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Bella gets taken away from her previous life, and is forced into an unknown world. But, its there, in an horrible and hurtful world, that she finds the greatest thing in her life. Love. But will that love stay with her forever?

In this story everyone is human, no vampires and werewolves created whatsoever. Vampire??? What vampire? Edward doesnt go to the same high school as Bella, she's unaware of him.Never even heard of his name. He doesnt live in Forks, at the moment, either. I really hope you enjoy this story and please, please, please review. I need motivation.

8. Rosalie's Story

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Edward was still sleeping when I woke up, his perfect eyelids fluttering while he dreamed. His arms still remained around me from yesterday.

Last night had possibly been the best night of my life, although after Edward wrapped me in his arms we didn’t talk, or even move for that matter. It was the immense chemistry that made it so unbelievable. Like electric shocks were buzzing between us, keeping us together.

The weird thing was I never went into hyperventilation anymore, although I had a few hit-and-miss cases. Of course my face went red and didn’t turn back to its usual ivory colour until he was gone. It was the ease when I was next to him that caught me off guard, I never once felt awkward or discomforted. Its like his presence was natural to expect, I loved it so much.

“Good morning,” a velvet voice whispered in my ear, greeting me to the day.

“How did you sleep?” I said while remaining inside his warm arms.

“Better than usual, now I’m next to you,” a crooked smile, which reached his eyes, lingered on his face.


He unwrapped his arms from around mine, and sat up against the cold stone wall. I followed, silently protesting. Edwards brow then creased up, as if he was deep in thought, which had suddenly distracted him from his surroundings.

“It makes me wonder why we fought back. I mean, living here is so easy anyway,” his voice was barely a whisper.

“You fought back?” Concern covered my voice.

That must have been so hard for Edward. Fighting these guys didn’t look like a thing you could do everyday. They looked so well trained, it was scary.

“Yeah,” he said, remembering the memory. “ Me and my family used to live on Forks, Washington. I think it was two years ago that we were taken.”

Edward used to live in Forks? I hadn’t heard news of a family that lived there that simply vanished. Charlie hadn’t told me of anything like that, infact no one had even broached the subject at all. But, I had moved to Forks a year and a half later, maybe it was something that people wouldn’t talk about. Maybe it was too emotional.

“Back then are family was bigger,” Edward began again. “There were seven of us then: me, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Rosalie. Esme and Carlisle adopted us because they had once been in a care home themselves, and they claimed it wasn’t nice for them either.

“One night we went up to Port Angeles for Esme’s birthday dinner, it’s kind of a tradition. When we came back it must have been at least ten o’clock. Waiting in our house was five men, all dressed in black, so you couldn’t identify them. They were armed with massive guns, and it looked like they were trained in professional fighting.

“I had no idea what was going on. It’s not like I saw five giant men in my house everyday. There wasn’t even visible signs in where they had broken in, it’s like they where some kind of magicians or something.

“My first instinct was to run as far away from them as possible, but of course, that didn’t work. They must have been at least twice as fast as us, and ten times as strong. When they caught all seven of us they pinned us to the ground. They had knocked out Alice, Emmett, Jasper and Esme. That was when I fought back. I did all I could to shake the man off me, and to my amazement it worked. Then Carlisle and Rosalie joined in, together we managed to knock out one of the men, which doesn’t seem much, but it was progress to me.

“That’s when it really became personal to one of them, he picked up Rosalie and gave us a warning. If we didn’t stop this violence then he would do something bad to Rosalie. By bad, I thought he meant minor injuries, at the worst a broken arm, of course I didn’t want that. Me and Carlisle ran as fast as I could over to her, but it was too late. He had already thrown Rosalie as hard as he could against the wall. Blood went everywhere…”

He left his sentence hanging, as if the next part was too painful to remember. I didn’t blame him, his story sounded too hurt felt to tell aloud.

“She bled to death,” he whispered. “After that The Volturi took me, Alice, Jasper and Emmett away, leaving Esme and Carlisle to pay the fine.”

I felt my eyes fill with tears, this couldn’t of been easy for Edward to tell me. His sister had been lost to these horrible people, how menacing can they be? Anger bubbled inside me, but soon replaced itself with sadness, Edward’s sadness.

“I’m sorry,” I croaked.

“Yeah,” he sigh, and twined his fingers around mine.

“Emmett must be so hurt,” I thought aloud.

“Rosalie was Emmett‘s soul mate, I don’t think he will ever overcome it.” His mouth turned down at the corners. “So what’s your story?” Edward quickly changed the subject.

“I don’t have one,” I shrugged. “ I was out with my friends, at Port Angeles, when The Volturi came and stuffed me into a white van. It was as simple as that.”

“Oh,” he mused. “Port Angeles?”

“Yeah, I moved to Forks over ten months ago, when my parents divorced,” I said it in a tone that clearly stated I didn’t want sympathy.

And Edward noticed, so he quickly skipped the awkward subject. “So you’ve never heard of me? I wasn’t classed in ‘the family who went missing’?”

“No, I hadn’t heard of you before I came here. Forks is a small town though, people get hurt easily. Maybe it was too sad for people to talk about?” I tried not let Edward slip into misery.

“I guess,” Edward gave up in trying to trace some knowledge of his existence.

Breakfast was nothing but a blur, I could hardly remember it. The only evidence left that I had been here was that I was now shuffling out of the dining room door, with Edward by my side.

“Do you want to sit on my side of the room today?” Edward asked, while his lips occupied themselves displaying a crooked smile.

I knew exactly what he meant. Me and him always sat in ‘my corner’ near the back of the room. Today Edward wanted me to sit with him, with him and his brother and sister. Alice was ok, it was Jasper that seemed terrifying, although I didn’t know why. He didn’t look like he might bite your head off, and he certainly didn’t look as scary as Emmett. So what was the big problem?… I guess it was the thought of meeting someone new, not that I didn’t like making friends, of course I did. It was the thought that he might not like me, that Jasper might think that I was too…ordinary for Edward. After all Edward was beyond heavenly, and I was far from it.

“Um…ok,” I hesitated.

“Are you sure?” Edward’s eyebrows knitted together.

“Sure,” I mumbled.

“Here we go then!” he grabbed my hand, and squeezed it encouragingly.

We walked, faster than I would of liked, over to Alice and Jasper. Alice’s smile covered her face, as if she knew that I was going to come over here today. Jasper’s smile was smaller and more composed than Alice’s, but it still held welcome.

Edward sat down opposite Jasper, I followed, sitting down opposite to Alice.

“Bella - Jasper, Jasper - Bella.” Edward gestured between the two of us, introducing me to Jasper.

“Hello Bella.” Jasper nodded at me, and smiled again. This small gesture and facial expression seemed to calm me down, I guess it’s weird what people can do to you.

“Hi,” I whispered in return.

“Bella!” Alice ignored the slightly awkward atmosphere and hugged me.

“Hi Alice,” I tried to make my voice project itself louder, but didn’t get far.

Edward’s hand was still surrounding mine, the warmness soothing.

“Edward hasn’t left your side, you must really like each other,” Jasper said, when Alice had sat down again.

I didn’t know how to answer.

“Yeah, we do.” It was good luck Edward answered for me. He gave my hand another squeeze, my heart kicked up by another 1000mph.

“Saw it coming all along,” Alice reminded, clearly ecstatic about her little gift.

“I should of believed you on that one,” Edward musical voice filled me with happiness. His crooked smile didn’t fade.

“I’m always right.” Alice’s fun voice made me smile, I felt like I could finally relax.

I wanted to freeze time, to be forever be stuck in this happy moment. Smiles and laughs all round didn’t seem very familiar in this place, the very thought of it made me wish, and now I was finally here. I knew that tomorrow was going to change though, tomorrow wouldn’t surely be as good as today. Nothing ever lasts.

“Not always.” Jasper winked at me. “You once had a vision, that in your life movie Ashley Greene would play you.”

“Could still happen,” Alice said playfully.

“In your dreams,” Edward pointed out.

I laughed along with the rest of them, not quite sure when I should speak. So I didn’t say a word at all.

“Hey Jasper,” Edward laughed to himself. “Remember the vision about the Porsche.”

Jasper turned to me. “Alice had a vision that Edward was going to buy her a yellow Porsche.”

“Could still happen,” I replied in return.

Both Edward and Jasper burst out laughing, folding themselves in half with chuckles.

“Thank you Bella.” Clearly I was thinking the same thing as Alice.

I then looked around the room to see if anyone else was in the same mood as us, and they were. But it’s what I saw next that dragged me out of laughing.

Like last time two, dressed in black men, stood by the door. And they were armed with guns…