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Sin City


When Edward never came back, and Jacob and Bella never became friends, she stayed in her Zombie state far to long. Long enough to all but fail her senoir year. The only college that she could get into was in Las Vegas--Sin City. Bella's sins start to get a bit out of hand. What happens when Edward crosses Bella's path and once again saves her life?
Warning: Bella's some-what of a bad girl. She's a stripper.
Please read. I think you'll really enjoy the story :D
Also, i'm looking for a banner(:

A bit OOC


1. Saved

Rating 4/5   Word Count 1661   Review this Chapter

"Thanks for coming with me, Edward." Alice said as she walked out of the movie theater into the crowded sidewalk full of nightlife.

"No problem, it was nice to get out for a while." Edward said as they fought there way through the crowd.

"It wouldn't be good for Jasper to be around all these humans,-" Edward cut Alice off before she finished her sentence.

"He shouldn't go this long without hunting." Edward's voice was full of irritation. After the events of last September, Edward held a grudge against Jasper whenever he went long periods of time without hunting. "It's not safe, and Jasper knows so." Edward said coldly.

Alice didn't want to argue with Edward and ruin the night, so she rolled her eyes and stepped into the passenger side of the car, that had been parked in a alley.

"I'm not ready to leave Las Vegas." Alice stated with disappointment leaking in her tone. Edward chuckled half-heartedly. Alice and Edward had drove from the Carson City to see a movie in Las Vegas. "It's so fun here." Alice added

"What do you propose we do?" Edward challenged with a grin

I'm glad Rose wouldn't let Emmett's come a long, I don't wanna go to a strip club. Alice thought.

Edward chuckled, Alice followed with a sigh. "I guess we should just go back, I really do need to take Jasper hunting."

"Wise decision." Edward agreed. Alice raised and eyebrow but let it drop.

Alice had then said something else, but Edward wasn't listening, he was concentrating on his driving and the thoughts of someone in the car in front of him. Because of Edward's lack of attention towards Alice, he missed the premonition she'd just had.

"Bella!" Alice bursted out. She went into panic mode.

"Bella? What happen? What did you see?" Edward asked in a hurry, barely watching the road.

Alice recapped in her mind what she'd seen, for Edward's viewing. Edward gasped at the first very sight of Bella. Nothing was wrong, but just the little different in appeared and Edward's remembrance could have made his silent-iced heart beat. But things did get wrong when he saw her dance with a cigarette and older men. Bella was at a party, in an apartment, the things Edward then saw just got wrong to worst. Edward face went stiff and him and Alice knew what they had to do.

"She's here, Edward. Close- in one of these apartments."

Edward ignored her, his nostrils flared, he was drowning in red hot fury.

It hit Alice and Edward at the same time, but Edward was hit with tripled force. Bella's blood never failed to send flames down his throat, she was very close. Edward pulled to the curb and jumped out of the car, Alice followed.

They entered an apartment complex. It was filthy and disgusting, and quiet obvious that the party was on the second floor. They climbed the steps at an inhuman speed. People crowed the hallway, spilling out from rooms, the 2nd floor was flooding with people. But Edward and Alice had no problem with picking out Bella. They entered a room and they could clearly see her across the room, dancing. Edward's heart melted when he laid his eyes on her. She was just as beautiful as ever, he thought. She was different though, in many ways. Her hair was much longer with highlights, she had a full face make-up job. She wore a tight black, strapless mini dress that barely covered her butt. Appearance was not the only differences about Bella. The fact that Bella was here in Vegas says that she's not the same. Edward started to rush ahead of Alice but she pulled him back.

"No, don't. Nothing is going to happen right away, go out in the hall." Alice ordered.

"No." Edward growled.

"Yes. It's not going to help if you make a scene. I want Bella to come with us. Okay? Before, it happens, she and the man go up an empty stair case somewhere in the building. Find it." She ordered.

Edward growled before taking one last look at Bella, and left.

Alice made sure Bella was in her view, at all time. For twenty minutes she watched her grind with a man 15 years older then her, smoke 1 and half cigarettes and shoot some liquor. I don't like this Bella, not one bit. Alice thought.

Bella was drifting father from Alice. Has Alice pushed her way through the monstrous crowed to find Bella leaving the room. Alice followed close behind. Bella and the guy walked through the roaring hallway to a back stairway. He grabed her hand roughly and pulled her up the empty staircase.

Edward was no where to be seen but that was the least of my concerns. Bella was almost at the top of the staircase, I had to stop her. "Bella!" I shouted. She turned and her eyes widen and her mouth fell open.

"Alice?' She said in awe

"Yes, Bella it's me and I have to talk to you. Now." I said, eyeing the man and he gave me a disgusted look. I choked back a hiss.

"Uhm, okay." She said hesitantly, but she tried to pull away from the man but he wouldn't let go. "Max, let me go."

"No, Bella." His voice was deep and stern.

"Max, stop, I'll be back in a moment." She tried to pull away once more but he grabbed her and put his arms around her waist. He closed his eyes and whispered in her ear unaware that I could hear."

"Bella, I want you, now, not in a moment." He said in a seductive tone.

"But Max-" She tried to argue.

"No Bella!" His sudden loud tone made Bella jump. He started to kiss her neck and whispered "Remember our agreement."

"Let me go, Max." she started to fight him.

"Let her go!" Alice ordered.

"Stay out of this, bitch!" Max yelled. His lash out at Alice caused him to lose grip of Bella and she took off down the steps. Bella was still Bella, and that was proven when she tripped on the steps, or maybe it was because she had 6 inch heals. Max grabbed her and pulled a gun out of his jacket and held it to Bella's throat. She cringed away but he just pressed the pistol harder against her.

"Now, Bella you are gonna come with me." His voice was claim, "And bitch," he pointed the gun towards Alice. 'You are gonna forget all about this, okay?"

"Leave her out of this!" Bella shouted and once again, Max pushed the gun to her throat. Bella closed her eyes.

As Bella eyes were closed Edward stepped out from the shadows "Let her go!" He growled.

Bella's eyes shoot opened and she gasped "Edward." Edward jumped and pulled Max away from Bella.

"Take her to the car, Alice." Edward demanded.

Alice grabbed Bella's hand and took of running at a human speed to the car down the street. As they ran the screams of Max faded.

"Get in the car." Alice ordered. Alice got in on the drivers side and Bella in the passengers.

"Why are you here?" Bella demanded.

"To save you." Alice snapped.

"I'm sorry, I'm a bitch. I'm just in shock, I guess." Bella reasoned.

"It's okay, and I glad you are." Alice said pulling Bella into a tight huge. "Bella, do you know what he was going to do?" She shook her head. "Whatever he owed you, he didn't want to give. He was going to rape and kill you." Bella gasped and clasped her hands over her mouth.

"Thank you." Bella said breathless.

"Thank Edward, I wouldn't have been able to get to you fast enough."

"Yeah-" Bella started but stopped mid sentence when Edward got into the back seat.

"Did you take care of him?" Alice asked.

"Yes." Edward said with angry. He lean between the seats. His voice claimed and his eyes met Bella's. "Are you okay?" He asked.

Bella was breathless and shocked "Yeah." she gasped.

Bella didn't know what else to say. She was amazed that she was in the Volvo were so many secrets and memories had been shared. Bella all but jumped through the roof when her cell phone rang. She slightly reached down her bra for her phone. "Hello?" she asked quietly. Edward and Alice both listened closely to the conversation. "No, Kyle, I'm fine. I'll be home soon. Okay. Yup. Uh-huh. Okay, love you too, bye."

Alice couldn't help herself she had to ask, "What that your boyfriend?"

"Uhm, no." Bella chuckled "He's my roommate, and best friend."

"Oh." Alice said.

"He's gay." Bella added to verify that there's nothing between them.

"Oh." Alice said again and laughed.

Now that the shock wore off and she got her breath back, Bella started to become very uncomfortable being within two feet of the man that broke her heart.

"Uhm, Can you take me home, please?" Bella asked quietly.

"Yeah, where?" Alice asked starting the car.

"125 Castle street. It's not far."

The ride to Bella's apartment was quiet, it was only 5 minutes long.

"You have a nice place Bella." Alice said, even know she only saw the outside.

"Thanks," She said.

"What do you do? Like where do you work?" Alice asked

"Oh, uhm, I dance." She admitted

"Really? You never could dance before."

"I learned." How to use a pole. Bella thought.

Suddenly Bella turned back to Edward and swallowed the lump in her throat. "Thank you. So much, I'm stupid and thank you. I don't know how to repaid you.

"Let us come over tomorrow? That's a start." Alice grinned.

"Yeah, okay. I have to be at work by 8. You can come over before."

"Okay." Alice said.

Bella stepped out of the car. "Thank you, again." Bella said.

"I just want you to be safe." Edward admitted.