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Mythical Addict

Jacob's running away, trying to forget Bella. Though every step seems to rip him apart he keeps running... until he meets someone.The one for him, Paige Miles. But after a fateful visit things get pretty messed up, something isn't like it seems to be. Will Jacob and Paige protect their love from the unfortunate circumstances? a lovely imprint story. JakexOC.

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. All the characters you never heard of before this fic belong to lucky me =D

2. My precious Wolfboy

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Paige’s POV

Someone stepped out of the woods and caught my attention. He was huge, muscular and his skin was tan and -before I forget to mention- he was half naked!

My eyes wandered over his gorgeous body and finally ended up on his handsome face. He smiled wide and I resisted the feeling to look around and spot what he was smiling at, because he smiled at me.

I looked away, took a view deep breaths and stared at him again, just couldn’t take my eyes off him.
Slowly I got up to my feet and moved towards him, not because I wanted to… oh, I wanted.

Oh-oh, bad Paige, bad. Walking over to a stranger who was tall, obviously strong and half naked wasn’t a good idea after all. I froze for a second but started moving again. I didn’t know why, but I knew he wasn’t dangerous and I could trust him -what was, by the way, pretty insane. But since I already knew that I was insane that didn’t bother me much. What freaked me out was, that my wolf on steroids just walked off and instead of him this boy-man or whatever reentered the clearing.

“Okay. I do enjoy your stares but that silence is quite uncomfortable”, he laughed. His voice was perfect for him. Deep, a little husky but still boyish and cute. Yeah, he was cute all over. “Do I know you..?”, I whispered but somehow I thought he understood nevertheless. He smiled a crooked smile which let my heart skip out a beat, I swear it did. “Yup, I think we spent the whole day together, Paige.”

It took me a while to progress the meaning of those words but now it hit me. Hard.

“Oh. My. Gosh”, I breathed, realizing what he had just told me.
I looked down at my feet, trying to control the thoughts that ran trough my head uncontrolled but I failed miserably. He was a human. A human.
No animal, a human. But he was both… but still human… hell, what on earth was this guy?!

As I first saw him on my way to school… he looked at me in a way that seemed almost human to me. More human than it should’ve been. And it also felt like I was drawn to him in some …strange way. I wanted to trust, wanted to touch, wanted to be near him in any possible way. And now I noticed, that I felt the same way for that hyper attractive boy in front of me. Exactly the same way as I felt for the wolf. It was stunning… and terrifying cuz I had no idea what was just goin’ on. Maybe. Maybe the world I used to live in wasn’t the world I thought it was.

“Jake?”, I questioned though asking wasn’t quite necessary since I knew the answer. He nodded, still that breathtaking smile on his lips.
“You’re a wolf”, I clarified my confusing thoughts.
“I am. Though we call ourselves werewolves, hon.”
Holy crap, a werewolf was just standing right in front of me and smiled. He smiled! I closed my eyes and stood still for a view seconds, feeling his gaze on me. I reopened them gently, feeling how they filled with tears. “You… you… Werewolves exist… Why… are ya with me?”, I croaked, a tear running down my cheek. That was way to much for my brain to take!

Suddenly -and a lot faster than expected- he was with me, his movements a lot more graceful than any human’s movements should or could be.
He wiped away the teardrop from my cheek and looked into my eyes, my heart was beating like it had to win a race. Why did he affect me like this?

“I’m with you cuz I want to.”
“No boy ever wanted to be with me on their own choice, why on earth do you want to?”
“You’re being cute. I’m sure the boys at your school die to date ya”, his last sentence was more like a growl than words.

I didn’t tell him why they didn’t even came near me, that was my secret after all. Insanity seemed to overtake me, I was speaking with a freakishly hot werewolf who just told me that he wanted to be with me. Since… the day no boy dared to speak to me. The day that changed my whole life, my family, even me. It still ached and burned my heart when I thought of how it was and how it is now. It was like if old wounds were ripped open again, it was painful but somehow numb though.

“Hey…”, he muttered, bending down to me so that we were on the same eye level. He seemed quite unsure what to do now with a crying girl in front of him. I wiped away the last tears and gave him a small smile, that worried face didn’t suit him.
Jake returned my smile while raising his eyebrows. Speaking of Jake, what was actually his real name? I totally forgot about it.

“Uhm…”, I started, trying not to look at him.
“What’s… what’s your name?”
“Jake..?”, he responded a bit irritated. Did werewolves even have real names? That could even be possible since I knew less than nothing about those… creatures.
“And your real one? I’m sorry if I bother you with my-”
“Jacob”, he chuckled, grinning wide at me. “My name is Jacob.”
“Wow that’s… that’s pretty close I guess.”
That’s fucking damn close!
“Yea, you have a good guess. Though Jakie was a lil’ bit…”

I blushed at the thought of it. Me, ME calling this… guy Jakie. That’s like him calling me Pai-Pai. I made a face at that awful nickname my father gave me and -what was the worst- didn’t even care if we were alone or not when he called me that.
“’sup?” Jacob was eying me curiously though his eyes were kinda amused.
“Nothing. I just- I just thought of a damn nickname of mine.”
As he started grinning I already knew that I was going to regret my honesty.

He took a view steps backwards -not letting his gaze drop- and looked at me invitingly.
“No”, I moaned, running my hand through my hair, “I won’t tell ya.”
“You will”, he smiled his cute and goofy smile. That was cheating!
“Pai-Pai”, I muttered under my breath silently hoping he wouldn’t hear.
“What’s that?”
“Pai-Pai!”, I hissed. Jake laughed out loud and I pouted obviously annoyed. That wasn’t this funny at all! How come he had the right to laugh?
“Stop laughing you jerk!”, I hissed angrily.
“Sorry but… Pai-Pai…’s just way too funny to… take”, he said between laughs, holding his stomach for support.
“Aw man, don’t gimme that!”
“I… just can’t…”
“Stop laughing or… or I’ll throw my shoe at you!”

I should think before I speak cuz that let him burst into laughter more than ever. It echoed from the trees and let it seem louder than it already was.
I sat down huffily, bracing my arms over my chest.
The laughing faded but I kept my gaze on the ground. He will already see what he has of it.
Jake was so unfair!
Then I felt something incredible warm on my shoulders and looked up.
It… it were his hands. They were so warm it burned through my veins and I shut my eyes. Warmth… his warmth. Open your eyes, it’s nothing you should feel comfortable about!

“Paige, I’m sorry, seriously. I- You were just too cute.”
Was there a hint of guilt in his voice? I opened one eye slowly just to see his handsome face bend over me. As I opened them both he smiled at me.
“Cute? There’s nothing cute about me.”
“Everything about you is cute.”
I opened my mouth to hit back something but since nothing came to my mind I shut it again. After a view minutes of just staring at each other I finally came to word. “How come you assume that I’m cute?”
“I dunno. You’re just freakishly adorable”, he chuckled and grinned at me sweetly.

That’s a word. I gave him a sheepish smile and lay down on the grass, spreading my arms. “Can I ask you something?” He lay next to me and nodded, his face getting a curious expression.
“About werewolves?” He raised his eyebrows.
“Well. So they really exist. How come you… changed today? Without any full moon?”
“All crap. We can phase whenever we want.”
“We? Are there more of your kind?”
“Yeah. An entire pack”, he smiled.
“Whoa. Why aren’t you with them now, Jacob?”
It just didn’t make any sense.

He hesitated at first but than he sighed and answered in a low voice.
“I ran away. Pretty immature, I know, but it’s a good thing after all”, he said while gazing me in the eyes.
“No. I’ve thought about eloping a view times.”
“Why? Because of your..?”
“Yep, my father”, I sighed, “he wasn’t always this ignorant and imperious. But some day he just changed. Everything in my life just changed.”
“That seems quite familiar to me… I’ve gone through a lot of pretty damn things now and one day I simply couldn’t take it any longer and ran away.”
“Family problems?”
“Uhm, no. The whole werewolf-thing and a view … occurrences I don’t want to mention.”

“So you weren‘t born as a wolf?“
“Nope, we change.“
“Can I ask why?“
“Werewolves are made to protect humans from other mythical creatures we call the cold ones. My whole tribe has the ‘wolf gene‘ but only a few change, mostly boys though. If there are cold ones we change to protect our families, our tribe.“
“Sounds like you don‘t like being a wolf very much. What exactly are the ‘cold ones‘?“ He sighed once again, closing his eyes.

“It‘s more a curse than a pleasure. There are a view things that make it worth it though“, the corner of his mouth twitched, “You may know cold ones as vampires.“
My jaw fell open. Did he say vampires exist? Vampires? Those bloodsucking monsters everyone knows from horror movies?
“That can‘t be!“, I gasped. “They… they don‘t exist, you‘re lying!“
"I wish I would. Fucking leeches", he muttered.
"Hey, no language", I laughed and he made a face. It was obviously how much he detested them.
"Hey, Jacob."
"How old are you?", I asked shyly. His body looked almost mature but the way he spoke reminded me more of myself. I had no clue how old he really was.

"Sixteen. Seventeen in a few months."
"Ow." That was kinda hard. He was older than me, almost a year I guess. I won't even think of how it would be if he was as old as he looked.
"And you? Seventeen?"
I blushed. Did he really think I was older or was he just being kind?
"Nope, I'm only fifteen a half…"
"You look older", he giggled and I smiled at him thankfully. And he tells me that I'm cute.

The wind blew through my hair and I shivered. It was getting late and the air was starting to cool down. I wrapped my arms around my chest to keep me warm but it had almost no effect. I looked at Jacob and I felt even colder as I saw his bare chest. Did I mention his muscles? Don't stare, Paige…
"Are you cold?" Jake turned to me and his eyes softened as he met my gaze. Who knows why.
"Uhm… yeah, you could call it that. You not?", I raised one eyebrow.

Immediately he slung his strong arms around me and pressed me tight to his body. And man, he was warm. I flushed as soon as I realized what he was doing yet I curled up against his hot body. Hot in both ways.
"Why are you this warm?", I mumbled against his chest. I felt is laughter before I heard it and closed my eyes.
"That's my normal body temperature. Werewolves don't feel cold."
"So that's the good thing about being a wolf you talked 'bout before."
"Nah, not really." I furrowed my brow. What then?
"Ah. What then?"
"One day I'll tell you…", he mumbled while squeezing me a bit more. I didn't know if this was good, but it felt right.

I would probably run away from him if he tried to touch me in any way but… it just wasn't like that. It felt just perfect, like it was meant to be.

The next day I woke in his arms and moaned as the light dazzled me.
"Morning, Paige", a deep voice greeted me and I looked up. Jake smiled at me sweetly and his brown eyes were soft and somehow dreamy.

"Morning, Jake", I returned his smile. He got up to his feet and brushed his fingers through is short shaggy hair. He offered his hand and I took it, surprised how well it fit into his. He lifted me up gently and I just hoped my hair wasn't messy. I reached for my backpack where my school stuff was in and pulled it over my shoulder.

"Do… do you want to go home now?", he whispered slightly anxious.
"Uhm. Yea, I think I have to." Though the idea of my father made me flinch
"I'll rip him apart if he dares to touch you", he growled. I gave him a sad smile and sighed.
"I'll just change and get out of the house before he even knows I was there."
"Should I escort you? Or do you want to go alone?"
My face lit up. "Would you really do that?"
"Sure, sure", he grinned.
"Aw, thanks a bunch", I squeaked and threw my arms around his neck, his arms wrapped around me and squeezed me.

I finally pulled away and he lift me into his arms. It reminded me of a groom carrying his bride.
"Hey!", I protested but he only chuckled.
"It's faster this way", he told me smiling.
I wrapped my arms around his chest as he started running. The trees shot past us and I found myself comparing him with a cheetah.

We were in my backyard sooner than expected and Jacob let me down to my feet. My knees felt like they'd turn to jelly in any second and I wobbled towards the backdoor, pulling my keys out of my pocket.