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A Reunion Happened Differently

What if the reunion in New Moon had happened a little differently? Bella still ends up saving Edward but it happens my way. **banner made by me** This fic is the product of a dream I had. This is the first Twilight fic that I've posted. Let me know whether you think I should continue it or not. So what I'm asking is for you to read and review. Thanks and hope you like it! I'm not Ms Meyer so my dream is the only thing thats mine.


3. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

As I made my way into the forest I started feeling the earth pulsing beneath me with each time my foot hit the ground. Trees and shrubbery made a path for me, bending and moving in any and every which way that would not hinder my getting to Edward as quickly as possible.

Though I’m as clumsy as I ever was, I never faltered when it counted most. When it does count nothing makes my body unsteady. I think I can safely say that it’s a result of my gift.

I remember that horrific day that Edward said he was leaving me forever. That’s when my mysterious “power” made itself known. As soon as he was out of sight I felt the earth shake as my world was shattered. After that day I started noticing that nature seemed to be imitating my emotions. Granted this was Forks where it is constantly raining, it seemed the rain would come down harder whenever I would cry. Thunder and lightning would travel the sky when I felt angry at Edward for leaving me broken. Sometimes I would wonder into the trees across from my home, feeling the ground beneath my feet hum with vibrations; the more I thought about that day the more the ground shook underneath me, and when I took a moment to calm down the movement would cease.

I figured out that day that it was not all in my head, that it was not my imagination, which proved that I had not completely lost my marbles to my “zombie” existence. Of course, I never told anyone, not even Jake, about it or else I would have been shipped off to the farm with the rest of the loonies. So, when I was alone I would go into the woods and see if I could make something happen, to see if I could shake the ground or bend a tree in a certain way. I got better at controlling it but I still never told anyone about it.

As for me jumping over the railing two stories down while landing on my feet or running so fast into the forest that even my vampires could not catch up to me is an easy question to answer: I can manipulate or control the elements. I used the air currents when jumping off the hotel’s deck and moved the earth under my feet to push me further forward and faster to my destination, the clearing in which the wolves were holding my Edward captive.

I knew when I neared the clearing when my body felt the constant movement of the soil which is caused by many feet walking on it and the air whipped around large objects that don’t keep a steady position. As I get closer I can hear the rumble of growls coming from the wolves that were circling their prey- Edward.

Just as I reached the edge of the trees I witnessed my love’s left arm being ripped from his body; torn maliciously away by the mouth of one of the wolves. The wolf that committed the violent crime flung the dangling limb somewhere in the woods.

I don’t know how they had Edward restrained against the enormous boulder but my blood was already boiling with rage. For the one tenth of a second that my eyes made contact with my love’s I snapped and my fury was unleashed. Shakespeare’s line of “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is going to seem like a walk in the park compared to what damage I was prepared to layout against these filthy mongrels. They were going to pay, a thousand times over, for what they had done to my Edward.

I brought up the thick roots of the towering trees from beneath the soil and wrapped them around the hind legs and neck of the closest wolf. Once the roots were firmly tied around the limbs I pulled them quickly back into the earth, ripping the dog into pieces, turning the action into a swift kill.

After the first wolf was destroyed I decided I’d go after Jake; but I wasn’t going to kill him, yet. I would make him watch his attempt of killing Edward disintegrated. I had him pinned to a large tree with rock daggers shoved through his shoulders, wrists and ankles. He wasn’t able to phase into his wolf form by the time I got a hold of him; he had gone back to human once he realized I was standing in the clearing. No, he was going to suffer- along with the rest of the present pack. The consequences of calculatedly capturing and torturing my love for the last two weeks would be pain, lots of it.

The remaining rebel wolves shared a similar fate of the first victim; some I tore into pieces and others I trapped between large rocks, slowly pushing them together until their body became a lifeless heap of fur. The only scratch I had on my body was a graze from one of the dogs’ paw but they had definitely paid for it.

Throughout the entire frenzy I did not feel a single ounce of remorse; I was in a mind set that there was no other option than absolute punished in which the only form of payment was death. I wasn’t in the mood for taking prisoners.

When all of the mutts -minus Jacob- were dealt with I made my over to Edward. I crawled right next to him and, still mindful of his wounds, gently hugged him to against my body; I cradled his broken body within my arms. I glanced down to look at his face. He gazed back at me with his onyx orbs-that were bordered with purple bruises underneath- that were filled with longing and unquestionable pain.

Just as I told them I would I yelled for Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett to come after me. I kept called their names, my voice allowing them to follow the direction from which it came; they’d be able to find us in the clearing. They could probably just follow the smell of blood and still find us that way. As I waited for their arrival I was reminded of Jacob’s presence, still hanging where I had posted him, by the sound of his movements of struggle.

Even as my brain was clouded with concern for Edward, through the fog I slowly finished off Jake. I made the branches of a nearby tree constrict around his neck, impairing his ability to breathe and therefore suffocating to death. As soon as his heart stopped beating in his chest Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett appeared; no doubt shocked by the carnage that surrounded the boulder in which Edward and I were sitting against.

Even through the haze within my own mind, I surveyed the damage I had left in my wake. I still had no regrets for my actions taken, for my beloved vampire was in my arms still alive and no longer at the mercy of those murderous dogs.