, called Jasper and told him to keep Edward locked up in a room until it was time for the wedding. I figured Edward would choose to stay in the family room, which was where Esme kept a piano for whenever Edward was over and wanted to play. At least he wouldn't get bored.

Our dresses were in Edward's old bedroom. The Esme, Renee, Alice, and Rose all changed into their dresses while I helped Lucy into her dress. I wanted to have this mother-daughter moment so bad that I made sure I was the only one to help her.

"I love my dress, mommy," Lucy said, admiring herself in the mirror.

"You look gorgeous, baby," I said, hugging her. "I love you."

"I love you too." She kissed my cheek.

"Bells, we have to get you in your dress," Alice called. Lucy took my hand and we walked over to Alice.

"Luce, you look beautiful, just like your mommy," Alice smiled and kissed her.

"Thank you, Auntie Ali," Lucy grinned.

It took Rose, Esme, Renee, and Alice to get me in my wedding dress. My mother, who hadn't seen my dress yet, started to tear up.

"Mom," I warned.

"I'm sorry, you're just so beautiful," she sniffled. "I never thought I'd see the day when you would be getting married."

"Thanks, mom," I said sarcastically.

"Oh, you know what I mean," she snapped back. I let her have her moment before asking to see the guys.

"Mommy!" I turned around and saw my son running towards me. I bent down and hugged him tightly. "Mommy, I miss you!" he said.

"I missed you too, buddy," I said, and kissed his forehead. "You look very handsome," I told him.

"Thanks, mommy! You look real pretty," he commented. I laughed and kissed him again.

"I love you, Jack."

"I love you, too!" Always so enthusiastic.

"Bells! My, my, don't you look all grown up!" Emmett's voice boomed. He entered the room grinning at me.

"Hey, Em," I smiled, getting up to hug him.

"Today's the big day, huh?" I nodded. "Well, just don't kiss so long in front of us at the ceremony, okay?"

"Emmett!" I laughed, slapping his arm. I probably hurt myself more that I hurt him.

"Seriously! Nobody wants to see that!" He scrunched up his face in disgust.

"Right, because none of us have to sit and watch you and Rose kiss," I said, narrowing my eyes.

"Fine, Bella, I'll let you win, but only because you're suppose to be happy today."

I rolled my eyes. "Thanks, Em." He grinned goofily and went over to Rose.

"How you doin, Bells?" Jasper asked.

"A little nervous, but great otherwise," I told him, pulling him in for a hug.

"You'll be fine. It's a great thing, getting married. To finally be tied to the person you love in every single way, it's incredible," he said quietly with a faraway look in his eyes. I assumed he was thinking about his own wedding.

"Thank you, Jazz," I whispered, and hugged him once more. He went over to Alice and they just stood together, not talking or kissing, just being together. I hoped Edward and I could do that and still feel each other's love for each other. But I knew we would. Me and Edward, we'll be just fine.

"Esme, do you know where Carlisle is? I need to talk to him for a minute," I said to Esme.

"Sure, darling, I'll go get him," she smiled.

He came into the packed room a couple of minutes later and found me.

"Hey, Carlisle. I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute?" I asked him.

"Of course. Let's go across the hall so we can talk privatly." We sat down on the guest bed. "What's on your mind?"

"Well, I was just wondering if it was safe for me to be traveling on a plane," I asked.

"You're only seven weeks, it's perfectly fine," he assured me.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn't want me being pregnant to ruin Edward's plans. "Good."

"Bella, I just wanted to tell you that I'm extremely happy that you're the one Edward has chosen to marry. I couldn't ask for a better daughter. Thank you for making my son happy, and giving me my first grandchildren." He patted my hand and smiled at me.

"I couldn't ask for a better family," I responded, giving him a hug. The Cullens were the kindest people I've ever met, and I was so lucky to become a part of their family. Sometimes I still couldn't believe that I'm the girl Edward sees as his wife, and the person to spend the rest of his life with.

I talked to Esme next. "Dear, I'm so glad this day has finally come. I've been waiting for a long time now for you to marry Edward. I can see that you love each other very much, and that you will be married for a long, long time," she smiled, tearing up a bit. "Thank you, Bella. I can't wait for you to become my second daughter."

I hugged her tightly. "I love you, Esme."

"I love you, too, sweetheart."

Rosalie and Alice came over and gave me a pep talk. It was one of those fun good luck talks, not the teary-eyed ones. I enjoyed both, though, I just needed a break for some fun talks.

My mom was next.

"Mom, were you nervous on your wedding day?" I asked her.

"Only when it was time to walk down the aisle," she chuckled. "Otherwise it was just excited butterflies."

"Just checking," I gulped.

"Honey, you have nothing to be nervous about. I see the way Edward looks at you, he's completely in love with you. And I'm pretty sure you feel the same way."

"Of course," I replied instantly.

"So don't worry. Just walk down that aisle and marry Edward. Believe me, once you see him, you'll forget everybody else. It'll be just you and him," she assured me.

"Thanks mom, I love you," I kissed her cheek.

It was time for everybody to take their places. I was left alone in Edward's room to calm myself.

I honestly didn't know what I was so nervous about. I loved Edward with everything I had, and I was positive he felt the same way. We had two, soon to be three, children whom we loved and created together, and we had supportive families to help us through the rough patches in our lives. We had a stable relationship, and I could trust him with anything. He never judged me, and was always there to make me laugh when I was feeling down. He was a great man, and I was lucky to be marrying him.

It was like an epiphany, thinking about our relationship. Everything just clicked.

I was ready.


Charlie peeked his head inside. I motioned for him to come in. "It's time," he informed me.

I took a deep breath and took his arm.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked.


"I knew you would be. I'm proud of you, Bells. I'm glad you found a guy that makes you happy. Edward's a good guy," Charlie said. It wasn't like Charlie to get a mushy, so this was a big step for him. I was like him in this way.

"Thanks, dad. I love you."

Alice was the first in line behind the patio doors. Rose was next, and then my babies. Jack had a white pillow in his hands, while Lucy had a white basket filled with fake flower petals. Rose and Alice both had bouquets of white freesias in their hands. I decided to go with freesias for the flowers because Edward said I smelled like them, so I did it for him.

I took my larger bouquet off the kitchen counter and quickly went over to my children.

"Give me kisses," I said, kneeling down before them. They each kissed a cheek. "I love you both." I kissed Jack's cheek, then Lucy's, and took my place next to my dad.

Alice opened the doors and my wedding ceremony began.


She looked absolutely breathtaking. Stunning. So beautiful.

I was ready to marry my Bella. I loved her with all of my heart.

Well, besides what wasn't taken by my children.

Her dress hugged her in all of the right places. It didn't take away from her natural beauty, it only enhanced it. And her eyes, oh her eyes. They never pulled away from mine as she walked down the aisle. Her chocolate brown eyes were shining with love. For me.

I still can't believe this angel wanted to marry me and be with me forever.

I was pretty sure I looked like a love-sick goof, but I honestly couldn't help it. This wonderful angel made me feel like I was a pile of goo.

Charlie handed Bella off to me. I took her on my arm and shook Charlie's hand.

"Take good care of her," he said to me.

"I will," I promised.

Charlie went to his seat next to Renee. I led Bella to where the pastor was waiting for us. Angela and Bella had become good friends, and her father was the local pastor. He said he would be delighted to perform the ceremony.

"We are here today to join Edward Anthony Cullen and Isabella Marie Swan in Holy Matrimony," Mr. Weber started. "Edward, please take Bella's hands." I did as he said and took each of her hands in mine. I grinned at her and mouthed, "I love you". She grinned back and looked like she wanted to kiss me.

I knew how she felt.

Mr. Weber went through the traditional ceremony, and before I knew what was happening, it was time for our actual participation.

"Edward," Mr. Weber turned towards me. "Repeat after me. I, Edward, take you, Isabella, to be my wife."

"I, Edward, take you, Isabella, to be my wife," I repeated.

"To have and to hold, from this day forward."

"To have and to hold, from this day forward."

"For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer," he continued.

"For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer."

"In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part."

"In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part," I finished. Bella had tears in her eyes. I reached up with one hand to wipe them away.

Mr. Weber turned to Bella. "Isabella, repeat after me. I, Isabella, take you, Edward, to be my husband."

"I, Isabella, take you, Edward, to be my husband."

"To have and to hold, from this day forward."

"To have and to hold, from this day forward." Her tears were falling faster now.

"For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer."

"For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer."

"In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part," Mr. Weber concluded.

"In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part," Bella choked out.

"Edward and Bella have prepared their own vows, and the exchanging of the rings will be done also," Mr. Weber informed our guests. He motioned for me to go first.

"Bella, from the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one I was going to marry. You were so beautiful, and you put up with me, even in my bad times. You are so incredibly smart, talented, and kind-hearted. You put everybody before yourself, and that's only part of what makes you the beautiful person you are. To this day, I still have to wonder what I did to deserve you, and I realize there is no real answer, but I thank God every day that you chose me. You made me the man I am today, and you gave me our two angels. I've never been more happy than when I'm with you. I love you, Bella." I felt some tears forming in my eyes as I placed her ring on her finger.

"Edward. I still remember when I first met you. I was working at the only ice cream shop in town, and you walked in and asked if we served pie. I remember looking at you all confused and said that no, we didn't serve pie. You replied, "Well, that's too bad, because I wouldn't mind a slice of you"." I chuckled at the memory as our guests laughed and Bella grinned through her tears. "It was the corniest thing I had ever heard, and I was a little insulted by it, but your charm won me over and I agreed to go to dinner with you. And it was the best decision I've ever made. You were so sweet, and the most selfless person I'd ever met-until you introduced me to your parents." Again, more soft laughter. "You made me feel special, and like I was the only person that had to be happy to make you happy. You make me feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet. I love you, Edward, and I couldn't imagine a day without you in it." She placed the ring on my finger. It took her a few tries because she was crying so hard that it blurred her vision a little.

"And now, through the power invested in me through Jesus Christ, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Edward, you may kiss your bride," Mr. Weber announced.

I grinned and cupped Bella's face in my hands. I leaned down and kissed her lips softly. "I love you so much," I whispered against her lips. I gave her one last small kiss and pulled away.

"Ladies and gentleman, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen!"

I took Bella's hand and led her down the aisle as everyone stood up and clapped for us. I could tell Bella was blushing like crazy. We reached the house and were alone for a couple of minutes while everybody filed out to head to the front lawn.

"Bella," I grinned. I picked her up and spun her around. We laughed together as I set her down on her feet. "I love you, Mrs. Cullen."

She grinned back up at me and said, "I love you, too, Mr. Cullen."

"You look so beautiful in this dress," I told her.

"Why thank you, husband of mine. You look pretty darn good yourself," she giggled. I loved the sound of her laugh.

"There's the happy couple!" Alice shrieked, hurrying into the kitchen. She pounced on me and I stumbled a bit.

"Hi, sis," I chuckled, steadying us.

"Congrads, big brother!"

"Thanks, Ali."

She let go of me and went to hug Bella. "Bella! We're sisters!"

"Alice, we've always been sisters," Bella smiled, hugging my sister back.

"I love you guys," Alice cried. "And I really am sorry to bother you, but Edward, the guys need help moving the chairs so that we can set up for the lunch."

"I'll be right out," I told her, and she ran back outside, apparently satisfied.

"I'm sorry, love, but I really do have to go help. You have strict orders to stay right here and not get anything on that beautiful dress of yours, okay? I'll come and get you as soon as we're done," I promised, pulling Bella in for another kiss.

"Hurry back," she whispered against my lips. I gave her a knee-weakening kiss and rushed into the backyard to help set up for the lunch and reception. I knew Emmett would be getting hungry, and when Emmett gets kept from food, well, let's just say it doesn't always turn out well...


Bella Cullen.

That's me!

Bella Cullen!

Woohoo! I made it!

It's a great feeling, being married. Edward was officially mine, and I was officially his.

I sat on one of the barstools and rested my head on my hand, grinning like an idiot for the longest time. Eventually, Edward snuck up on me and scared the crap out of me.

"I'm sorry, love, but that was hilarious!" he laughed.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "I'm glad you find it so amusing. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go greet our guests." I got off of the stool. I wanted to make a show of leaving, but of course I tripped. And as always, Edward was there catching me.

He pulled me closer to him and locked his deep green eyes with mine. "I love you, Bella Cullen," he whispered. My heart soared. Damn him, he could never let me be angry with him for even two seconds!

"I love you, Edward Cullen," I whispered back.

He leaned down and gave me by far one of the best kisses ever. And greeting our guests was the furthest thing from my mind. I wanted to drag Edward upstairs and have my way with him.

But I knew Alice wouldn't be very happy with that, so I very reluctantly pulled away. Edward linked our hands and I rested my head on his shoulder as we walked into the backyard.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I swear Alice could be a professional at party planning. It was amazing how she could add a couple of tables and a few decorations to make a yard look like a beautiful garden.

There were about ten round tables spread out across half of the large yard. They were covered in gold tableclothes with a centerpiece of purple freesias. In the front of the yard was one long table where the wedding party would sit. That was covered in lavendar with white freesias down the table. On the opposite side of the yard was a similar table to the long one that contained the food. The patio held nothing, and I'm assuming that's where the DJ was going to set up. There was simple draping crossing from one end of the yard to the other. It was so simple, yet elegant, and nothing Alice has done before.

"There they are!" Emmett yelled from the wedding party table. He waved us over. "Eddie! Get over here, some of us are starving!"

I laughed into Edward's neck. "Beautiful, you're going to have to stop that before I start ravishing you in front of our guests," he whispered in my ear, low enough so that nobody else heard. My breathing hitched.

Tonight was going to be fantastic.

"Emmett, sit down, we're coming!" Edward yelled back. Everybody laughed.

I was pretty sure I was blushing at all of the attention we were getting. Edward felt the extra heat and leaned down to kiss the top of my head.

"Aren't they just adorable together?" I heard somebody say as we passed. I grinned and kissed Edward's cheek.

Edward pulled my chair out for me and pushed me in once I sat down. The order of the table, from left to right, was Rose, Alice, Lucy, me, Edward, Jack, Emmett, and Jasper.

"Bella and I would just like to thank you all for coming, it really means a lot to us. And now the event Emmett's been waiting for...go ahead and eat!" Edward announced before sitting down next to me.

Our table got to get food first, mainly because Rose didn't want to hear Emmett complain. Esme had recommended the chef she had at her wedding, and I agreed to have him cook for our wedding. Edward wanted steak, and I wanted chicken, so we agreed to have both. There was also salad, baked and mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and fresh bread. It was a simple menu, but man was it good.

"Do you like the chicken, Lucy?" I asked my daughter. She just nodded and continued eating.

"Good thing you picked chicken," Edward chuckled.

"Everybody loves chicken!" I told him, smiling.

"I love you," he said seductively, and kissed my neck.

"Daddy, not at the table!" Jack shrieked. "Some of us are trying to eat!"

"Yeah, Eddie, some of us don't want to see that!" Emmett said through a mouthful of food.

"I liked it," I whispered into Edward's ear. He grinned at me and I grinned back.

As our guests were finishing eating, Emmett decided it was time for speeches.

He coughed loudly and everybody was quiet. "Thank you! Now, as one of the best men, I would just like to wish Edward and Bella a life of happiness and lots of sex." He sat back down. It was quiet for a moment before everybody burst out laughing.

Jasper stood up after everybody settled down. "Well, I don't know how I could possibly top that speech..." Emmett smiled proudly. "But Edward, you've been one of my best friends for a long time now, and I'm glad you found the person to spend the rest of your life with. You deserve it, buddy. Congratulations." We toasted to that and Alice stood up next.

"Bella, I've seen how happy my brother makes you, and I hope that happiness never leaves your eyes. I'm glad you're my sister, and just remember that sisters go shopping together," she chirped, and toasted. I laughed to myself. She could just keep dreaming about that shopping deal.

"Bella, Edward, all I can say is that I hope you two know what you're getting in to, hence why I'm not married yet." She eyed Emmett and he just shrugged. "But it's also a beautiful thing, and you guys are a great example of that. Congratulations, you guys," she smiled.

After the toasts were finished, I was once again taken away from my husband so that he and the guys could put the tables and chairs away to make room for the "dance floor". The DJ arrived and Alice showed him where he could set up. Everything was finally ready by three thirty, and the DJ summoned us to the center of the yard for our first dance as husband and wife.

"May I have this dance?" Edward asked, bowing in front of me. I giggled and nodded as he took my hand and led me to the center.

The song "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain came on and Edward started leading me across the lawn.

"Thank you for marrying me," I said quietly.

"Thank you for making me the luckiest man alive," he said back, gazing into my eyes. "I love you, Mrs. Cullen."

"I love you, Mr. Cullen," I smiled.

All throughout the dance, it was only Edward and I that exsisted. We were the only ones here, just me and him. He would occasionally lean down and kiss me, and every time I would hug him just a little closer.

We pretty much stayed in each other's arms until the DJ's voice rang out through the yard. "Ladies and gentleman, it's now time for the bouquet throwing and garter toss! Bella, if you would please come up here with your bouquet." I went up to the patio and faced the house. "All the single ladies out there please get together in the center of the dance floor!" It took a couple of minutes for everybody to get settled. "Okay, Bella, whenever you're ready!"

I counted to three and threw my flowers. There were shrieks and yells of approval. I turned around and saw that Angela had caught it. Ben looked like he was glowing. Hmm, I wonder if he already had a ring...

"Congratulations! May you be the next to get married," the DJ told her. "Now, please clear the dance floor so that Edward can bring a chair for Bella to sit down on."

Edward grabbed a chair from the luncheon and set it near the front of the yard. He smirked at me as he led me towards it.

"Don't try anything funny, mister," I warned him as I sat down.

"Please, Bella," he said playfully.

"Edward, you know what to do!" the DJ said, and turned on some funky music.

There were a bunch of cat calls and whoops as Edward lifted my dress and stuck his head underneath. All you could see was his lower back and legs. I could feel the blushing coming on.

Edward suddenly kissed the inside of my knee and I jumped. I could feel him chuckle against my leg as I turned beet red. He continued to kiss down my left leg until he reached the light blue garter that was located on my lower thigh. He wrapped his teeth around it, gently nipping my skin as he did so, and slowly pulled it down my leg. I let out a huge breath as he finally pulled it off and came out of my dress. He grinned at me before throwing it over his shoulder. Suprisingly enough, Emmett caught it. He whooped and put it on his arm. I was beyond embarrassed at this point. Edward seemed to enjoy it though. He helped me up and pulled me into his arms so that we could continue dancing.

The rest of the night went wonderfully, and before I knew it, it was time for Edward and I to leave for our honeymoon.

"Come on, Bella, we have to get you changed for the plane!" Alice said before her and Rose dragged me back up to Edward's room. Esme and my mom followed.

"Okay, let's get you out of this dress," Renee said. It really did take the four of them to get me out of it, but I was thankful it didn't get ruined. Esme hung it up and promised to bring it to our house later tonight. Alice handed me a dress bag and I went to the bathroom to put it on.

It was beautiful. The dress was a halter style in light red, it almost looked pink. It had an empire waist and a diamond broach in the center below my breasts. It hit just above my knees, and it showed off every one of my curves. I looked good.

Rose took down all of my hair and Alice touched up my makeup just a little.

"You look gorgeous," Rose commented. "You'll have no problems getting Edward in bed tonight."

There was a knock on the door. Alice opened the door to reveal Edward still in his tux, but minus the jacket. He had also rolled up the sleeves.

Boy was I one lucky woman.

"Is she ready?" he asked his sister.

"Sure is," Alice chirped, and pulled the door open all the way so that he could see me.

He got this lost look in his eyes as he eyed me. "You look so beautiful," he said to me. I smiled and took his hand. We walked down the stairs together in silence, not needing to speak to know what the other was thinking.

Edward and I were on the porch outside of the house saying goodbye to our family. The volvo was sitting in the driveway, waiting for us.

"Alice, Rose, thank you so much for everything. You did an amazing job, I love you both," I said, pulling them in for a hug. "I'll call you tomorrow."

I said goodbye to my parents and the rest of the Cullens before going over to my babies. Naturally, Lucy wanted to stay with Uncle Jazzy while we were gone, and Jack wanted to stay with Uncle Em, so we decided they each could, but if they started to miss each other, they would stay with Esme and Carlisle. Neither Alice nor Rose needed to have three year old twins running around while they both had a newborn to take care of.

"I love you both so much. I'm going to miss you lots while I'm gone. I'll call you both every single day, and you can tell me all of the fun things you're doing with your aunts and uncles. Be good for them, okay?" Jack and Lucy both nodded, and I pulled them both in for a hug. I kissed them both numerous times before Edward finally pulled me away so that he could say goodbye.

"Bye, babies, I love you!" I called back as Edward led me towards the volvo.

"Bye, mommy and daddy! Be good!" Jack called as Lucy blew us each a kiss. We both laughed.

Edward opened the door for me and I climbed in. He came around and climbed into the drivers seat.

"Ready?" he asked me.

"Always," I smiled and took his hand as he sped away from his parents house, and closer to our honeymoon destination.