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A Reunion Happened Differently

What if the reunion in New Moon had happened a little differently? Bella still ends up saving Edward but it happens my way. **banner made by me** This fic is the product of a dream I had. This is the first Twilight fic that I've posted. Let me know whether you think I should continue it or not. So what I'm asking is for you to read and review. Thanks and hope you like it! I'm not Ms Meyer so my dream is the only thing thats mine.


10. Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Bella walked thru the door and set her eyes met a dosing Edward in his bed. She came to the bed and tried to gently get situated under the covers while trying not to disturb Edward. As she turned over to face Edward and settle in to sleep she noticed that he was watching her, smiling when her eyes met his.

She couldn't help but to lean over him, propping herself up on her side and arm so that she was somewhat hovering above most of his upper body. She placed her other hand next to the other side of his head, right above his injured shoulder.

Bella glanced down into his face, his lips quickly becoming the focus of decent. Languidly, she bent her head down, tilting it to the right so that her lips can perfectly fuse with Edward's. Right before their lips met she briefly inhaled his sweet smell- something she automatically did- and their lips joined with a passion that could rival with the power of Mother Nature.

As the kiss continued it was passionate but not rushed. Without seemingly thinking about it Edward placed his good hand along her side, gently caressing as it moves. He slowly slips down to her lower back with his fingertips skimming just past under the waistband of her pajama pants.

A soft moan came from Edward as Bella gradually lowered her body until it was completely flush to his. It seemed that even though they are both caught up in their fervor, Bella still maintains a coherent thought to be mindful of his still healing body.

She moved her hand do-

"If you are thinking about that Bella then you sure as hell won't be getting the sleep you need," Alice said after noticing a small smile on Bella's face while waiting for her food from Esme.

Bella had not been aware of Alice watching her. The blush that blossomed across her cheeks showed evidence of that.

Esme gave a soft chuckle as she placed Bella's dinner in front of her on the counter. Alice remained next to her chattering away. Esme cleaned up at a human pace so that she could spend a little time with Bella while she was awake.

"Esme, as always, dinner was amazing," Bella complimented her with a wink. "Now, I'm going to brush my teeth and get some sleep." She made the mistake of looking at Alice-and the wicked grin she was displaying- a blush warming all the way to her neck. "G'night you two," Bella said as she exited the kitchen. She made it up the stairs to the bathroom so that she could brush her teeth. When she was done with that she paused right outside of the bedroom, remembering what Alice had said.

She peeked around the door of her and Edward's roo to see if he was awake. As soon as her eyes landed on his face all she could comprehend in that moment was the crooked lopsided smile that only he could make special for her. Her brain finally caught up with what the beaming smile was fore, or rather especially for. Edward had seen Alice's vision of Bella's possible plans and he was able to see exactly what she had been thinking.

"Don't count on that mister; we both need the sleep," she told him as she walked towards the bed. She could hear the faint giggling from downstairs at her comment. And by the look of Edward's scowl so had he.

"Come on Edward, try to get some sleep because someone's probably going to come get so you can go get some…dinner," she said as she settled into their bed. As soon as the light turned she heard the low hum of her lullaby, lulling her into a sweet slumber.

I was roused from sleep by the uncanny feeling that a pair of eyes were upon me. I pried open one eye and found myself looking into a topaz oasis of eyes. Apparently Edward must have been feeling better after hunting this morning.

"I've got to go home today," Bella sputtered out as the first words of her day. Edward's expression immediately became crest fallen.

"But you are home," he argued weakly but with an affectionate truth laced in there.

"I've gotta go home sometime, and I think it should be today," Bella clarified. This earned a small scowl to appear on his face. His cute little frown made Bella let out a small chuckle. "Come on, let me up so that I can get dressed."

Edward reluctantly scooted away from her and watched as she disappeared into his bathroom and came out about ten minutes later. She fluttered about the "their" room gathering most of her things until she closed her bag. When she was finished packing she walked back over to him and sat next to him on the bed. The expression on his face was sullen. She place her hand along his cheek so that his eyes would find hers. "Don't worry; I'll be back soon, k?" She reassured him of that with a soft kiss to his forehead.

With that Bella got up, grabbed her bag, and met Alice and Esme downstairs in the kitchen. Bella spent a few minutes sitting down at the bar munching on a muffin that Esme had made her for breakfast. Bella just sat there pondering when she had one particular thought. "Alice?" she asked the suddenly excited pixie.

"Don't worry! I'm on it!" Alice winked back. "But for now you can take Edward's car to go to Charlie's sine you'll be coming back home later. So go say bye to Esme and I'll meet you out by the Volvo," she finished while giving me a nudge towards Esme. And with that she was gone.

I looked to Esme and was met with a puzzled look and a weary smile. I shook my head and sent her a goofy grin. "So you'll be coming back?" Esme asked hopefully.

"Of course I am. Alice wouldn't let me go if my intent was to never come back. Don't fret; she'll fill in when I'm already gone," Bella said as Esme pulled her into a motherly embrace.

Once they disentangled arms Bella made her way to the garage where Alice was waiting for her, keys at the ready to hand over.

"Thanks Alice," Bella said as she fingered the keys to the Volvo.

"No problem Bella. Things will work out. Just leave everything to me."

"He didn't see you or hear you did he? I mean Edward. He doesn't realize does he?" Bella asked worriedly.

Alice shook her head. "Right now the only things he'll e able to read from my mind is translatingthe Bible into Egyptian hieroglyphics. Plus, I'm pretty sure he's almost asleep, ya know from still healing from his injuries," she said the last part quietly.


After I left the Cullen residence I started to feel nervous. I now had to face my father and attempt to explain what happened over the past few days, or what parts I could weave into the explanation. And then I'll have the honor of telling him of my plans.

Just as I had finished that thought I received a text message from Alice.

'Don't worry Bella; you will come out on top. See you later!"

Ok, well I guess that means I get what I want accomplished.

A few hours later…

Well, suffice to say, Charlie was not a happy camper after I informed him of the situation with the Cullens. It did come down to the point of Charlie forbidding my seeing them.

At that point I made it clear that that was not going to happen and the door bell rang. Charlie stomped down the stairs and I hear the door open, then it was just…calm. I heard someone talking to my dad and then there were footsteps up to my doorway. I looked up and there was Jasper. I sent him a relieved smile.

"Alice said you might be needing my help. Seems you're come back in a more permanent sense?" he questioned.

At my nod he just asked me what was leaving with us. "What'd you come in Jasper?" I asked.

"The jeep, of course," he replied, amusement playing in his southern drawl. I just smiled back and started packing.

We packed my clothes that I wanted to keep, my books and music. I grabbed my scrapbook but stared hesitantly at the camera my dad gave me for my birthday. I decided that I wouldn't feel comfortable taking the camera so I ejected the memory card and shoved it into my front pocket. However, I did pack my laptop because it had items I needed for school; later I would retrieve what I needed from it and give it back to Charlie.

It didn't take very long to pack up my things so I followed Jasper down the stairs and out the front door, him leading toward the jeep loaded down with most of my stuff. I took a few steps towards the Volvo and turned back to face my father who was watching us from the doorway on the porch.

I loved my father and bore him no ill-will but I had to live my life and that life was with Edward and his family-well, our family. I looked at him softly in the eye and said, "You can find me as Bella Cullen now."

With that I turned back to the Volvo. I gave a nod to Jasper but whispered where only he could hear me to drive away from my dad's house but stop before we got back to the Cullens. I wanted to make sure that he needed to block some of his thoughts from Edward or else it would just ruin my plans.

Besides, he knew he'd get torn to shreds by Alice if he screwed it up.