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A Reunion Happened Differently

What if the reunion in New Moon had happened a little differently? Bella still ends up saving Edward but it happens my way. **banner made by me** This fic is the product of a dream I had. This is the first Twilight fic that I've posted. Let me know whether you think I should continue it or not. So what I'm asking is for you to read and review. Thanks and hope you like it! I'm not Ms Meyer so my dream is the only thing thats mine.


1. Prologue

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I’m actually looking forward to this weekend. Angela Weber and I are going to a small, out-of-the-way town about an hour or so from Forks. It’s not a hotspot for tourism but it has its own small pleasantries for at least Angela and me.

Surprisingly enough this little trip was my idea. It’s been about four months since He and my would-be family had cut themselves out of my life. For the first three months I could barely describe my state of mind as being more than zombie-like, just a little more than survivor mode. I hardly spoke or did anything with what little friends I had except for two people: Jacob Black and Angela Weber.

Jacob has been somewhat of a lifesaver these tortured four months that Ed-Edward has been gone. When Jacob is around I’m a little bit livelier than I’ve been. He’s been a very good friend to me, although, he’s already practically family. But even though I enjoy Jake’s company, friendship doesn’t to be enough for him; he’s made it known that he’s hoping to be something more than friends with me. Even through my severe depression I’ve made it clear to him that I wasn’t ready, and doubted I ever would be ready, for another relationship in the romantic sense.

Well, suffice to say that he hadn’t been very glad to hear that. I have to admit that I’ve sort of been avoiding Jake these last few weeks. Three weeks ago he and Billy would come over to the game with Charlie and I’d spend most of the evening in my room or go spend a little time with Angela, at her house. Dad started noticing the lack of interest on my part and tried to think up reasons on why’d we need to head over to the Black’s but I quickly foiled those plans.

One of the weird things about it is that the attempts stopped rather abruptly after one week and Billy had informed my dad that Jake and some of the other La Push boys hadn’t been seen in almost two weeks. The other weird part is that all of the boys Billy mentioned were part of the La Push Pack, the werewolves.

It happened about two months ago when Jake started to change in his behavior. A few days after that, while I was out in woods by myself, I came face to face with Laurent. His thirst for my blood was evident by his red irises. Before he could make a move towards me I saw a whoosh of coarse fur and a chorus of growls and not the vampire kind but that of dogs, LOTS of dogs. The entire commotion happened in such a blur that before I could comprehend what had happened the dogs had the vampire in pieces. One of the wolves ran into the trees and came back out as Embry, one of Jake’s close friends. He had a gather of brush piled up and lit it on fire, then all the limbs that made up the vampire Laurent were thrown into the blaze.

After that, since I was no stranger to weird things or situations, the La Push Pack grew to timidly trust me; they sort of had no choice otherwise. Since then its been fine hanging out with their little group and I got along with them for the most part. Whenever they started talking about how much they enjoyed ripping the “leech” limb from limb, I just couldn’t stand hearing and would leave and get home as quick as possible.

I don’t know if I should be concerned about them being gone for the last two weeks without anyone else on the reservation knowing where they had gone. However, as for right now I’m going to enjoy my weekend as much as I can with Angela. Angela has been an unfailingly kind friend to me by remaining patient with me during my extended blue period. She’s been very understanding of my frame of mind and has known the moments when I needed that type of kindness that seemed to only be provided by her.

So, although I still feel the depression weighing down heavily on my shoulder for months I still think I deserve a little bit of a distraction from it. No, not distraction- a reprieve, yeah a little reprieve…yeah that’s it. Always a reprieve, never a distraction.