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Mythical Addict

Jacob's running away, trying to forget Bella. Though every step seems to rip him apart he keeps running... until he meets someone.The one for him, Paige Miles. But after a fateful visit things get pretty messed up, something isn't like it seems to be. Will Jacob and Paige protect their love from the unfortunate circumstances? a lovely imprint story. JakexOC.

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. All the characters you never heard of before this fic belong to lucky me =D

1. Chocolate and Lotus

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Jacob’s POV

I ran. I ran to forget and to leave my memories behind me. To forget myself, my life -the life of Jacob Black.

Every step I took away from her hurt, but every step towards her hurt as well.

So what’s the way to choose? I chose to run away from my life, I know I was being a fool. And since the feeling of the wind whipping against me, blowing through my thick fur made me sometimes forget about who I was, I ran.

I didn’t know how long I was away from La Push, it could be days, weeks or months. Some day I lost my track of time…

The nights and days went by like a slide show while my paws hardly hit the ground. I didn’t even stop to eat or sleep, knowing that my memories of the girl I loved would come back and rip me apart.

Suddenly my wolf instinct stopped me.
My mind screamed at it to continue running, to continue forgetting, but the animal in me was way to strong.
Unwillingly I raised my head to scent. And there it was, a scent so sweet and exotic I first had to get used to it.

Chocolate…and lotus.
It was the scent of a girl and it became stronger every second.
What did that girl do in the woods?

I took a view steps forward trying to find anything that gave me a clue what she did here. Was I near a town or did she get lost?
Not far away I heard cars and several voices telling me that I was near town.

I just wanted to turn around but I got interrupted by a shriek.
My head turned around and I froze in place.

She squat on the ground, her eyes full of fear. My eyes were locked on hers almost drowning in this deep green. Who was she?
This beautiful creature was afraid of me? No, I wanted to see her smile so badly, wanted her to be happy. I didn’t even know her name and though I felt like I belonged to her, like she was it. The one.

Stop it! I didn’t want to find the one or who ever she was! I wanted to forget my life, my being, my memories of her. But who was her? Bella? A girl I had a crush on, a girl that didn’t want me. A silly crush and for that I left my family, my friends, my pack?!

Jeez, Jake! You’re an idiot. My reason for being is right in front of me, fearing for her life.
I sat down, making myself as small as possible, telling her I didn’t want to hurt her.
The beauty slowly sat up, her body still shaking in fear. Please, don’t be afraid…

Now I knew it, definitely. I had imprinted, on her.
She took her first step towards me, my heart jumping in joy.
“A-are… are you a… a wolf?” No, I’m Jacob Black, werewolf. At your command.
“Hell, now I’m talking to an overgrown wolf”, she mumbled while shaking her head. I smiled my goofy wolf grin. Hell, she doesn’t even know how cute she was.
I yelped quietly, telling her to move closer. She did, much to my comfort.

“Hey…”, she muttered softly and brushed her small hand through my fur. I closed my eyes with relish.
“You know, you’re beautiful?”, she rather told herself than me, “I love wolves like you.” Man, she wasn’t even afraid of me. How much luck can one single werewolf have?

Than I did the only thing that came near kissing her. I licked her cheek.
“Eew!”, she squeaked and wiped away my wolf slobber. I laughed as good as possible while being a wolf.
“Never ever do that again, ‘kay wolfie?” Wolfie? Jeez, that’s a stupid nickname.
“Oh..”, she said and gazed at the sky. “Time to go. School’s about to start.”
I moaned sadly. Why did she already have to go? I needed her!

My angel pet my head and sighed. “I’m sorry. But what should I do, skip school?”, my green eyed imprint asked and raised her perfect eyebrow.
Yeah, why not. “Aw man. I’m stupid, am I not? I talk to an enormous wolf.”
I shook my head energetically. Definitely not stupid…

Immediately she got up to her feet, now reaching my eye level. How small she was…
“You understand me, don’t you?”
My eyes fixed at her big green ones. All I saw was disbelief and the question what or who I was. I wanted to phase so badly but ‘Hey, my name is Jacob and I’m a werewolf. Sorry that I’m naked but I left my clothes at home as I ran from my life’ wouldn’t go down well with her.

I closed my eyes as she sat down beside me, leaning against my furry body.
I let out a sigh, listening her breaths.
I couldn’t believe that I’d imprinted. This small angel beside me was the one I was made for, my reason for living, my air. I already sounded like that silly leech but it was the only way to describe her.
“Do you have a name, wolfie?”, said girl mumbled against my fur. Inside I chuckled, she was being so cute. I nodded gently.

“Jakie…”, she said and smiled against me. I stiffened. How did she know?
“That fits you well, Jakie.”
I nudged her with my nose and she smiled. I stopped breathing.

And so we lay there in the woods, forgetting about time. Yeah, she was the one and only. Still can’t believe that this blond-haired and green-eyed angel lay curled up against me… Chocolate and lotus was the sweetest scent I ever smelled I decided by myself.

“You know… I should be at school now. But being with you feels so right… never felt anything like this.” So did I.
“Should I be afraid of you? I mean… you’re a wolf and three sizes bigger than me”, she muttered gazing up in my eyes. My eyes softened and I lay my chin on her small body. Never, ever be afraid of me.

“Can’t believe this.” Nether do I, darling. I never imagined imprinting would be like this. Really, this was beyond all imagination. I only knew her for a couple of minutes and I was already hers this much. Minutes got hours and my precious angel fell asleep. Her regular breathing relaxed me and I realized that I never felt this whole before. It was like something in my heart was missing all the time and now I finally found the missing piece.
Crap. Can I ever get out of this I’m-so-happy-I-talk-like-leech-thing?

Jake! Whatcha doin‘? Embry. I had an intuition that Sam couldn’t stop them from phasing too long.
Get out of my head, Em.
Move your butt back to La Push!
Nope. And now phase back and stop annoying me, I thought bitterly.
Am I interrupting ya? I could imagine his big grin spreading across his face. Dammit.
I am. Now tell me, Jakie -I winced as he called me Jakie- who’s layin’ with you?
None of your business, Embry.
Hah. You did it, didn’t you?
What the hell-
Imprinting you jerk.
Yeah. So would you please leave me? Now.
Fine, he muttered and his presence disappeared.
I knew that by now the entire pack including dad, Emily and all the other imprints would know. Dammit, Quil is gonna make a fool outta me.

I moved closer to the girl who’s name I didn’t even know to make sure she wouldn’t be cold cuz the air gradually got colder and the sky got darker. She lay curled up against me like a sleeping cat and I opened my eyes for one second just to see her peaceful face. Her big eyes were shut and a small smile spread across her pinkish lips, she was dreaming.

I could’ve laid with her like this forever, knowing her protected and comfortable but I was afraid that her parents would send someone after her. As a parent of such an adorable creature I would even if she was only one hour late. So I inhaled her sweet scent one last time and nudged her arm.

She grumbled and curled up into a tighter ball, clinging into my fur. I wanted to kiss her, for goodness’ sake!
I nudged her again, earning a slap on the nose. I winced although I barely felt any pain.

My angel opened her eyes slowly, letting out a moan. She raised her head and saw me, automatically sliding away, a hint of surprise in her beautiful eyes. A streak of her almost shoulder-length blonde hair fell in her face and she wiped it away quickly.

“What on earth..?” She got to her feet and eyed me curiously. “I-I thought I dreamed about… you”, she mumbled while I got up to my full height. “Okay, okay… stay cool”, my angel told herself and took one step closer to me. “You won’t hurt me.” That wasn’t a question, that was a statement.

I nodded gently at her, trying not to scare her away. Who knows, she’s a girl anyway. Girls are unpredictable.
“Wow… you really understand me.” I nodded again. Were things really going to be this easy? “How late is- hah what a silly question to ask a wolf with most likely no watch.” I laughed. Cuteness wasn’t even enough to describe what she was.

I sat down again, telling her with my head to sit down on my back.
She raised one eyebrow but finally she climbed up my back, sticking to my fur.
“Are you gonna take me home, Jakie?”, she asked quietly and I barked in response and I started sprinting.

I tried to make out her scent to find her house. It was barely noticeable but easy to spot for my hypersensitive nose.
She lived in a two-story house which abutted directly on the wood. It was a nice old one, built of brick. I walked into it’s green backyard, crouched down and let her off my back. She landed on her feet easily, grinning at me sweetly.
“Thanks, Jake.” My gosh, since when did she actually called me Jake instead of Jakie? She must’ve seen my irritation, her cute smile growing larger. Oh my… I need to breath!
“Thought that’ll fit you a lot better after all. I know I’m insane, so I just shout it out. I, Paige Miles, skipped school for laying with -and here comes the best- talking with a giant russet wolf who seems to understand me. And as if that wasn’t enough after all, I… don’t want to say goodbye to said wolf.”

Yeah, she was thinking she was insane -who wouldn’t?- but all I could concentrate on was her last view words and her name. Paige Miles. So beautiful, the most beautiful name I ever heard in my life. Okay, I was just innocent sixteen, but never mind. Paige, Paige, Paige, Paige… I repeated her name over and over, enjoying its sound. And she didn’t want to say goodbye.

How much more of this can my heart take? It beat only for her, wanted to beat along with hers by it’s side. I wanted to be by her side, as close as possible. Wanted to phase back immediately, wrap my arms around her, kiss her.
There was only one last bit of sanity left in me, the last thing that stopped me from doing what I listed above.
“J-Jake. No matter if I’m really insane or not, I…”, her cheeks slightly flushed, ”…I think I can’t let you go. Stay.” Her last word was just breathed, but still it had that beg in it I couldn’t refuse even if I wanted. My whole body shivered, my paws moving closer step by step without me telling them to.
I was standing right in front of Paige now, only a view inches between my massive and her small and fragile and -by the way- impossibly beautiful body. I watched her close her eyes, inhaling the air, or was it my scent? She flushed in a darker shade, gently wrapping her arms around my neck.

She was standing on her tiptoes now and still couldn’t embrace my whole neck. Her small fingers cling into my thick fur and I placed my head on her shoulder.
Paige Miles. Best thing that ever happened to me.
The air around us was filled with electricity yet I didn’t dare to move.
Did she suspect me to be more than an animal?
One part of me wanted her to, the second part wanted her to stay safe and happy no matter if I would break.
“Paige! I know you’re somewhere out there, move yourself in the house before I come and get you!”, a harsh and unappealing voice shouted and made Paige flinch. I raised my head from her shoulder, a growl growing in my chest.
No. That wasn’t her father, not her father. No way.

My angel looked up to me, her eyes big and frightened. “I won’t go in there”, she whispered; her voice was shaking.
I’d never let her be in one house with that bastard. The way he spoke to his daughter, it made me get a headache.
“I’ll rather sleep in the woods tonight than facing him in that mood…”
That fucking bastard.

I growled louder and she turned away from the house, a worried look in her face. I had to protect her from that bastard. I had to.

My paws moved towards the edge of the woods, me trying to control myself or I’d do something I’d reject later… maybe.
“Jake, where’ you going?” Paige tried to catch up with me, but failed -as assumed. I slowed down a bit, letting her walk beside me. My eyes were pinned on what lay in front of me but I couldn’t help myself but peer at her.

Her big jade eyes were intent on her feet, I guessed she was still a bit frightened of her… dad.

Some minutes had passed as we entered a clearing. It was ellipse-shaped and in its middle stood an old oak. Paige sat down in the grass and looked at me dreamily; seemed like she was in thoughts.

I smiled my wolf grin at her and stepped back into the forest, knowing what I just had to do now. I heard her call after me, begging me to stay and I could just grin. I’d never leave her alone.
I ran as fast as I was able to -and that was very fast, by the way- already feeling the pain that it caused me to walk in another direction than hers. I headed for her house, or rather the laundry line that was strained between two trees.
I didn’t feel guilty at all as I grabbed a pair of jeans with my mouth. That bastard deserved it.

I raced through the woods, straight to the clearing where I left my pretty angel. Left, how awful that sounded. Her sweet scent got stronger and I stopped, phasing back. It was a kinda awkward feeling, but you get used to it after a while. My fur ripped apart, leaving bare tan skin and I got smaller and smaller until I was my familiar 6.5 feet. Unbelievable that this whole transformation happened to take less than two seconds.

Swiftly I put on ‘my’ jeans and combed a view times with my fingers through my hair, didn’t want it to be a mess.
I took a deep breath and stepped out of the shadow, earning a silent gasp.