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Sin City


When Edward never came back, and Jacob and Bella never became friends, she stayed in her Zombie state far to long. Long enough to all but fail her senoir year. The only college that she could get into was in Las Vegas--Sin City. Bella's sins start to get a bit out of hand. What happens when Edward crosses Bella's path and once again saves her life?
Warning: Bella's some-what of a bad girl. She's a stripper.
Please read. I think you'll really enjoy the story :D
Also, i'm looking for a banner(:

A bit OOC


4. New love

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For the next few days Bella spend every possible moment she could with Edward. Now that they'd been reunited Bella and Edward both felt it was hell to be torn apart. But the only time they really were was when Bella had to work. She would always come up with some bogus excuse of why Edward couldn't take her or pick her up.
Bella would have quit her job if she didn't need the money. It was also hard for Bella, she didn't want to smoke around Edward, and so she didn't. He probably could smell smoke on her but she tried her best to hide it. But when she was at work she was almost a chain smoker. One thing Bella didn't like was the no sex thing. She didn't even bring it up because the rules were like before. It was weird for Bella. Every guy she has ever been with besides Edward, wants in her pants. Another thing that lingered in Bella's mind was the future. She didn't have one. Unless Edward would change her. But that's another subject she didn't want to bring up. But Bella didn't have a future, she couldn't afford to go back to school, and neither did she want too. Also, she couldn't be a stripper for the rest of her life. There were so many unanswered questions in Bella's head. Unlike Edward who was just so happy to have the love of his existence back.

Bella sat on the fizzy carpet back stage with Julia, they were counting there tips and gossiping. Bella was on her 6th cigarette in an hour.

"Jesus Christ, Bella." Julia hissed "Your lungs are gonna turn into a tar pit if you continue at this rate." Julia laughed and took the cigarette from Bella and started to smoke it, herself. "It's not good for your health."

Bella raised an eyebrow but then laughed with her friend "It's just that, my boyfriend wouldn't approve of it and I don't want him to know. We're together a lot so I try to get as much in as I can." Bella explained

Julia shook her head disapprovingly "Brody doesn't care what you put into her body" She winked and Bella rolled her eyes because of her friends dirty joke. "No, but seriously, what happened with you and him, I think he was going clean." Julia shrugged.

"What?" Bella said more loud then necessary "What do you mean 'Clean'?" Brody was not a clean guy. He did all kinds of drugs, gambled and had sex with under aged girls and he was 25. Brody only looked so clean cut because of his money.

"I mean like girl clean." Bella raised pushed her eyebrows together still not understanding. "I think he really likes you, Bella. He misses you." If Julia's voice wasn't completely serious Bella would have burst out in laughs.

"Yeah, I doubt that." Bella said standing up. "I'd better change." Being a strip club and all, people just undressed in the middle of the room. So that's what Bella did. She changed into shorts and strapless bra. But that's as far as she got because she couldn't find her shirt. "Jules, did you see my shirt anywhere? It's a grey cami."

"No, sorry I didn't" Julia said standing up and walking over to Bella. "Oh I almost forgot." she said smacking herself on the forehead "Do you wanna come to the beach with us tomorrow?"

"Yeah, well actually no." Bella didn't want to be away from Edward, she hated spending more time away from him then she had too. And she didn't want to take Edward along because someone would think about her stripping.

"Oh, well that sucks. I'll have to tell Brody to bring someone, then.

"You assumed I'd just go with Brody?" Bella said angrily "Maybe a week ago, but not now. You know I have a boyfriend." Bella explained

"Okay, whatever." Julia bitched.


"Speak of the devil." Julia said smirking at someone behind Bella. Before Bella could turn to see who was behind her, a pair of warm bare arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her tight into there embrace.

"Brody," Bella groaned and wiggled away from him.

"This is how I like it." He noted Bella just being in her bra.

"I can't find my shirt." Bella explained.

"Why don't I take you home tonight?" Brody smiled and grabbed Bella by the waist.

"No, Brody. You know it can't be like that anymore. I have a boyfriend." Boyfriend wasn't exactly the right word. It didn't express the emotion Bella and Edward felt for each other.

Brody snorted "Well, I have a girlfriend but you don't see me complaining."

"I'm not complaining Brody. I really like him. I'm not using him for sex." Heaven knows that's not the case. "I really care about him."

"Come on, Bella. We've been doing this for along time." Brody's voice leveled down to only a whisper.

"No, Brody." Bella pulled away from him. "I love him." She was more loud then she needed to be.

Brody gawked "Well, well maybe I love you!" His voice was loud too.

"Ha, Brody you're real funny."

"No, Bella, I really do care about you more than those- than everyone else."

"Brody, just stop."

"Fine, Bella. Don't believe me." Brody said spending his arms and pointing to his heart. How could Bella take him serious? The thing about Bella and Brody's relationship was that neither of them was willing to make a commitment and they were okay with that. Bella couldn't believe him. Brody didn't care about anyone but himself. Bella has seen him break so many hearts and not even give them a second thought.

"I'm sorry Brody, I gotta go." Bella said finally finding her shirt and making her exit.


"Bella, it's 3am." Edward said stroking her hair as they laid intertwined in Bella's bed. "You should go to sleep, you need your rest."

"I don't wanna." She shook her head. "It's just- we've been apart for so long and I feel like I've missed so much. I've missed you so much."

"I know, Bella. I know. But it's late and we have forever." Forever!? Bella repeated in her head. Whats this mean? That he is going to change me? He has to if he said forever. But Bella didn't want to ask about it. Just in case he wasn't serious, she didn't want to start a fight. "Sleep now. I love you." Edward said and started to hum her lullaby.