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Bella gets taken away from her previous life, and is forced into an unknown world. But, its there, in an horrible and hurtful world, that she finds the greatest thing in her life. Love. But will that love stay with her forever?

In this story everyone is human, no vampires and werewolves created whatsoever. Vampire??? What vampire? Edward doesnt go to the same high school as Bella, she's unaware of him.Never even heard of his name. He doesnt live in Forks, at the moment, either. I really hope you enjoy this story and please, please, please review. I need motivation.

3. Hell on Earth

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My head was spinning when I woke up, the whole world became one big blur. I then closed my eyes for a couple of minutes, to recap myself on yesterdays events. I remembered being carried down a dark alley, with the lights flashing past me, as my kidnapper ran fast. I then remember being thrown into a white van, frantically. The rest of the information was lost in my memory, disintegrating into dust. What had happened, happened too quickly to remember, I couldn’t keep up.

The floor was cold beneath my back, and a freezing breeze whipped past me. The sound of mumbles echoed in the air, but the voices didn’t seem happy. My head throbbed, it stung even more with the cool wind. I slowly eased my eyes open, to see what had happened to me. What I saw took me greatly by surprise.

People scuttled around me, lifelessly sad. Mothers were cradling their children, hanging onto them as if they might disappear at any moment. Elderly men sat miserably in the corners, the great shadows sucking them in. Babies lay stranded in the edges of the room, crying for help. Abandoned teenagers shuffled around, sobbing as they did so. Woman stared into thin air, praying on their lives. Small toddlers hung onto blankets, substituting it for family members. What a catastrophe.

The room didn’t help with the mood either. Stone built walls were tall, but cold, saddening the room to an extreme. The floor was made of a mixture of concrete and gravel, the pain if it was unbearable. The cracked ceilings had water stains. These people didn’t want to be here.

The same question was brought back to my mind again: Why was I here? I had committed no crime, I hadn’t even insulted someone. I had no precious possession that jealous people wanted. No answer came into my head. Why were all these other people here? They seemed innocent enough too, their faces supplied no guilt.

I brought my hand to my throbbing head, and touched it. It was sticky with dry blood and dirt. I looked around me, all the other helpless people had battered faces too. What idiotic person invented this place?!?

I rose from the ground, and brushed off the stones which pierced my skin. I didn’t worry about the physical pain though, I could see that what I was about to face was much more worse than this agony. I had to ask someone what was going on, if there was anyway in which I could stop it.

I looked around me, all the faces seemed to traumatised to speak, to traumatised to live. I couldn’t ask one of these saddened people, it would be too hard for them. I suspect them coming here wasn’t as pain free as mine.

A loud bell then rang, making me jump, it rung twice then stopped. I was relived when it was over, it reminded me of something out of a World War II movie. All the English people had to file into an Anderson shelter, it would normally be hours until they were able to be let out again. They were stuck in the cold and damp for hours on end, scared that they could be bombed at any minute. Killing them all in one blow. Just like here. I was certainly scared that I would never come out of this place, I would just have to die here silently.

All of the bruised humans walked through the open door, non-willing to walk fast. I joined the back of the queue, not wanting to be first in line. Beyond the threshold reviled a smaller room. There was a large table, enough to seat one hundred. I took one of the last available seats, near the back.

It was beside a teenage girl, around sixteen or seventeen. Her beauty was masked by blood and mud. Magnificent thick, black hair was cut in a short, spiky, style, her blue eyes held some hope, unlike most of the other people. She was magnificently beautiful, enough to make any girl in here cry even more. Her long elegant fingers picked up the spoon that was in front of her, effortlessly.

I looked down in front of me, laying there was a bowl filled with a thick yellowy-brown substance. My stomach then let of a head-turning growl, I looked down as people stared. It hadn’t dawned on me how hungry I felt, like a knife was stabbing through me. I too picked up the spoon, and began to eat the food. With a few mouthfuls I found out it was soup, which flavour I couldn’t work out, but I was grateful anyway.

The meal was silent, no-one spoke, or even looked at each other for that matter, they only concentrated on eating. By being in the presence of these sad people brought me down too, their mood swallowed me in. When I had finished I stared down at my empty plate, wishing there was more.

Suddenly the loud bell rang again, making me jump once more. I followed everyone out of the dull room, and back into the main room. My footsteps were small with fear that I might trip, and that’s the last thing I wanted to do here. Mechanically I sat down in the spot in which I had woke up in, and gained my normal position, sitting down cross-legged.

Being here gave me the complete creeps, its mystery shook me inside. I felt like breaking down, but the tears just dissolved when they were still inside my eyelids. Charlie. I hadn’t thought of him until now. What was he going to think when I never came home, worry would totally shatter him. I couldn’t stand to think of the state of non-repair he would face. I doubt he would ever find this place, the other relatives of the people in here seemed unsuccessful. The devastation would tare both Charlie and Renee into pieces. I wish there was some way I could help, but obviously it was impossible.

These people must have spent months, maybe years, stuck in this slimy hell-house. How could they survive, the mental trauma must break them completely. It was already breaking me, and I had only been in here for five hours, at the most.

Please, I prayed, someone save them.

There must be some sort of life in here, mustn’t there? Everyone couldn’t be self pitting. My eye then caught a group of people in the corner of the room, among them was the girl that I had sat next to at breakfast. They were sitting shoulder to shoulder against the wall, but something stood out about them. Their togetherness. Although they’re in physical and mental pain, they seemed hopeful. They sat there, all four of them.

On one end was the girl which I had sat next to, the twinkle of hope still flustered in her eyes. Her rags hung off her thin frame, and her skin was unclean. She contained inner and outer beauty, it was obvious. She was tightly hugging the boy sitting next to her. He looked the same age as her, if not older, his honey blonde hair frizzed artistically. His eyes produced an endless amount of love for the small, black haired girl he was hugging. It was as if nothing could tear them apart. Next in line was a big-built, muscular boy, probably the same age as the others. His short, black curly hair made him look even more manly. His eyes said a different story from the other two, they said sadness and misery. My eyes then strode onto the last person, because I didn’t want to start to cry myself. The end boy was too beautiful, totally breathtaking, although his boyish face held no emotion. His copper hair was tussled into a ‘non-caring’ look and his green eyes said zip also, unlike the others. You couldn’t read them, whatever he was feeling he kept hidden from anyone else.

Together they formed a bond, so tight it couldn’t even be broken with a chain saw. Something which I longed for. Throughout my life I hadn’t experienced anything along those lines, not even close, I wish I had, the closeness seemed so good. All I had now was me to confide in, no-one else was here to help.

I closed my eyes and drifted into a sleep, hoping that this whole experience would be one big dream.

I was wrong.

The bell rang again, making me violently wake up, great! Reality was what I least wanted at the moment. I had no idea how long I had been asleep, it could have been hours, could have been seconds. I unwillingly got up and walked through the door which I had walked through earlier. I couldn’t wait!

That’s how it happened everyday. I slept on the bare, cold floor, even though I went through incredible pain, I hardly got any sleep. The bell rang twice a day, for breakfast and dinner, no lunch was aloud here. The only washing we got is when it would rain, we would run outside and soak ourselves in the water. Not caring if we got the flu, well I didn’t care, seeing as this place was going to finish me off anyway. The toilet was even more disgusting, it was a little room built on the outside of the building, there was a hole in the floor and I think you can guess what happens next. Normally you had to queue for ages to get in there, being as there was always a massive line of people waiting. I spoke to no-one the four months I had been here, only having my mind for company.

I didn’t relish in self pity though, I just got on with my day, and hoped that I would be able to get out of here soon. Hopefully.