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A Reunion Happened Differently

What if the reunion in New Moon had happened a little differently? Bella still ends up saving Edward but it happens my way. **banner made by me** This fic is the product of a dream I had. This is the first Twilight fic that I've posted. Let me know whether you think I should continue it or not. So what I'm asking is for you to read and review. Thanks and hope you like it! I'm not Ms Meyer so my dream is the only thing thats mine.


6. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

I kept looking up at Carlisle’s perfect face, hoping he’d answer my question with some type of ‘yes.’ He seemed torn in what he wanted to tell me.

“Bella,” he started, “if I take you up there, there’s something you need to realize, ok?” I just nodded my head, urging him to go on. The quicker he said the more likely it would be quicker that she could see Edward.

“His condition is…isn’t much better that it was in that clearing in the woods. Do you remember?” he gently asked me.

I closed my eyes and let out a shaky breath. “I don’t think I could ever forget it.” I replied. “He’s broken.” I whispered.

I heard the others, surprisingly, take a deep breath. In the back of my mind I wondered if Esme and Rosalie had even seen him yet. Jasper and Emmett had seen him first hand; I know Alice had through either a vision or definitely saw him when she’d put my stuff away in my-our room. I turned my weary eyes back to Carlisle’s, which he acknowledged with a small nod.

He let me lead the way up the stairs, allowing me to pace myself, not wanting to rush me. With each step my heart would pound that much harder; I know if I could hear it than surely every vampire in the house could clearly hear it. When we reached the top of the stairs I paused.

I stood there for a moment, just staring down the short hallway to the door at the end, the room where Edward was currently occupying. I felt a small pressure against my back and realized that it was Carlisle quietly urging me forward. Once we had made it to the door I placed my hand on the knob and slowly turned it, softly pushing the door open.

I took another deep breath as I made my way into the room Carlisle still right behind me. I raked my eyes across the room until they landed on the bed where my angel lay. His pained eyes met mine and I just could not look away for anything.

Edward was laying on a bed rather than his couch. This must have come from one of the spare rooms of the house. Knowing how much Esme loved to decorate there’d be no room left unfurnished or under-decorated. As I was randomly pondering these trivial things I slowly guided myself next to the bed, opposite the side of where he was positioned.

I gently climbed up on the bed, slowly making my way towards him trying not to jar the bed in my movements. Delicately as I scooted up beside him, I raised my hand to tenderly stroke it across his face. I started with his forehead, sweeping away his wayward hair. I then brushed across his brow bone and then came to rest alongside his cheek.

His skin was clammy- something that has never happened before. This bafflement would have to wait, however, because in this moment I just needed to exist here with Edward. I’ve never before seen my love so beaten before. Although he’s been some intense battles, for instance with James, but he’s never had any evidence of it left on his perfect, unflawed body.

His eyes were black as pitch. I couldn’t escape them, not that I wanted to though. Their view was locked with mine, trying to reach into my soul trying to find their rightful place within me. Purplish marks below his eyes spoke heavily of how much he needed to feed. However, he was in no condition hunt. I’d think of something…

"Bella?" Carlisle asked, regaining my attention for a moment. “I’m going back downstairs for a little while. I’ll come back and check on the two of you in a bit. Does that sound reasonable?” Carlisle was always so considerate of people; he wants to make sure that I’d be comfortable with that idea.

I shook my head yes as I turned back to look back at Edward. “We’ll be fine.” I confirmed for him.

“Ok, very well. If you need anything we’re all downstairs.” He reassured with a smile. He quietly closed the door behind himself as he left the room.

I registered the soft click of the door shutting but other than that there was only my Beloved. I kept tenderly brushing my fingers over his face, his neck, and through his unruly hair. I kept repeating my movements for a few minutes before I realized that the bed was moving. But in reality, the bed was shaking due to Edward’s trembling body.

“Bella…” he whispered my name. Even though it was filled with pain and exhaustion, it was also filled with undiluted want and longing. I leaned forward and pressed a kiss against his damp forehead. I couldn’t help but place his hand, that wasn’t from his ripped off arm, within mine, interlacing our fingers as they belonged.

“I’m here, Edward, just rest love.” I told him as he closed his eyes. I rested my head above his, allowing my cheek to lie against his hair. He took in a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. I could feel a small movement and a hiss escape from his lips; that must’ve been painful pressure that agitated one of his injuries. In a comforting manner, I gave his hand a light squeeze.

Even though I knew he couldn’t sleep I still hoped. I knew I probably should sleep but I was too wired. Tonight’s events have been lively to say the least, and have left my brain too awake to even contemplate the idea of sleep.

In the meant time I could put this state of mind to good use. I decided I needed to tell Carlisle and Alice about my plan of action, at least if Alice hasn’t already seen it.

“Edward. I need to go downstairs for a little bit but I’ll be back up here as soon as I’m able, ok?” I asked softly. He briefly opened his eyes and gave me a weak ‘hmm’ as a yes. I gently leaned away from him. I placed a kiss against his forehead, one on the back of the hand I holding, and lastly, a soft peck against his lips.

I left Edward on the bed and let the door close behind me as I started down the stairs. “Alice.” I called out. Of course, before I even finished her name she was right next to me, holding two containers with their lids in her hands, already knowing what I was planning. “Carlisle, can you come with us, please?” I asked as he walked out of the kitchen.

“Of course Bella, but where are we going, may I ask?” He asked a little puzzled.

“You know where, right Alice?” She gave me a nod. “Did he hear you?” I asked while pointing my finger towards the ceiling, indicating Edward. This time she shook her head no. “That’s good.” I said.

“Come on Carlisle, I’ll explain as soon as we’re out of hearing range, if you know what I mean.” I said with a pointed look. I lead them deep into the woods that banked up against the property.Once I thought we were far enough out of earshot I started to explain my proposal to Carlisle.

“Ok, Edward needs to feed and we all know that he’s nowhere near just getting out the bed by himself, let alone going to hunt.” I looked into Carlisle’s eyes to see if he realized what I was getting at but it seemed that he wanted me to confirm it with my own voice. “We’re going to hunt us a mountain lion for him. Alice has the cups; all we’re going to do is capture it, kill it, and drain it dry until there’s enough blood to fill those containers. Once we get to the end of that point, we’ll just go from there. A one-step-at-a-time sort of thing. Ok?”

Carlisle had an incredulous look on his face while Alice looked eager. “This is going to work, Alice?” I asked her for reassurance. She just nodded her head, eagerly bouncing up and down. “Then let’s go.”