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Sin City


When Edward never came back, and Jacob and Bella never became friends, she stayed in her Zombie state far to long. Long enough to all but fail her senoir year. The only college that she could get into was in Las Vegas--Sin City. Bella's sins start to get a bit out of hand. What happens when Edward crosses Bella's path and once again saves her life?
Warning: Bella's some-what of a bad girl. She's a stripper.
Please read. I think you'll really enjoy the story :D
Also, i'm looking for a banner(:

A bit OOC


2. Dancer

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Edward saved me. Edward wants me to be safe. Edward does exist. Bella thought. She'd barely escaped death, but all she could think about was Edward.

Bella's apartment wasn't designed by her, but by her homosexual roommate, Kyle. The walls of their living room was zebra strip. Bella didn't complain, Kyle was a lot of fun and his parents paid for the apartment so Bella lived there for free. She walked into the kitchen to find kyle painting his nails at the table.

"Oh, Hey girl, hey." He said. Kyle was no doubt the gayest person in the world with his bubble gum pink and cotton candy blue hair. "How do my nails look?" He asked as he held up his sparkly purple nails and blow a kiss with one hand.

"Gorgeous, as always." Bella complimented. Kyle blow her another kiss. She grabbed an apple from the fridge and took a big bite.

"Let me do your nails!" Kyle grinned.

"Alright." Bella said as she sat in down at the table.

"What costume are you wearing tonight?" Kyle asked.

"The purple one, most likely." Bella said.

"Oh, I have the perfect color!" Kyle got excited and jumped up from the table in a rush. "B R B" He said. Kyle loved to talk in IM, he's the text queen.

So Alice and Edward were coming tomorrow evening. Or maybe just Alice was? Edward didn't say anything about it. Bella thought. I really hope Edward comes too, I'll be so more tense but I-I miss him. She thought.

Bella sighed and huge sigh as Kyle came back was a bottle of black sparkly nail polish.

"Oh, no, girl friend, not the sighs." Kyle snapped. "What's the beef? Ew OMFG, beef, that's gross. Anyway, I'm sorry, continue on."

Bella chuckled but then became serious again. "I ran into an ex-boyfriend tonight." Bella sighed once more.

"Oh, sweets, I understand I hate when that happens. What made it so bad?" He asked. Bella always found it so easy to share her feelings with him. They met one night when Bella was dancing, there was an all but naked woman in his face, but he says 'Girl, I love those shoes!'

"The thing that made it so bad is that he's kind of the reason I ended up here."

"I thought you came here to get a job?" He said confused

"Well yeah, but I came here to get a job because I originally was going to college, but then I flunked out of that and then I got a job dancing. So I'd figured I'd dance rather then go get an education."

"Okay, so what's this guy have to do with it?"

"The reason I had to go to college here was because it was the only school that would except me, because I failed my last your of high school, and I failed because I was so miserable because he broke up with me."

"Whoa girl, I wouldn't wanna be anywhere near him or I'd bitch slap him. Honey,you're to good for the loser."

"No, but the thing is I never saw it coming. We were so in love. We talked about our future all the time. He always told me how much he loved me and-"

"Oh, Bella, honey, don't cry." Bella wiped her eyes with her free hand. Kyle continued to paint her nails.

"He saved me." Bella added to make Edward look like the good guy he was.

"From what?" Kyle asked

"I was almost rapped." Bella admitted.

"Oh, dear lord. By Max? Oh, I hated him from the start." Bella chuckled humorlessly.

"Yes. But he saved me." Bella grinned.

"He? Oh, the ex. Aw."

"Yes, I was best friend's with his sister, so there both coming over tomorrow evening."

"Okay, you're nails are done!" kyle announced.

"Thanks they look fab." Bella said as she stood up. Kyle pulled her down into his lap and hugged her.

"I love you, Bella." He said pecking my on the lips. "Mm. Girl your gloss is fab! Can I borrow it? Raspberry is Pete's fave." Bella giggled and pulled the tub of gloss from her bra.

"Now, I must get ready for work." Bella said.

She dressed in a purple stripper out fit, barely wearing anything. Her stilettos were had to be 7 inches tall.

"Bells, do you want a ride to work?" Kyle called from the kitchen.

"Yeah, please." Bella called back then she appeared in a trench coat in the kitchen.

"Ready?" Bella asked.

"Yep." he said. It was 12am and the night was just starting. Bella hated working the night shifts but it made great tips. "Let's go." Kyle said.

Bella walked through the back doors of the club to the dressing rooms for the 'dancers' She, being a 'dancer' found it funny that her job was called dancing, when she really didn't do much dancing at all. They slid down and twirled around poles, and gave lap 'dances.' Bella liked her job, it made her feel pretty and gave her confidence. also made her popular around town, any would sell drugs to a stripper. No one from her Bella's past knew she was a stripper. She'd be ashamed if Charlie and Renee knew, or any of her friends from high school. Also, she worked there illegally. Her ID said she was 21 but in truth she was barely 19. They owner of the club was a sleazy pot head who'd higher anyway with at least a C cup. Bella removed her coat, all ready dressed in her costume, well lingerie. Bella started to rub glittery lotion over her body when she came across which looked the a forming bruises on her arms and neck. "Thanks Max." She mumbled. Then she started to wonder what Edward did to Max. Did he kill him? Where else am I going to get my drugs? Bella thought and let out a grunt. I shouldn't be bitching about not getting glass, I should be thankful I'm alive. she thought.

"Bella, you ready?" Bella turned her head. Julia, one of her best friends had just came off stage she was naked except for a thong and a boa. Which Bella would look like in a few minutes.

"Yep." Bella pucked her freshly glossed lips.

It was Bella's turn out on the floor. Her song came on. Bella had done this so many times it wasn't even possible to get nervous anymore. She rolled and slid around the pole, shoved her breasts in well-tipping usuals faces. Dollar bills were being stuck in her g-string and guys went wild. One of her friends and usual costumer, Brody slid a $100 bill in her thong, this usually meant he wanted a lap dance, so Bella gave him one and he got the pleasure of removing her top. After a bit Bella returned back stage looking just like Julia. She sat down at a vanity, snorted a quick line and then put a bra on.

"30, 40, 50, 51, 56...." Counted Julia. Bella and Julia always counted their tips together. Julia got $150 worth of tips and Bella got $300 thanks to Brody's generosity.

The night was over and it was 4am and Bella was just leaving the club when she ran into Brody on her way to get a taxi.

"Hey baby, nice show." He said grabbing her by the waist and grinding himself against her.

"Thanks Brody." She said. Then Brody when to kiss Bella and slipped his tough into her mouth.

"Want a ride home?" He offered.

"Yeah." Bella said. She knew he wanted more than to give her a ride. And Bella was okay with that.

They walked to Brody's lamborghini with his hand around Bella's waist. Brody and Bella were nothing more then friends with benefits. Bella didn't love him, and he didn't love her. Bella didn't date. Brody did, but he didn't just stick to one girl. They started making out before they even got into the apartment and when they did the own walk to Bella's bedroom was moans. Kyle's door was shut and he was most likely in there with his boyfriend, Pete. Once in Bella's bedroom, Brody pushed her up against the door and locked it.