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A Reunion Happened Differently

What if the reunion in New Moon had happened a little differently? Bella still ends up saving Edward but it happens my way. **banner made by me** This fic is the product of a dream I had. This is the first Twilight fic that I've posted. Let me know whether you think I should continue it or not. So what I'm asking is for you to read and review. Thanks and hope you like it! I'm not Ms Meyer so my dream is the only thing thats mine.


12. Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Before Edward and Bella had a chance to commence their union with a kiss they were receiving congratulatory hugs and kisses on the cheeks. Even the strangers that had already been sat in the chapel pews seemed to be enchanted, though, whether due to joy for the new couple or at the inhuman beauty of three of the wedding party is still a mystery. Or at least until Edward told them what the answer was.

They were both as excited and anxious as the other. This was definitely new experience for either of them.

"Come on you two! We've got so much to do and plenty of time to do it!" Alice exclaimed.

All three of them looked at Alice like she had grown a third eye. That did not even make sense even after putting it through the ‘Alice-speak’ translator.

"What?" Alice asked, somewhat exasperated.

They just shook their heads and followed her dramatic leave.

"Isn't the attention supposed to focus on the newlyweds rather than the helpful yet hyperactive pixie-like sister?" Bella quipped to the guys. That sent them into an easy giggle as they exited the chapel; Alice was already outside waiting on them.

Once they reached outside they looked to Alice expectantly, wondering where they were to go next. Except Edward since he read her mind and held onto Bella's hand as he pulled her away from the chapel.

"So what do you think of our surprise?" Alice asked giving Edward sly smile and a sideways glance.

"It was a ' who'd a thunk it' surprise, that’s for sure," he replied with a goofy smile.

Bella looked at him with a gentle smile and thought she was quite proud of herself for coming up with the idea and having the confidence to actually accomplish it. Of course, it didn't hurt that she had the help of Alice and the foresight of how it'd play out; plus her wisdom and determination played a key role in the outcome as well.

"So does that mean it was a good surprise? I mean, are you happy with it?" Bella asked with an undercurrent of nervousness in her voice.

Edward gave her a gentle smile and replied, "I don't think there's gonna be any happier moments than what just happened."

"Oh I can think of a few things that will be a bit more enjoyable than right now," Alice interjected with a very knowing smile dancing around her lips.

Edward just kinda stopped short and looked wide-eyed at his sister at which then abruptly turned away. Bella looked between the two of them, a little bit confused. Jasper was similar to Bella but only for a few seconds once he figured what emotions were coming out of Alice and Edward. Evidence of that was the huge grin that spread across his face.

"Huh?" Bella looked puzzled for a moment before her expression went slack and healthy blush crept up her neck and across her face. She chanced a glance at Edward, who was sill staring at Alice, and couldn’t help but giggle at him. She chanced a glance at Edward, who was still staring at Alice, and couldn't help but giggle at him. "I think we'll just cross that bridge when we get to it," she finished.

"Ok people, let’s head away from here and head to our next venue," Alice directed the group.

They followed her without question. Their destination ended up at a fine restaurant, Joel Robuchon. This was a five star place, not usually Bella's scene where she's comfortable. However, she decided to indulge Alice on this idea; this evening did cause for celebration and she agreed that this eatery was a perfect spot, even if it was a little more lavish than most places she'd been. It wasn't totally out of the realm of the Cullen family budget so she wasn't that surprised, especially since it was Alice picking it and making the reservations.

As they made their way to the door and the hostess podium Alice announced her reservation and were seated immediately.

"This place is great Alice, I think its befitting of this occasion," Bella praised Alice. "Though, I am curious as to what y'all are going to order for dinner. This type of place kinda requires more than just ordering water. And I don't think you'll be able to just rely on my eating alone," she said.

"Don't worry Bella, we'll live through it. Its more than worth it tonight," Jasper reassured her. "Plus, we've been through worse," he added.

"If you're sure then," she replied as their server approached the table.

"Welcome to Joel Robuchon. My name is Jake," the server started out. As he said his name the table started to vibrate a little. "Would you like to start out with something to drink?" he asked.

"We'll all just drink water," Alice relayed to their waiter with which he dismissed himself to fetch. Their table was still vibrating but they were still perplexed as to why and where it was coming from. They observed the other tables and noted that nothing seemed to be amiss. They looked at one another again but realized Bella was not even responding to the action. In fact, she was shaking a little bit too. A glimpse at her eyes showed that they had turned black, like how theirs did when they really needed to hunt.

Edward reached out, slowly, to gently touch her hand so as not to startle her.

"Hold on Edward, don't touch her yet," Jasper advised, "let me try something first."

"Bella? You alright?" Jasper started out with.

"What is she feeling Jasper?" Alice asked.

"Hostility," he replied without a doubt sounding in his voice.

"What caused it then?" Edward asked.

"Well, it didn't happen until the waiter introduced himself and left..." Alice claimed.

"Ah, I get it now," Jasper replied. He received questioning looks from his wife and brother. "It’s when he introduced himself. His name is Jake. She's basically feeling or reliving the emotions she was experiencing when she found the dogs torturing Edward and how she ' dealt' with them," he clarified for them. Their expressions showed realization at that. "Let me try to calm her down," he requested. Edward nodded in consent.

At that Jasper let loose a wave of tranquility that blanketed those present at the table. His talent seemed to be proving its worth because the vibration of the table ceased. Bella's black eye color receded and her natural brown returned. No one made to move until she did.

She shook her head slightly and gave a smile sheepish smile. "Umm...hi?" She said.

"You ok?" Alice asked her.

"Yeah, sorry ‘bout that; just jogged an unpleasant memory. It’s all good now," Bella assured them.

A look of relief flooded Edward's face; Alice's too.

At this moment the attendant returned with their waters and inquired if they were ready to order their meal. The inhuman trio decided upon a soup and Bella decided on a select version of a Caesar salad along with a roasted-herb cornish game hen. After receiving their complete order the waiter left them be to await its' arrival.

“So Alice, what are we up to after this?” Jasper asked of his wife.

“I don’t know…” Alice trailed off with a coy smile.

“Edward, what is she thinking?” Bella asked of her new husband since still not a fan of surprises-well most ones anyways.

“Translating the Magna Carta into Hindi script,” he replied, narrowing his eyes at Alice.

Bella mouthed an ‘o-k’ to him. Also at that moment their waiter arrived with their food.

“I’m starving!” Alice exclaimed as he placed her soup in front of her.

They all looked up at her in worry, concerned what type of appetite she was referring to.

She rolled her eyes at them and quietly clarified, “I meant the soup, people.” That seemed to relieve their uncertainty. With that settle they-mostly Bella-started to eat their food; Bella taking regular bites while her inhuman companions made small slurps of soup from their spoons.

It did not take long for them to ‘finish’ their food so they requested the check, paid it, and then left the restaurant.

“Where to next?” Jasper asked the group as they walked out the doors.