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Bella gets taken away from her previous life, and is forced into an unknown world. But, its there, in an horrible and hurtful world, that she finds the greatest thing in her life. Love. But will that love stay with her forever?

In this story everyone is human, no vampires and werewolves created whatsoever. Vampire??? What vampire? Edward doesnt go to the same high school as Bella, she's unaware of him.Never even heard of his name. He doesnt live in Forks, at the moment, either. I really hope you enjoy this story and please, please, please review. I need motivation.

12. I'm Not Joking, This Time It Really Is A Miracle!

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I hadn’t given up after four weeks - yes, I was counting, counting the never ending days. Each day hoping that it would bring something different, something new. But, it never did. Instead it brought agony and pain of exhaustion. And I could tell that I wasn’t getting any closer to my goal.

The heat was still burning, its rays making it more harder for me to move. The scene changed though, instead of never ending fields I was now in never ending dried out fields. I hadn’t seen any sign of human existence, no people or any trace of them. Weird really. But, determination stayed at the front of my mind, and it wasn’t going to turn away anytime soon.

But, the one thing that was concerning me was my body. You could practically see right through to the bone! My limbs were knobbly, and my stomach was so small the I could put my two hands around my waist and the tips of my fingers could touch. With my stomach knowing that I wasn’t going to give it food, it barely ever growled anymore, causing me to feel no hunger whatsoever. I refused to eat. No way was I going to put something, that was edible, inside my mouth. It still repulsed me, sent me into sickness at even the smell. What a time to adapt a eating disorder! I only drank water - well, what I could find of it. Usually it was murky brown, but it was the best thing I had.

I looked down at my stomach. The thinness of it was terrifying, I could hardly see it. My t-shirt was now baggy over my torso, even though it had only been a size eight in the first place. Then I brought my head back up again, I couldn’t bare to look at the state of myself. Not now.

My legs hadn’t recovered either. They were still numbed, so I couldn’t feel them warning me that they might drop off at any minute. For all I know they could of broken off. I was too afraid to look. Too afraid that Edward might not want me any more, that is, if I could ever find him.

My arms felt like they were going to collapse from underneath me, the weight seemed too much. I could feel them shaking, like they were broken. But, I didn’t rest, instead it only pushed me to go faster. To prove to myself, that although I was in pieces, I wasn’t a coward. I could look death in the eye, and take it. But, I wasn’t going to take death’s offer not yet - at the moment I was still telling it to “Go home!”.

That when I saw it.

My arms buckled under me, causing me to fall quickly towards the ground. My head spun it amazement of what I saw. Then my eyes grew wide, and I let out a loud gasp. Could this really be real!?!

In front of me was a road. A road! I was actually somewhere where humans existed. Amazing. A blur of cars sailed past in front of me, like I was on the outskirts of a major city.

I could feel myself hyperventilating. I was expecting it to be at least years until I would of found some sort of civilisation, not months. I would have expected that the Volturi would of placed the organisation somewhere more remote, somewhere which would of took decades to find. Not somewhere which was just over one hundred miles from a freeway. This was crazy, but I wasn’t complaining.

I hurled myself back onto my hands again, and started towards the road. Hopefully someone will see my poor state and drive me home or to a hospital. I didn’t care where, just some place where they had a telephone, that way I could call Renee and Charlie. I could finally become a normal girl, and put all the torment behind me. Knowing that would come soon sent shivers of glory down my half-broken spine.

Soon I got to the freeway, so I tried to muster up the best sitting position I could. Obviously this was pretty hard seems as my legs where completely numbed by pain. So in the end I just settled on lying down near the roads edge.

Cars zoomed past, so fast that all you could see was a multicoloured blur. How the hell where they going to see me if I couldn’t even see them properly! Well everything’s worth a try

That’s when I started shouting. Surely they must have their car windows rolled down if it was this hot. That way they could hear my plea for help.

“Help! Help!” I screamed, determined not to give up.

Surely someone could be kind enough to help a, now disabled, girl to a hospital. So, I screamed louder. Because the louder I screamed, the more chance someone would come and help me, then I could be reunited with Edward. I had no idea how I would be, I didn’t even know which state he lived in now.

A Volkswagen Rabbit pulled up in front of me, the tyres taller than my height. The engine cut off and I could hear the drivers seat door opening from the other side of the car.

“Bella?” a tall boy questioned.

He must have been at least six foot 5. His black eyes had confusion piled on top of them. Glossy black, long hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail, and his shirt had thick creases over it. Like no one had ironed it within a decade. That’s when the old memory popped back into my head. No…it couldn’t be.

“Jacob?” my voiced seemed quiet compared to his.

Jacob was the son of my Dad’s oldest friend, Billy Black. I had only seen Jacob a couple of time. He sold Billy’s ‘53 Chevy to Charlie, Charlie then gave it to me as a housewarming present. I had known Jacob’s sisters before I actually met him. So why on earth was he down here. This heat waved place seemed light-years away from La Push, the reservation he lived on.

“Bella. Oh, Bella, what the hell happened to you?!?” Before I had time to explain he lifted him into his long arms, cradling me into his chest. It wasn’t until I felt how warm Jacob was that I realised that I was freezing cold. I don’t know how though, it must have been above boiling.

Jake slowly lowered me into his Rabbit. I closed my eyes to prevent myself from looking down at my legs, I couldn’t bare the trauma of it. Then I felt the car zoom forward as Jake slammed his foot down on the peddle.