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A Reunion Happened Differently

What if the reunion in New Moon had happened a little differently? Bella still ends up saving Edward but it happens my way. **banner made by me** This fic is the product of a dream I had. This is the first Twilight fic that I've posted. Let me know whether you think I should continue it or not. So what I'm asking is for you to read and review. Thanks and hope you like it! I'm not Ms Meyer so my dream is the only thing thats mine.


5. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The motor had barely shut off when all but Alice raced into the house. I could tell she was just as anxious as them but she knew I needed just a minute before I could go in and she didn’t want to leave me alone. I stepped out of the car and shut my door. Alice was already standing next to me.

“Are you ready, Alice?” I asked as leaned into her and gave her a tight squeeze of my hand.

She emphatically bobbed her head and started pulling me into the house. The rest of the Cullens were gathered in the living minus Carlisle and Emmett. Esme came up to Alice and I as we entered the room.

“Oh, my dearest Bella,” Esme sighed as she gave me a loving embrace. The way she said it sounded like a mixture of worry and relief.

Throughout this whole time Alice hadn’t let go of my hand; in fact she went ahead and laced her fingers through mine, therefore cementing her to my side until further notice. So, I hugged Esme back as much I could with my Alice attachment. Once Esme let me go Alice tugged me over to situate me between herself and Jasper. I wasn’t shocked when Alice was still latched onto my hand but I was when Jasper quietly grasped my free hand and held on.

We all sat there for what felt like a long time but was really only about ten minutes. I noticed that eyes where landing on me frequently, probably either due to my disheveled appearance or disgusting, according to Jasper, smell of the wolves’ blood I was covered in. I hadn’t realized how much blood I shed until now, but I still didn’t regret doing it.

“Alice? Is it possible that I can go clean up, like take a shower and get into something less bloody? I think it’d make us all feel more comfortable.” I asked of her.

She nodded her head and led me to the stairs via my hand. She grabbed my bag, which was left at the foot of the stairs, and pulled me up to the second floor. “You can shower and change in my room. I’ll go put your stuff away in your room so you won’t have to do it later.” Alice assured me.

“What do you mean my room? Alice, I’ve never had a room here. Where exactly was it, anyway?” I asked her, a little puzzled.

“Yes you have silly, you and Edward’s room. Now, go get cleaned up while Esme and I will make something for you to eat ready when you’re done. See you in a bit!” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and finally released my hand. She then gracefully danced out of the room.

I decided to not think about Alice’s words about the rooms for now and go take a very hot shower. On second thought, I’ll probably need two showers what with all the caked-on blood in my hair and on my skin.

I stepped out of the bathroom and went to see what Alice would like to dress me in. When I saw what she had laid out for me, I was surprised to find a simple pair of stretchy sleep pants and fitted short sleeved top. As I finished dressing a thought just occurred to me.

“Alice or Jasper?” I called out, loud enough for any of the resident vampires but not vocal enough to be considered yelling. To my surprise it was Jasper who came up to the room; even though I called for either of them it was usually Alice that would come to me.

“What is it Bella? Is something wrong?” he asked worriedly as he came into the room.

“Yes and no, I think.” I replied. “Um, I think I need Carlisle up here; and Alice too. Would you mind ask them to come here?”

An almost unnoticeable look of hurt quickly flashed across his face as he gave me a slight nod of his head and started to turn away towards the door. I quickly realized what I had asked for might have made him think that I wasn’t comfortable with being alone with him. I needed to make him understand.

“Jasper wait! I don’t think you know what I meant. I asked for them mostly for more of a medical purpose type thing. I mean, Carlisle is a doctor whose sewn me up and took care of my broken bones; Alice was there to take care of me after the whole James fiasco. I was practically an invalid and she helped me shower and other stuff; stuff that Charlie and I were definitely not comfortable him doing.” I said to him. “I would be that way with any of you so please don’t feel like its just you I don’t want here. Contrary to what you may believe, I like being around you. I appreciate your wisdom and that you really listen to what I’m saying when I talk to you. Please don’t ever think I’m uncomfortable with you.” I said to him in total honesty.

With all that said I walked over to him and gave him a gentle hug, which he returned. “You’re a good brother Jasper.” I pulled back and gave him a smile. He smiled back and left the room.

Not even a second after Jasper had left the room Carlisle and Alice were in the room with me. “Bella, Alice tells me that you have some marks that you wanted me to look at?” he asked me.

I looked over at Alice with a confused expression. “How did…?” I trailed off. She just giggled and tapped her head. I rolled my eyes, “Duh, Bella.” I mumbled to myself.

“Yes Carlisle, I’ve got some bruises I thought you might look over for me, if that’s ok?” I asked him.

“Of course, it’s more than ok. Feel free to ask me anything Bella, and I’ll answer them if it’s within my power to do so.” He replied with sincerity that I’ve missed terribly. “Now, let’s take a look shall we?”

I nodded my head as I glanced over at Alice. She gave me a big grin of encouragement and I turned back to Carlisle. I lifted the back of my shirt first and allowed him to examine the long diagonal bruise that stretched across my back; I lifted the front of my shirt up until my bra line where there was another dark welt forming along my abdomen. After he was done looking at my bruises he looked back up to my eyes and asked, “Did you get these during that fight with those werewolves?”

“Yeah, they may’ve not got any blood out of me but they sure as Hell didn’t miss their chance to leave a mark or two!” We all chuckled at that. “But seriously, what are we looking at as far as remedies?” I asked Carlisle.

“Well Bella, I think all we can do is put some ice on it.” He replied with a kind smile. Alice helped me with my shirt and her hand grazed my as she pulled it down.

“Oh!” I said with a small shiver. Both Carlisle and Alice looked at me perplexed. “I’m okay.” I assured them. “It’s just who needs ice when I’ve got a house full of vampires with ice cold bodies!” I clarified, with all of us laughing. “I’ll just keep one of you around wherever I’m sitting; after all, there’s no limits when it comes to hugs, especially when you just got your family back,” I told them.

At this, they both hugged me at the same time and I gave a slight chuckle. “See what I mean?”

“Well Ms Swan, I do believe I said something about getting you some food earlier, yes?” Alice said and I gave her a short nod in agreement. “How does chicken noodle sound then?”

“Sounds perfect, Alice." I approved for her. She clapped her hands and bounced up and down. She grabbed my hand and hurried down the steps with me trying not to stumble in her haste. Once we hit the bottom she pulled me into the kitchen.

Esme was already pouring some soup into a bowl for me. She brought it over and placed it on the island counter in front of me. “Is that enough for now or would you like more?” She asked with uncertainty.

“That’s the perfect amount Esme. And it smells so good! Thank you for making it; you didn’t have to.” I reassured her. I even took a sip of it and gave her an honest “mmm” sound.

“Of course I did dearest. I’m happy that I was able to cook for someone in my family; and you are most certainly a part of this family Bella.” She smiled as she said this, beaming with happiness.

I quickly finished off my bowl of soup and placed it in the sink and walked back to where Esme stood. I wrapped my arms around and said, “Esme it feels so good to hear you say that.” Of course, Alice could not stand being left out of a hug so she zoomed over to us and flung her arms around us both. She was flush against my back so I was in the middle between them. I wouldn’t trade this moment for the world.

We detangled ourselves and made our way into the living room. Esme was on one side of me with her arm still around my waist while Alice was on the other side of me, resuming her place as an attachment to my hand, clasping it with one of her own.

“I’m glad that my family is back too. I’ve missed you,” I looked pointedly at Rosalie, “all of you.” She met my gaze and gave me a small smile.

“We’ve missed you too lil’ sis!” Emmett bellowed. He quickly came to stand beside me to pull me up for an Emmett-sized hug.

“No, don’t!” I yelled before he had a chance to pick me up. He gave me slightly hurt look. “I have bruises allover me,” I explained, understanding went across his face.

He grinned and said, “Then I’ll save it for later little sister. Oh, and all of us have missed you,” he finished.

“Thanks Emmett.” I answered him with a wink.

I looked at everyone and finally asked, “Where is he? How is he?” Knowing what I meant Edward no one answered me; they all looked to Carlisle, who had just come from upstairs.

“He’s upstairs, Bella, in his room.” He answered my first question. “As far as how he is, he doesn’t look well right now,” he replied, wanting me to understand what he meant.

I flinched at his words and asked, “Can I see him?”