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Bella gets taken away from her previous life, and is forced into an unknown world. But, its there, in an horrible and hurtful world, that she finds the greatest thing in her life. Love. But will that love stay with her forever?

In this story everyone is human, no vampires and werewolves created whatsoever. Vampire??? What vampire? Edward doesnt go to the same high school as Bella, she's unaware of him.Never even heard of his name. He doesnt live in Forks, at the moment, either. I really hope you enjoy this story and please, please, please review. I need motivation.

7. Tears of Joy

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I was certain that I was dreaming. This level of happiness doesn’t exist in the real world, I knew that for certain. Though part of me knew that the right thing to do was pull my eyes open and wake up, I wanted to do the wrong thing. This dream was the best I had had in a long time, and I wasn’t going to get another one again.

I squeezed my eyes shut and sank deeper into sleep.

He paused. “Should I sing you to sleep?”

“Right,” I laughed. “Like I could sleep with you here!”

“You do it all the time,” he reminded me.

“But I didn’t
know you were here,” I replied icily.

“So if you don’t want to sleep…” he suggested, ignoring my tone. My breath caught.

“If I don’t want to sleep…?”

He chuckled. “What do you want to do then?”

I couldn’t answer at first.

“I’m not sure,” I finally said.

“Tell me when you decide.”

I could feel his cool breath on my neck, feel his nose sliding along my jaw, inhaling.

“I thought you were desensitized.”

“Just because I’m resisting the wine doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the bouquet,” he whispered. “You smell a very floral smell, like lavender…or freesia,” he noted. “It’s mouth-watering.”

I rolled over, even though I was half awake the dream still carried on in my head, blissfully.

My eyes shot open when I felt a warm hand on top of mine. Great, whoever it was has certainly wreaked my perfect dream, and I knew who it was: Alice. That’s the only person it could be. Well, hopefully her energetic mood will infect me, and not make me pound her into pieces.

But it wasn’t Alice, it was Edward. Concern filled his angel-like face, but his hand still remained on mine. His hand was on mine. I could already feel myself hyperventilating and turning red in the face. My heart throbbed inside my chest, and I felt incredibly dizzy. Good thing I was lying on the ground, otherwise I would have fainted by now.

“Bella,” Edwards words came out in a rush. “Bella, you were rolling over viciously, and talking in your sleep. Are you ok?”

“Talking in my sleep?” I tried to keep my tone casual, but somehow despair seeped out.

What if Edward heard my whole dream, what would he think about me then? I was dreaming about him, after all. Oh, god! He would of heard my fantasizing over him and…

“What exactly did I say?” I asked urgently.

“Well you said: ‘As if I could sleep with you here’, and ‘I don’t want to sleep’. So I guessed you were having a nightmare, but are you ok now?” His eyebrows sewed together with concern.

“A nightmare, that’s what I was having,” I tried to make it sound more like a statement that a question, I couldn’t tell him the truth. “Yeah, a nightmare…But, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

“Good,” he sigh. Then he relaxed his face, and rested against the wall, coping my position.

It was silent then. I concentrated on Edwards breathing, in and out, in and out, he wasn’t breathing heavily, but then again, he wasn’t breathing lightly either.

“So how was your sleep?” I questioned, breaking the useless silence.

“Um…,” he shifted uneasily. “Good, I suppose.” The same crooked smile re-entered his lips, the same as yesterday, as if he was sharing a personal joke with himself.

“Edward, can I ask you a question?” There was one question that was hanging in my mind, dieing to find its way out.

“Sure,” he smiled.

“What was Alice’s vision about?”

He chuckled beside me. “She hasn’t told you?”

“No,” I whispered shyly.

“Everyone knows, although to them she calls it a ‘dream’,” he shook his head with laughter.

“Everyone knows,” I said to myself. “Well what is it then, I think I have a right to know.”

“Ok, but you have to remember that Alice’s visions don’t always come true,” he chuckled again. “She saw me and you as a couple.”

“Together?” I questioned. “Like as boyfriend and girlfriend?”


I laughed with him this time, her visions sure were wacky ones. Although I laughed along with Edward I somehow wanted it to be true. That me and Edward were someday going to be together, as one.


Why do I keep thinking like this! I really have to stop it. Love, or any sign of it, was strictly forbidden in this place. Although there was no rule against it, people just didn’t do it. People in here were going through such hard times, their family have been taken away and they had been left with absolutely nothing. Zilch. Love and relationships is the absolute last thing they wanted to deal with.

But, I wanted to be in one so much. I couldn’t control these undying feelings I had for Edward, they wouldn’t go away, and I defiantly couldn’t ignore them. Well, that’s settled then, I like Edward. I like Edward. I like Edward.

“Is that the only reason you come over here?” The words blurted out.

“No,” his expression was distant. “Bella, there’s something about you that makes me want to be near you. Like a magnet, you’re the north pole and I’m the south. You’re so different from all the other people I’ve met, your so unique I don’t even think it’s possible.”

He really thought of me like that? W-o-w! I really didn’t know what to say back to him. Edward likes me! But, I couldn’t say anything that could embarrass myself to the extreme.

I didn’t answer, I didn’t know how to answer. I just looked in his sea green eyes. I probably looked like a complete idiot right now.

“I always say too much when you’re around me,” he muttered to himself.


And then that stupid, idiotic, damn, freakin’ bell went!!! Please someone shoot me right now! Please!

All through breakfast I didn’t eat anything, I couldn’t. My mind was to preoccupied trying to break down what Edward said. What exactly did he meant? Did he like me as a friend, or as more than a friend? I hope he liked me as more than a friend, I really did.

I brought my eyes up to look at Edward, but his eyes were already there, fixed on mine. I could feel waves of connection being produced, like some sort of force was pulling us together, in some way. Some unexplainable way.

Then the bell rang early, much much earlier than usual. Everybody filed out of the big room, and back into the room of doom.

By the time I got there Edward was already at my side, with the famous crooked smile lingering on his lips. We sat down in the corner, and I regained my usual sitting position: knees tucked under my chin, and arms wrapped around my knees.

“So what were you saying before we were so rudely interrupted?” Edward started the conversation freely.

The dreaded conversation was brought up again, what was I going to say? All I knew is that whatever I said I would surely embarrass myself, in fact I would embarrass myself so much that I would surely die of humiliation.

“Um… I was going to say that…I felt the same way.” I looked in the other direction, to avoid his shocked glare.

“Don’t move!” A loud voice came from the other side of the room, causing everyone to turn around.

Stood there was two well built men, they were dressed in black, with matching black hats that hid their faces. In their hands were guns, really large guns, extremely large guns. They both stood on either side of the door, so it was impossible to walk out.

Why were they here, were they rescuers? Please say they were our saviours. I had to keep telling myself that, because I knew the truth and it was beyond ugly.

“Cullens! Come here!” The second man shouted in an even louder voice.

They’re taking Edward! His parents must of paid the fine. I had to be brave, although I could already feel the wet tears streaming down my cheeks, quickly they made a puddles on the ground. This was a good thing, Edward can go back to a normal, human life. Me and Edward were nothing more than friends, but I would still miss him. It had only taken a couple of days for me to have fallen in love with him, and I knew I was afraid to admit that to myself: I was in love. I watch the two men through my soaked eyes, hoping that they wouldn’t do anything with Edward.

“Your parents have paid the fine,” the first man’s voice was quieter now. “Only one of you can be taken home.”

The second man then grabbed what I presumed to be Emmett, by the arms and pushed him out of the room. Emmett didn’t object though, he went with the men, more than glad that he was going anywhere else but here.

My heart then kick started into life. Edward was staying right here, with me. Even though the good news had already come tears still ran down my cheeks, but they were happy tears, tears of joy.

From now on Emmett would lead a happier life too, he would be able to do whatever he wanted to do. Now he knows that he wouldn’t be stuck in here forever… he wouldn’t die in here.

Edward walked towards he confused and dazed, his face hard to read. He sat down like that too, speechless. He then leaned back against the wall, and gave a huge sigh.

“Wow,” Edward exclaimed quietly. “Emmett’s gone. I thought that all of our family would never get out of here, but one of us has gone. It’s good for him. By, being in here Emmett was only getting sadder about-” Edward then cut off his sentence when he noticed I was crying.

I was sobbing. I quickly brought my hand to face, wiping the tears from under my eyes. I couldn’t let Edward see me like this. But, it was just the thought of Edward leaving that sent me into complete and utter breakdown.

“Don’t cry,” Edward barely whispered. Then he brought his arms up and wrapped them around my small frame, cradling me against his body.

Waves of heat radiated off his smooth skin as he hugged me. My heart pumped at an extreme rate, and I think that Edward could feel it against his skin. He rocked me back and forth while humming an unfamiliar tune, it sounded like a lullaby.

After a while my sobbing stopped, and I was tearless, all sense of water had been drained out of my body. But that didn’t stop Edward from covering me in his arms, instead he cradled me closer, like I might magically disappear at any moment.

I didn’t restrain though, because I knew that at some point that at some point Edward was going to be taken away. I feared for that day to come.