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Bella gets taken away from her previous life, and is forced into an unknown world. But, its there, in an horrible and hurtful world, that she finds the greatest thing in her life. Love. But will that love stay with her forever?

In this story everyone is human, no vampires and werewolves created whatsoever. Vampire??? What vampire? Edward doesnt go to the same high school as Bella, she's unaware of him.Never even heard of his name. He doesnt live in Forks, at the moment, either. I really hope you enjoy this story and please, please, please review. I need motivation.

5. Lightning + Trees = Big Mistake

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I woke up with Alice sitting next to me, with a grin that reached from ear to ear. I had never seen someone with a smile as big as that before, never mind in here. Her eyes produced a rare sparkle that was unfamiliar to me.

So I guess the talk last night between me and her wasn’t fake after all. I’m relived though, to know that it wasn’t a set up, after all I had poured my heart out to her.

“Hello,” I said and sat up, still half asleep.

“Good mornin‘,” her voice was overly enthusiastic.

Why was she being so happy? I thought this place was supposed to be a real downer. Everything about being here automatically sent anyone into instant misery. But, obviously it wasn’t the case for Alice.

“Am I dreaming, or are you really this happy?” I found myself laughing. I guess her presence effected anyone.

“Nope, your defiantly not dreaming. I just woke up, after an excellent dream, and found myself in a really happy mood. Its like the old me has come back, and she‘s feistier than ever,” she explained the whole sentence, while waving her hands around. Wow! She was beyond ecstatic.

“So, what was the dream about?” I questioned.

“Oh…Nothing you would enjoy,” she laughed. Like she had some kind of private joke.

“Well then I won’t interrupt you from your thoughts,” I could hear the happiness seeping into my own voice too. It felt good.


“Well, if were in here for a long time, at least we should be happy,” I muttered to myself.

“Exactly!” She must of heard me. Creepy.

The bell suddenly rang. I slowly rose from the floor, and walked over to the line. Alice, was already there, of course, right at the front of the queue. I sat in my seat and looked ungratefully down at my soup. Why oh, why oh, why, did they have to give us the same thing every day.

I looked next to me at Alice, she was already half way through her food. Really, what was up with her today. Had someone sucked out her soul and put another in its place. It made me faithful though, some hope re-entered my heart.

When Alice had finished she whispered to me, “Delicious, isn’t it!”.

I didn’t answer, just nodded my head. Something had really changed her, something serious. I had to know what was making her like this, no dream could be that good that it increases her mood incredibly.

I looked down at my half eaten bowl of soup, and suddenly lost my appetite. I couldn’t eat with this amount of mystery, it had to be magic, or a miracle. What made someone so deluded that thy actually thought that this slop was ‘delicious’?

I dropped my spoon and looked away from the grossness that was still sitting in front of me. I needed something to take my mind off the awfulness that was: not knowing.

I brought my eyes to look across the big table. It was weird how no-one ever looked at anything else other than their own food, never had a caught someone look up.

But he was. Staring at me, across the table, was an beyond beautiful boy. I’m sure he was Alice’s brother. His green eyes pierced into mine and infected my soul. His lips were pursed into one thin line, as if he was heavily confused.

My heart beat increased, why was someone so heavenly staring at me? I looked away suddenly, because I could feel my cheeks flushing pink. An urge inside me wanted to stare at him for longer, but I know I didn’t have the guts, or my face would turn to fire with the heat it was creating. If I looked at him now, would he be staring back?

Slowly I brought my head up again, but this time with my hair acting as a thick curtain. I could see him, but he could no longer me. Yep, he was looking at me. Its like he could see through my hair, and still peer into my eyes.

Suddenly the bell rang. Saved by the bell, I guess the saying is true. I quickly walked back into the dark, grim room and out of the watchful eyes of Alice’s siblings. I regained my normal position and hid my head in my hands, trying to turn my face back to its usual pale colour.

I didn’t have to look up to know that Alice was beside me, I could feel the excitement coming off her in waves.

“Alice….” I looked up and hoped that any sign off redness was now removed from my face. “What exactly was your dream about?”

“Well…um…,” she couldn’t find the right words to complete her sentence. “It wasn’t exactly a dream…” She left her sentence hanging.

“Can I trust you?”

“Yes. Well, who would I blab to?” I gestured around the room.

“Your right… It wasn’t a dream, as such, more like a vision. I have these often. Although there subjective, and sometimes don’t always come true, I’m hoping this one will.”


“Yeah. There just like flashes of the future. Sometimes they are so absurd that I don’t even have to wish to know they will never come true.” She giggled to herself. “Like, one time I had a vision that Jackson Rathbone was my boyfriend.”

“So what exactly was this vision about?” I said, changing the subject from hunky guys to something more intelligent.

“Oh you’ll find out in due time.”

Before I even had time to ask her what exactly that meant, she was gone, vanishing into thin air. She then replaced herself next to her true love, Jasper. A smile lingering on her lips, whatever it is it must be really good.

I slumped my back against the hard stone wall and gave a huge sigh, how long was I going to live like this.

There is a different world inside here, its like reality had disappeared and replaced itself with an alternative universe. Inside this universe is a grim exterior, people got sucked in by the dull looks. They hide themselves in their own thoughts, and never come out until another person from reality rescues them. But, I think inside this alternative universe there is some glimmer of hope, as I have witnessed today, hope that you really have to search for. Joyfulness could seep out only if you forced it, for if you searched inside your heart you would notice that there was something different. A whole other thing that is rare in this alternative universe, its happiness and enthusiasm seemed a stranger to the people who were trapped. If you search for this rare talent in somewhere like this then you will surly enjoy your days.

I then racked my brain for one word that could sum up all hope and pleasure. I knew what this one word was, but afraid to admit it, for if I did tell it to myself then I would surly have to seek it out. Search in the tiniest corners, and hunt day and night.


In reality, a different universe completely, I was loved by loads of people. Well, if you count ‘loads of people’ as Charlie and Renee. But, I had never experienced love like you saw in the movies, or read in books. Where one person can completely change your life, were a whole other universes is created just for you and that other person. In this parallel universe you don’t want to escape, you don’t want to run and hide. You want to stay in it for as long as you can, cradled in your loved one’s arms. In this universe you don’t have to search for happiness, because it can easily be found…


I awoke from my thoughts with Alice tugging lightly at my shoulder. Her eyes were exited, and her lips created a huge smile.

“Bella, its raining!” she screamed and ran through the door.

People loved the rain, it was the closest thing you could get to hygiene. They would let themselves get completely drenched, even if it meant getting sick along the way. They would run around and splash about, as if they were two again. This is the only time when people put all their worries aside and concentrated on having fun for once. It made me happy looking at them.

I quickly got up and followed Alice out of the door and into the poring rain. The wet drops made splatters on my clothes, leaving stain-like marks. The coldness didn’t bother me, surprisingly it made me feel warm inside. Raindrops bounced off the leaves of the tree’s the surrounded the grassy green square. The sound was indescribable, something so soothing it couldn’t be put into words. The drops now wound through my hair, making it stretch across my back. Rain dripped off my nose and chin, I didn’t dare wipe it off though, I wanted to savour the moment.

I swirled around, unaware of the exited faces around me, waiting for the rain to swallow me into its world. The coldness made me feel warm in my heart, like I was returning to a childhood memory. In a weird way this glum place made me feel like I was in heaven, not some beach in Ibiza, or on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but right here in a horrible ransom camp. I’m not even sure where it was located, could have been Germany for all I know, after all, I was knocked out when they brought me here.

I slowly walked over to the trees on the outskirts of the grass, so I was slightly more sheltered from the rain. I wanted to watch the raindrops pour out in front of me, and watch them make their journey to the ground.

It felt like bliss being here, I now knew where my new happy place was: Right here under a vast amount of trees, watching the rain quickly bounce off the flat leaves. Listening to the sound it made, the light noise as it thumped against the soft grass.

I was suddenly brought out of my dream world when I now noticed that no-one else was here anymore. I suspect they had all gone inside due to coldness, the rain surely was around freezing temperature. This didn’t make me walk inside though, instead it invited me outside more. The feeling of being alone has always invited me in, ever since I was young.

But, I wasn’t alone though. When scanning the area my eyes came across a figure. Him, the figure, Alice’s brother. His copper hair glowed in the rain, making him look even more remarkably beautiful. Why was he so darn breathtaking!

Breathe, I reminded myself, Always remember to breathe.

I had to breathe, I couldn’t already feel myself going into hyperventilation.

He was standing underneath the trees opposite me. He had had his hands shoved deep into his pockets, and he was looking amazed into the sky. His green eyes were blissful too. He then brought his eyes down to look at me…

Wait, he was looking at me! Again.

His pupil’s locked on mine, until I could no longer drag my eyes away. His green iris’s held something that I couldn’t pin-point, loss and hope mixed together.

I didn’t know if I should look away or stare for longer, surely he must be wondering why I was staring at him for so long? Right?

His brow then creased as he pulled his eyebrows together, looking confused. His eyes boring even further into mine, trying to find something that wasn’t there.

Why was he staring at me? Not that I am complaining that a god-like creature is looking at me, at breakfast, and then now. But, there’s loads of other people he could decipher, what made me so special? I was ordinary, completely the same as everyone else, nothing made me stand out.

The hyperventilating started to kick in then, making my heart come up my throat. My knees started to knock and I felt giddy. Why was he so damn gorgeous? Could he be real, or was this place turning me schizophrenic? Although I had seen him before, it hadn’t dawned on me how handsome he was. I’ve never looked at anyone in that sense before.

Thunder then rolled out a visions growl, making the trees shake from vibrations. Two flashes of lightning followed, as the surrounding suddenly turned darker than before.

Lighting + Trees = Big Mistake. I knew this already. Lighting searches for the quickest way to reach the ground, so it normally hits tall things. This sends electrical currents down whatever it has zapped e.g. this tree, thus reaching the ground in the quickest possible time. I could get electrocuted right now.

I walked as quickly as I could, without falling, away from the tree. The grass was slippery underfoot, so I tried to support myself the best as I could. To prevent myself from falling I tried not to look at the green eyed boy, I knew this would only lead to me embarrassing myself. Obviously.

But, hey, plans always backfire! My foot slid while it was in front of me, causing me to fall sharply on my backside. But, before I even had time to register what had happened I felt a hand grip my elbow. I didn’t have to look around to know who it was, well who else was standing out here? I felt myself turning red from the inside, so I tried to hide my face in my thick hair. He pulled my elbow lightly, lifting my up from the ground.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, afraid to speak up.

“Are you ok?” His voice enquired concern.

“I’m fine,” I looked in the other direction to avoid his glare. “This happens all the time, I’m really clumsy.”

“Are you sure?” He asked again, as if he wasn’t sure I was telling the truth.

“Yeah.” I wiped all the grass blades and mud off my butt, and walked towards the door inside.

“Ok.” I swear I could hear to chuckle coming from him, but I was too afraid to look.

As I walked his hand never left my elbow, ready to catch me when I fell. Some of me was slightly relived though, that even if I did fall it wouldn’t be so embarrassing, because he was there to protect me.

We then walked through the door, and into hell again.