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A Reunion Happened Differently

What if the reunion in New Moon had happened a little differently? Bella still ends up saving Edward but it happens my way. **banner made by me** This fic is the product of a dream I had. This is the first Twilight fic that I've posted. Let me know whether you think I should continue it or not. So what I'm asking is for you to read and review. Thanks and hope you like it! I'm not Ms Meyer so my dream is the only thing thats mine.


7. Chapter 6

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“Bella, are you serious?” Carlisle managed to ask me. “It’d e very dangerous for you to be there when we manage to take one down. If you were to get hurt…Edward is bad enough but if something were to happen to you also-: he cut himself off and took a deep breath to finish his thought. “Having two of my children gravely injured would pain me deeply; especially for the fact that I just got you and Edward back with us, where you both belong.” He finished.

I just stood there looking at him trying not to cry. Alice looked as moved as I felt by Carlisle’s declaration. I took the few steps towards him, I made it to his side and wrapped my arm around his waist. Alice mirrored me on his other side. Carlisle hugged us as only a father could embrace his daughters.

“I know it’ll be dangerous but I figured that one mountain lion is going to be a lot simpler than a pack of anger-driven wolves.” I said as I pulled away from them. “And,” I wanted to point out, “you two are with me this time so it makes it that much easier and safer.”

Alice started fluttering around, already on the move as Carlisle conceded all of while moving further into the trees. I couldn’t track down a mountain lion so I let the vampires lead this little expedition. I mostly stayed close to Carlisle as we were moving; Alice just danced around too fast.

We had moved further into the forest when I felt the earth vibrate beneath my feet. I whipped around to my left where I knew the sensation was coming from but only now it was vibrating from the trees. We were being watched.

Carlisle and Alice were on the same page as me so they started their hunt. Although I could no longer see the three predators I could still hear the hisses coming from the fight. All of a sudden I felt the wind currents change around an object; an object that was headed straight towards me.

Now I can’t exactly say what happened when my eyes locked with those of the big cat but I have a feeling that it was similar to the fates of the wolves but without the ripping of limbs.

I came out of my trance-like state- I wonder if that’s what Alice kind of feels like when she gets a vision?- as Alice called my name and ordered me over to where her and Carlisle stood. They were both staring at me with wide eyes; that made me look down at Alice’s hands which were holding two full containers. I looked at myself and saw spatters of blood on my arms and down the front of my shirt. Well, I guess with me looking as I do right now I can understand the looks they were dishing my way.

“Let’s get back to the house girls, since we’ve got what we needed. Shall we?” Carlisle politely offered. Alice and I silently agreed and started the way back home.

As we ran back towards the house I stopped as we neared it once I realized that I was covered in blood. And I was about to go into a house full of vampires, covered in blood. I didn’t want a repeat of my eighteenth birthday. Even if it’s not my blood, I don’t think I want to press my luck just yet. I was about to express these thoughts to Carlisle and Alice but she beat me to it.

“Come on Bella! I already called ahead and they’ve cleared out of the house except Emmett. We might need him; and Edward of course is still there what with all of his injuries and stuff…” she trailed off. “Anyways, let’s get back because we’ve got work to do.”

When we were in front of the house I couldn’t wait to get out of another set of blood-soaked clothes.

“Don’t worry about getting changed yet Bella. I just need you get up to Edward’s bathroom and start running a hot bath while we take this blood to him. We’ll go from there once he’s finished.” Alice instructed as we entered the house.

I was about to comment on why I couldn’t change my clothes when Alice started talking again.

“Once we feed Edward we’re going to get him cleaned up, like with the bath. Emmett and Carlisle will dress him down to his shorts. Emmett is going to carry and place Edward in the tub. What I need you to be doing is keeping Edward calm. He doesn’t panic as much when you’re with him. The reason I don’t want you to change clothes is because I need you to be in the tub when Emmett puts him in it.”

“Why me?” I asked, not that I’m unwilling to do it but why me?

“Like I said, you’re able to keep him calm and he needs to be while doing this.” She paused. “Bella, this is all new territory for us and he knows that. I can’t tell for sure if this’ll work but I think it will work out for everyone. But for now I need to know if you’re able, and willing, to do this.” She said while me straight in the eye.

“I would do anything to help Edward, Alice. That much should be obvious I think considering I went out and killed a lion for him. It was even my idea!” I assured her.

“Alright, alright! I just needed to make sure. Now let’s get upstairs. Carlisle and Emmett have already gotten Edward into a sitting position. I need to help them while you go start the bath. Remember it needs to be as hot as you can stand it.” Alice replied.

Alice pulled me up the stairs and into Edward’s room in record time. As I walked towards his bathroom I glanced to where he was sitting up in his bed with the help of his brother. He mouthed my name when he saw me and I gave him a reassuring smile right before I was completely in the bathroom.

I started running the bath water while taking off my socks and shoes. I didn’t think I would need them in the tub. After just a few minutes, right as the tub was full and I turned off the faucet, Emmett was carrying Edward in here. Edward seemed that he was too weak to even walk- that just made me realize how much more damage those mangy mutts had inflicted upon my beloved vampire. I also noticed that he was indeed stripped down to his boxers which made all of the injuries he had more visible. And the girly side of me couldn’t help but think, no matter how broken he appeared to be, he was still one of the most beautiful beings I’ve ever encountered or seen.

“Ok Bella, go ahead and sit in the tub with you back against the end where you’re situated long ways,” Alice instructed which I followed. “Now Emmett place Edward in there so his back is to Bella but be careful.” Emmett also did as he was told.

“Bella, is it ok if he rests against you?” She asked when she turned her attention back to me.

I nodded my head in reply; of course it would be ok.

With my nod Emmett placed Edward in the water where he lay against me.

“Bella? Here is a sponge and some soap, to clean him up a bit, ok? We’ll come back up in about fifteen minutes to check on you. Is that ok?” Carlisle spoke to me.

I looked up at them and said a quiet yes. With that answer they quietly left the room and retreated downstairs. I focused my attention on Edward.

“Edward, I’m going to move just a little bit. It’ll make it somewhat easier for me.” I told him as I gently ran my fingers through his hair, moving it away from his face. He craned his head so that he could look at me and gave me a small nudge of his head to let me know he understood.

I stretched myself out as much as I could- thankful that Edwards tub was one of those luxurious ones that was wide and long- while Edward was situated between my legs with his back against my front. I shifted him to where he was mostly laying on the left side of my body with his uninjured side positioned against me.

His head rested against my chest and was tucked into my neck. I snaked my arm around his waist to keep him to me. “Is this ok?” I asked him, making sure it wasn’t hurting him.

“Yes,” he moaned out.

With that affirmation I grabbed the sponge and wash that Carlisle had provided and gingerly dabbed it along his body. I was mindful of his recent wounds. I tried to clean off as much of the dried blood off of him without having to rub on his now reattached arm and his lower body. Once I reached his inner thigh where he had been impaled I did blush a bit. I could feel the slight flush of heat that spread over my body. There wasn’t a doubt in my head that he could feel it.

“Bella…” Edward sighed and nuzzled more into my neck. He then looked up at me, eyes open, and then at the water in tub. The water had turned a light shade of pink from all of the blood that was being washed off of us. He than glanced at my clothes that I was still wearing in the tub. I was still covered in the lion’s blood. “Blood all over you,” Edward mumbled.

“But none of it’s mine.” I assured him. “I forgot to put on a apron when I was catching dinner,” I lightly joked.

He gave out a weak growl- apparently he didn’t think it was all that funny. I did, however, hear a loud chuckle from somewhere downstairs.

“Shh…calm down. It was just a joke,” I told him. I looked down at his face to notice that he was still watching me. I couldn’t resist tilting my fact to kiss him softly on his lips.

Edward, though, seemed to have bigger plans as he brought his good arm up to entangle in my hair and keep my lips from moving away from his. After a few moments we did pull away to breathe. Well, me to breathe and his lack of energy.

“I love you Bella.” Edward feebly declared. That confirmation made my eyes prick with unshed tears but I was not about to let them spill over yet.

“I know,” I replied.

A few minutes after that I realized that it was about time the family would be coming to check on us. Of course, Alice came through the door and said, “Time to rinse off dear brother.”

‘This ought to be interesting.’ I thought to myself as Emmett came to pick up Edward out of the tub.