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Mythical Addict

Jacob's running away, trying to forget Bella. Though every step seems to rip him apart he keeps running... until he meets someone.The one for him, Paige Miles. But after a fateful visit things get pretty messed up, something isn't like it seems to be. Will Jacob and Paige protect their love from the unfortunate circumstances? a lovely imprint story. JakexOC.

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. All the characters you never heard of before this fic belong to lucky me =D

3. Old Memories and a more or less ordinary Day

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Mythical Addict
“Old Memories and a more or less ordinary Day”
Paige’s POV

The house lay in silence, disturbing silence. It felt almost like my father was lurking under the table just to catch me when I walk into the room. Let's hope I'm wrong.
Slowly I passed the corridor, trying not to make any sound.
I stopped for a brief moment as I walked past the cupboard. A sad smile spread across my lips as I saw the family photo from five years. I stood in the middle, wearing a light green summer dress and my granny's old straw-hat. My smile was false, although no stranger would've probably seen the difference, but I saw it. The smile didn't reach my eyes at all and it was clearly that I didn't feel comfortable. On both sides of me stood my parents, my mom smiling a kinda helpless smile and my father didn't even bother to pretend to be happy. If there'd only be a way to change the past…

I forced myself to release my gaze from that bad memory and scampered swiftly towards my room door -thanks goodness my room's on the first floor, taking the stairs would've made too much noise.
I entered my room and a wave of relief sloshed through my body as I saw it was empty. Good, no naughty father in there.

I undressed quickly and threw my worn clothes away thoughtlessly.
I didn't bother with showering; I hadn't actually time for that and one day without wouldn't kill me nor others.
I hoofed it to the wardrobe, pulled out some acceptable clothes, and put 'em on.
One gaze at the alarm told me that it was half past seven and I had to hurry if I wanted to be at school in time. Not that I wanted to spend time at school in any way.
I combed my hair provisionally, grabbed my backpack and raced out of the house.
"Has everything gone well?", Jake asked as I walked towards him.
"Yea. My father didn't show up -hell knows what he does or where he is right now. Not that I care." He nodded at me. First it looked like he wanted to say something but than he kept silent.
"Well… I have to go to school now. You know, human duty."
He chuckled in an adorable way and stared at him without really realizing it.
"Werewolves go to school, too. In normal circumstances, I mean", he smiled. Did he smile all the time or did it just seem like that?
"I guess it's much more fun when you're not quite normal", I mumbled grimly. "Not really. Gym's an exception", he grinned at me.
I made a face. Gym. Worst thing ever, if you ask me, whoa.

"You kiddin' me? Gym's terrible!"
"No, it's not." His face was serious but I could read in his eyes, that he thought it was amusing. Pah.
"Jacob, it is."
"Yes, for goodness' sake!"
"Nope, Paige."
"It is terrible."
"Nah. Tell me your point."
"Well… you sweat. A lot."
"You don't sweat if you're trained."
"You get a muscle ache."
"As I said, not if you're trained."
Okay, I'm running out of arguments. Think, Paige!
"It's a waste of time. You can do sports and stuff after school."
"It's better than math and this junk."
"You learn in math. Math is important. Gym not."
"You don't honestly tell me that you like math", he asked with a shocked expression.
"Of course I don't. But it's still a lot better than gym."
"Think about it, you're talkin' crock-"
"No, don't. I need to get to school now", I said and walked past him.

I stamped into the wood although I should've been running but I really hadn't any desire to do that now. C'mon, Paige, think 'bout something. What about things that had recently happened… uhm… I met Jacob. As a wolf. Jacob is a werewolf, a hot one. My father was kinda scary, again. So we spend that night in the woods. Together. A bit pricey, I know, but I didn't feel strange about it. Okay… He carried me home, I managed to not get caught by my father and now I'm on my way to scho-
Two warm arms slung around me and pressed me against a pretty damn warm body. Okay, back to my unwritten diary, Jacob just showed up.

"What are you thinking about?"
"Stuff. What happened the last view hours and on…"
"You'll be late if you keep walking in that speed." I turned in his arms to look at him, finding his sweet smile pinned on his sweet lips. Stay focused, Paige!
"Well, shit happens."
"Yeah, but you can still avoid it", he winked at me.
"Ah. And how?" He grinned and disappeared swiftly between the trees.
I caught my breath as the giant russet colored wolf stepped into view although I sort of expected it. I guess you can't get used to werewolves as fast as you want to.
I brushed my fingers though his soft fur as I walked past him, finally climbing up his back. I wrapped my legs around his body and my arms around his neck -I guess you can imagine that they didn't fit around it, eh?- and hold on to his thick brown-reddish fur.
I felt slightly dull as he ascended, and MAN he was huge. It looked like I was about 9.8 feet above the save forest floor. Damn, hope I survive this.

Riding on him was like driving a car with about 200 above the limit, bungee jumping and paragliding all in one.
And I enjoyed it. Call me crazy or whatever, but it was nice. His warmth was keeping me from the cold and his speed let adrenalin burst through my veins. I mean, riding on him every morning would probably keep me from sleeping in class. I knew I rode on him once before, but I was just to stunned to feel anything.
The trembling sound of Jacob's paws running swiftly over the ground stopped in all of the sudden und I looked up, noticing Jake had turned his big furry head to me. His eyes were nearly as big as my palms and I saw Jacob in it. Yeah, it were his deep brown eyes, eyes I trusted. Wait, cancel that, ugh.

"Uhmn. 'sup, Jake?"
The wolf rolled his eyes in an extreme adorable way - crap, am I ever going to stop?- and pointed with his head towards the school. Aw, school.
"Oh. Well, than I gotta go…", I mumbled feeling the hot flush on my cheeks. Way to make a fool outta yourself, Paige, way to make a fool outta yourself.
He crouched down and I slit down his back and scampered towards the big yellow-painted building which sneaked through the trees.

I almost ran into Jacob, who was suddenly standing in front of me. I wambled a view steps back and stared at him. Yep, again.
"Where the heck did you come from?!", I hissed aggressively. His face adopted a kinda pained expression and his lips moved only a lil' bit, but I knew that he said something. Ears, try harder! His pained features somehow let flash guilt through me and my anger vanished. Christ, what did he do to me?
I haven't been so … flaky since I got into puberty. Maybe I should pay the psychologist a visit, eh?
"You alright, Jake..?"
He looked at his feet and than at me and nodded gently.
"Yeah… I'm fine. Now", he muttered huskily, "I should learn to control myself, dammit."
"Huh? What do ya mean?"
"Nothing, forget about it."
"I'm sorry, Jake."
"What? What are you sorry 'bout?"
"I'm a little moody. Please don't take it personally, it's nothing about you." At last I hope so…
He raised his eyebrows and nodded once, making his way though the trees towards my personal hell. Uhm, I mean school.
I caught up with him, desperately trying to keep his walking speed.
"Where …", I gasped for air, "… are you going?!"
"I'm gonna bring you to the door, Paige", he chuckled.
"But - why - you… don't have to!"
He sighed. "I want to. I could even say that I'm kinda enjoying this."
"You always want strange things… Jake!"
"Not really strange, I think it's quite understandable that I wanna bring you to school, eh?", he grinned. Uhm… no?
"Don't see your point", I mused.
"Never mind."
"But… damn, wait a second!", I groaned as his steps quickened. He looked back at me and smiled, slowing down again.
"People will probably talk."
"So what? Let them."
"But… It wouldn't be good for your image at all." He laughed silently.
"I can't care less."
"Ow, I don't understand ya", I grunted. Really, boys -especially this one- were… just out of all reason to me!
By now we got out of the woods and set foot on a paved way, the school only a view meters from here.
I am starting to get nervous…

A view students were on their way to school too or chitchatting with their friends. And… damn. Jacob was still shirtless. I didn't know if I felt uncomfortable about the others seeing his impossible muscles or if I felt embarrassed about him wearing no shirt in front of the whole school. I think it's both.
"Jake", I gasped and grabbed his arm. I could tell that he only stopped 'cause he felt my touch, not that I held him back.
"Paige?" He furrowed his brow.
"You're shirtless."
"Doesn't bother me", he told me and a mischievous grin flashed over his lips, "Does it bother you, hon?"
I made a face and looked at the ground and back at him.
"I don't want you to be shirtless in front of the others… and I don't want them to see your body", I muttered blushing.
His grin got bigger and he grabbed my hand, pulling me into his arms. Warmth…
I wrapped my arms around him and looked up into his face, still feeling the warm flush on my cheeks.
"What are you doing, Jacob?!"
"I'm telling you that I give a damn on the opinion of others."
I made a noise that sounded somewhat like "Uhmw" and looked away.
"And about you being jealous", he continued, "Let the others see what you got and they never will have."
My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.
"You understood me", he said and smiled a sweet smile.
"You tell me that you're mine?" My voice broke at the last words.
He met my gaze and nearly drowned in his deep brown eyes.
Jake hesitated for a second but then he answered "I'm yours" in a husky voice.
I think my heart simply stopped beating.
My brain discontinued to work.
I stood there frozen in his arms, not able to move one muscle.
I repeated his words over and over but I just didn't get it.
I didn't get it!
"Paige? Paige, you alright?"
The warmth vanished and I felt someone shaking me, but couldn't react.
Dammit, I don't get it. What does 'I'm yours' mean?
I was able to see again, and my heart was beating again although fast.
I know exactly what that means, I'm only trying to protect myself. Or rather my brain tries to. But I'm not letting that happen, no.
I saw Jacob bending over me, his face concerned and anxious.
I gave him a small smile and nodded.
"Are you okay again?"
"Yea. I just had to… clarify something I guess."
"Now… Can I walk you to the door?", he asked sheepishly.
"Sure. You are pretty insisting on it", I mumbled.
He shrugged and walked towards the school, I followed closely behind him.
I noticed the stares of the other students laying on us and looked around.
Almost everyone with a distance of 330 feet was staring at us and I felt more than uncomfortable.
"They are staring at us, Jake…"
"I told you I don't care", he chuckled. Not funny.
"You should…"
"Why? Their opinions mean nothing to me."
"Are you always like this?"
"Hm-hm, that's me."
We walked up the four stairs and stopped at the door, Jake turned to look at me.
"Okay, I guess we're here."
"Yup." He smiled at me and pulled me into a short hug, his warmth flushing over me again.
"Can I ask… when school finishes today?", he smiled while pulling apart.
"Uh. 3 pm. Why?" I raised one eyebrow.
"I plan on picking you up", he chuckled, "Isn't that obvious?"
"It is… okay, till then."
"See ya." I waved at him and walked through the door.
Even inside the school I felt the stares prickling in my neck.
I walked swiftly towards my next class.
"Hey, Paige…", Mandy greeted me from her seat. I smiled at her awkwardly and took the seat next to her. Mandy was my only friend at school. Well, she wasn't someone you can call best friend, but she was a nice company.
"Hi, Mands."
She cleared her throat and shot me a nervous glare.
"Who was that, Paige?", she asked curiously. Ah, she saw us.
"Jacob", I replied distantly. She really wasn't that kind of person that's happy for you. Really, it sucks sometimes.
"Ah. Who is he?" I could tell from her expression that she'd be happy if I told her he was a distant relative. As less as we looked alike, he was related to me. I mean, me; blond hair, green eyes, pale skin, small. He; black hair, brown eyes, tan skin and freakishly tall… and apart from that, he was a WEREWOLF. No, not related.
"A… friend. Yeah, you can call it that." The truth was, I didn't even know what we were. He said, he was mine. Okay, good, but what did he mean? Did he mean that I owned him or that -I dare to say- he loved me. Jesus Christ, what am I thinking?
"A FRIEND? Didn't look like that."
Too bad for you.
"I don't care what it looked like."
"Paige, that was a MAN! He was huge, wore no shirt and was handsome till hell!"
"Boy. He's a boy."
"Looked like early twenties."
"Whoa, can ya already stop with 'what it looked like'?! It's annoying the crap outta me."
"Pah. Now tell me, how old is he, how do you know him and how come he only wore jeans?"
"He's sixteen a half", her jaw dropped, " I met him yesterday and he said he didn't care what he was wearing. Or not wearing. Happy?"
"Sixteen? You're not telling me that guy was sixteen, no way!"
"He is."
"Ugh, I guess you won't surrender. You met him yesterday? Yesterday you weren't even at school. Plus, the way you … interacted didn't seem like you knew each other barely a day." I sighed.
"I skipped school yesterday."
"Cuz I met him, genius."
"And because of that you skipped class?"
"Pff. Whatever, he only toys with you." Now I get angry, really angry. And that was my only 'friend', thanks. I didn't know if I was keeping to call her that.
"Shut it, Mandy." She wanted to say something but fortunately the teacher entered the room and she had to keep quiet.