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Bella gets taken away from her previous life, and is forced into an unknown world. But, its there, in an horrible and hurtful world, that she finds the greatest thing in her life. Love. But will that love stay with her forever?

In this story everyone is human, no vampires and werewolves created whatsoever. Vampire??? What vampire? Edward doesnt go to the same high school as Bella, she's unaware of him.Never even heard of his name. He doesnt live in Forks, at the moment, either. I really hope you enjoy this story and please, please, please review. I need motivation.

11. Miracle

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The utter pain was unbearable, I didn’t know how I survived. It felt like my left leg was crushed into ash, how could I live with this suffering. I needed to get out from under this tree. But how? It’s not like I could just lift it off me, it was a ten ton tree!

I grabbed onto the nearest branch, and tried to block out the pain. I tugged with all my might, and tried to free my leg, but it was no use the tree only crippled my legs more. There had to be a way to get out from under here.

My limbs were now one hundred percent numb, I couldn’t feel anything from my waist downwards. Well, I suppose that was a plus, that means I wouldn’t die of pain. Or would I? I would probably die, there was no doubt about that. After all how could my body survive when its being squeezed to death, it couldn’t, nothing could.

Then it hit me, Alice. Maybe Alice saw me in one of here weird visions. Maybe she has already saw me. Maybe she’s looking for me now. The thought sent shivers down my spine, the thought that maybe I would be saved in less than a month. But, I knew the truth. Edward would have told her she was crazy, and I would never even attempt an escape. Maybe she dismissed the thought.

I needed to do something so drastic that she would see me, so she could rescue me from this numbed pain. Fast. But what could I do? I certainly couldn’t move, after all, my legs had now lost all sense of feeling, making it impossible just to stand up.

I put the thought of rescue to the back of my mind. I needed to get out from under the tree first. I took a deep breath and wiggled out from under the tree. I suspect it was easier because I couldn’t feel the pain. Alright, getting out from a ten to tree - check.

Then the thought creped back into my crowded head. I shouldn’t rely on Alice. I shouldn’t put my chance of surviving in Alice’s hands. That wasn’t fair. Alice probably hasn’t even seen me yet anyway, after all, I’m really not that special.

I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t just crawl back home. Yes, I was stuck in the middle of Timbuktu, and yes, even if I did know the way home I wouldn’t be able to make it there with only two arms, but that was all I had. That was the only skill I had to get home. The least I could do was hope.

I rolled over on my front, and brought my hands up from underneath me. I could tell that this was going to be difficult. Then slowly I pulled myself along with all the strength in my arms. And it worked! Although, it only pulled me twenty centimetres in distance, it still worked! So I guess this was my only hope, pulling myself along with only the strength of my arms. Oh well, if it was the only way…

It did make me feel happier though, knowing that I, at least, had a five percent chance of making it home before I die. I was depending on that small chance, hoping that if I wished upon it enough, it would finally happen.

If only.

It took me six hours to finally make it out of the forest, it sent shivers of glory down my spine. But, I was absolutely drained of energy, and needing sleep dramatically. Although, there was no way that I was going to get any sleep. The sun was still high in the sky and it was blaring rays towards my fragile skin. But, I wouldn’t burn, after all, I was the albino.

Now that I was out of the forest the heat was immense, I was sweating all over, and couldn’t stop it. That’s one indication to where I was, defiantly not in Washington. I was sure about that. Maybe I was somewhere hotter like, Mexico, Brazil, or Argentina. But, I knew to think better than that, there was no way I was in North or South America, that would just make it easier for escapees like me.

A long stretch of field laid out in front of me, going past the horizon. I knew this mission wasn’t going to be easy…

Damn it!!! Why didn’t I just stay in that horrible jail cell, I would have probably got home by now. I would die out in this unknown place… Then I would never see Edward again. I had been trying not to think about Edward, but it was obvious that I couldn’t put the situation off for much longer. He’s my life now.

I shook my head and tried to dismiss the subject. I couldn’t think of him now, it would only make me weaker, weaker than I already was without him. I needed to see him, I needed to smell him, I needed to touch him, I needed to talk to him, I needed to be with him…Cut it out!!! The more I think about him, the more I break down, and go into utter shut down mode.

My stomach growled at me. The last thing I could do right now was eat, just the thought made me repulsed. For even if I did eat, I would still feel empty. Empty inside my heart…

I brought my head up when I noticed that the sun had now set in the sky, night was falling all around me. I prayed that I wouldn’t dream, that’s the last thing I wanted. After last night weirdly realistic dream, I didn’t want another one the same.

Morning came quicker that night, or so it seemed. The birds where tweeting around me, and the light mist of humidity lingered in the air. Was it always this hot here?!? I hoped not.

Before I could even think about it I was already pulling myself along by my arms, I needed to get to some place familiar. Somewhere where I could feel the tiniest bit of security, because right now I felt the opposite. This long stretch of field was creepy and never ending. But mixed up scared was relived, relived that my legs hadn’t gained feeling again. Although, I knew that in the long run I would never be able to use my legs again, it helped that they didn’t hurt now. The weirdest thing was I hadn’t even looked at then, it made me scared to think that I was scarred for life. Never to use my legs again. But, that didn’t matter though, if I had Edward to guide me through it, everything would be alright.

I didn’t think from then on, with all subjects covered I could think of nothing else to linger on. With exception of Edward, I could always think about him. I shut my mind off completely, with worry that I was making a bigger deal than I should have. I didn’t even think of what I would do when I was back to full security again, for I knew that would never happen. No matter how hard I hoped, begged and pleaded, nothing would be the same.

I needed a miracle to get me through this, I’m surprised I got this far.