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Mythical Addict

Jacob's running away, trying to forget Bella. Though every step seems to rip him apart he keeps running... until he meets someone.The one for him, Paige Miles. But after a fateful visit things get pretty messed up, something isn't like it seems to be. Will Jacob and Paige protect their love from the unfortunate circumstances? a lovely imprint story. JakexOC.

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. All the characters you never heard of before this fic belong to lucky me =D

4. Blink of an Eye

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Mythical Addict
“Blink of an Eye”
Paige’s POV

The rest of the day went on like this. People were staring and gossiping. Jealousy. Yeah, they were jealous, no doubt. Ha! Feel free to look at me, guys. Cuz I am the girl you treated like pile o' dirt and it's me who hung out with the most attractive boy ever seen. Yeah.
Why my sudden change of mind?

Well, I simply realized that Jacob likes me. Uh-huh, I thought about it a lot the past hours and came to the opinion that he likes me, but I still wasn't sure. The way he acted, the way he smiled at me -still can't believe it- and the way he searched for my touch. He hugged me a lot lately and it really somehow feels like we know each other longer than a day. If you think of it it sounds quite strange how familiar we'd gotten in only a view hours.
And honestly, he is hot. Tall, muscular and incredibly handsome and his smile. God.
It bothered me somehow that he only knew that one part of me. The shy part that worries and blushes. I wanted him to know all of me. I knew I could get annoying if I wanted, but that was part of the package.
If I think about how I was thinking right now I thought I drunk too much coffee though.

My eyes wandered to the plastic cup filled with the shit they call coffee at schools. You know, the one from the vending machines.
"Miss Miles, are you going to answer my question in the next minutes?", the teacher's harsh voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up from the table to see that all eyes were set on me and I moaned.
"Hum… could you please repeat the question, sir?" I mentally cursed the coffee. Mr. Jones cleared his throat and put the question to somebody else. I decided to follow the lesson from now on since it was the last one for today. Thank god. My proposal happened to be more difficult than expected cuz my thoughts kept wandering to a certain werewolf. I gritted my teeth and stared at the blackboard and whatever was written on there. I desperately wanted to know how he felt 'bout me and found myself wondering why. Why did I care?

I mean… I enjoyed his company but. But what? Did I like him or didn't I? Aw, how confused am I that I can't even know how I feel? I knew how I should feel, I should feel no more than friendship for him, I should be no more than a little dazzled by his gorgeous appearance but not dazzled by himself. But that's how it should be and not how it really is. Everything was different from common somehow. It felt different and I was sure there was something different between Jake and me, I didn't know what though. Huh, well then it's time to find out.

I almost screamed as something punched me so hard I nearly fell from my chair. I gasped and my arms wrapped around my table without me telling them to. What the fuck?
My eyes were opened wide and I breathed way too fast.
Said something hit my shoulder again and I heard sort of a … growl. Yeah, it sounded like some animalistic growl. I managed to raise my head and look at the something. Brown wavy hair, plain brown eyes and a pink top. Yep, definitely Mandy. I growled at her again. Whoa, moment. I growled?
There was this rumbling feeling building up deep in my chest; something I never felt before. Gosh, I didn't even know that I was able to sound like that, it was disgusting. Terrifying.

"D-Did you growl?", Mandy asked obviously as terrified as I was. Nope, no sympathy for that jealous girl, nuh-huh.
"Sounded like that."
"That's… impossible."
"Didn't seem like it is impossible. Anyway…" I took one deep breath, "How dare you to punch me like that for heaven's sake?!" I was mean but she deserved it.
"You overheard the school bell and didn't react as I talked to ya", she shrugged. Ah, got it. Not a bit guilty.
"And that gives you the right to punch my off my chair?" I raised one eyebrow and started packing in my schoolbooks.
"Jeez Paige, take it easy."
I just shook my head and headed out of the classroom. Perhaps I would forgive her some day. But not today; she was utterly annoying me.
Curious eyes followed me down the hall, staring at me like I kissed a Hollywood star or something. Really, it wasn't actually such a big deal. They saw me with most likely the most handsome boy they'll ever see but hey, we didn't kiss or make out. Therefore, we did nothing that would justify those stares. Okay, maybe it was because it was me he was with, not any other girl. I've never had a boyfriend and they stopped talking to me when I was twelve.

Well, some boys still talked to me, if you can call it talking. They teased me but it wasn't like I let it be like this; I always hit back at them, I learned my lesson by now.
Speaking of the devil… crap. My precious gang of bullies loitered in front of my exit.
I pretended I didn't see them and hoped they didn't see me but you can guess it didn't work, right? I walked past them but a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the group. I braced against them but that blond-haired guy was damn strong! I felt the growl built up in my chest and shot them a death glare. Those idiots are not going to ruin my life by bulling me all day! The boys looked somewhat irritated by the sound of my growl and I grinned evilly.

The blond boy turned to his friends and shot me a dumb look.
"Hey look, lil' chick thinks she can spook us", he laughed.
No one is allowed to call me chick. Never, ever.
"Are you guys really this dim-witted?" I snapped angrily, "Taking it out on a defenseless girl?"
"Whoohoo, she gets angry. Listen little one. Don't mess with us or you'll hurt", the tall brown-haired one snarled.
"Nah, all you have are muscles, I don't even believe you have a brain", I hit back. My hands were balled up to fists. I knew I couldn't win this one but I was too mad to stop. Goddamned idiots.
"Do you really think you can beat us? Better do what we tell you or it'll end up worse than ya think!"
"True that! Or do you think that wimp that brought you here is gonna rescue you? I bed he's only toying with you", another blond guy chuckled and I wanted to hit his face so badly.

"What's it to you?" I growled.
"Ha, we're probably right. No boy would ever want to date you, witch."
"You're all goddamned bullies you know", I snarled, "And now let go of my arm!"
A smug grin flashed across his lips and he released my arm, but one second later his hand grabbed my throat and I gasped.
Gosh, this boy is gonna kill me! My hands wrapped around his arm and I fought for air. My mind was too clouded to notice one of the boys nudging the one who was about to choke me to death and I didn't hear that he said "Hey, man. Let her go you are gonna kill her". All I noticed was the tightening grip around my neck. I felt like fainting.

I heard a noise far, far away. Everything seemed far away now. Didn't even see anymore, but I think that was cuz my eyes were screwed up.
Anyway, said noise sounded like a deep animalistic growl; much more terrifying than mine was.
Several things happened in a view seconds: I hit the floor and something very smooth brushed my cheek, then I heard furious voices and a loud bang, followed by frightened gasps. I didn't pay much attention though, I was busy with breathing. Breathing hurt in my throat, it was a rough and dry pain but on the other hand it felt like I drunk water the first time in a hundred years.
I kept my eyes shut and noticed my heartbeat gently slowing down.

I couldn't believe that bastard almost choked me. He probably would have done it if … whatever didn't interrupt him, god bless him or her or… forget about it.

Two warm arms wrapped around me and lifted me from the comparatively cold floor. I was pressed against plain skin, a chest, and the familiar warmth sloshed through my body. I snuggled against the warm body and listened to the quick heartbeat inside the chest I propped against.

The next thing I knew was that I woke in the wood. One warm hand was resting on my forehead and I looked up into Jake's honey brown eyes. I smiled at him; I was happy that he was there. He returned a weak smile and I sat up, looking around. The moss on the ground was green and looked really soft, the trees were high and their treetops hid the sky. This wasn't the kind of wood I was used to. These woods looked so much… wilder, so much more beautiful than the ones I knew.

"Where are we?" I breathed.
"Washington." Huh?
"Why?" I gasped. Was he kidding me?
"I… I honestly don't know. I was so angry and I wanted you as far away from the people that… did this to you, we just ended up here" he muttered. What the hell, Washington!?
"You carried me all the way from Idaho to Washington?"
"We were in Idaho? I didn't know that" he chuckled.
I raised one eyebrow. "Really?"
"Nope, I simply ran all the time and until I ran into you."
"Why did you stop, Jacob? That's kind of random, I know, but I'm curious I guess."
"Uhm…" he looked at me and I noticed a faint blush under his tan skin. Adorable.
I grinned at him and sighed. How was I supposed to get home again?
And… oh.
"Uh… yes?"
"How long did I sleep?"

He hesitated first but then answered in a low voice.
"About two days I guess. I'm so sorry, Paige", he said while gazing into my eyes. I stared at him and lost myself in his deep to honey brown eyes.
"What did you say?" I mumbled, not able to look away.
"I said you've been off for two days…" he answered in the husky voice I loved so much.
I shut my eyes to prevent me to drown in his.
"That's a long time" I muttered, not really interested in talking anymore.
I wrapped my arms around his chest and buried my face in his shoulder, inhaling his woody scent.
"They almost killed you, Paige" Jacob said and ruined the moment.
I pulled away and sighed. "Yeah. But you rescued me, my hero."
He narrowed his gaze and I heard a trace of guilt in his voice.
"If I would've been faster I could've stopped them from even coming near you. I'm so sorry…"

"Don't be. I'm here and I'm fine. It's not your fault, really." I gave him a cheerful smile. "If you weren't there he would have choked me to death. But you were there and it didn't happen, so don't be guilty."
"I could have been faster…"
I sighed again and looked into his eyes.
"That doesn't matter to me" I admitted, "And now, how are we supposed to get back to Idaho?"
"I could carry you again" he suggested.
"Two days is too long, don't you think?"
"Hm… In wolf form it would only take one day."
I nodded and rose to my feet. He stood up, too and started gazing around.
"Do… do you want us to go now or should we stay a little?"
"Uh. Is there anything interesting about Washington, Jake?"
"Well… nature. Mostly nature. And the fact that I was born here", he listed and smiled at me sweetly. Whoa, I didn't know that.

"Wow. Where exactly?"
"La Push, that's the reservation of my tribe. It's located on the Olympic Peninsula" he told me proudly. I grinned.
"Yah, I thought you were Native American."
"Quileute" he grinned back.
"Do the other tribe members turn into giant wolves as well?"
"Well… only the guys in the pack. I told you about the whole why-humans-get-werewolves-thing, huh?" I remembered what he told me about the vampires and the werewolf-genes. I didn't know why but this mythical creatures stuff was easy for me to believe. It was kinda terrifying to know that vampires etcetera existed but it made sense, somehow.
"How many are in that pack? Tell me about them, I'm sure it's pretty cool."
"Well… Sam's the Alpha. I'm second in command. Then there are Embry and Quil -my best friends-, Jared and Paul, Leah, Seth, Collin and Brady."
I grinned as he told me he was second in command.
"Is Leah a girl?" I asked. Didn't he say only boys changed?

"Yeah. She's… well… Kind of a bitch after Sam dumped her for her cousin, Emily."
"Aw, how awful. Poor Leah."
"Sam was terribly sorry for doing that to her, but he didn't have a choice. She only got bitterer as she became part of his pack."

I raised my eyebrows. Uhm… you always have a choice.
"Why didn't he have a choice, Jake?"
He bit his lip and looked away, not wanting to meet my gaze.
"He… he loved Emily. She is his world."
"But he was together with Leah? What the?"
"You'll understand one day" he muttered, still looking away.
"I want to understand now, Jacob. Tell me."
His eyes darted to me and he sighed.
I placed my hands on his shoulders and forced him to look into my eyes.
"Promise me you won't jump at conclusions, okay?" he begged and I nodded in response. I saw it was troubling him, but I knew that I had to know. Instinct.

Then he told me about imprinting. About finding your soulmate. About how gravity moves when you see her and nothing else matters anymore, about how your imprint is your whole universe in the blink of an eye.

"Paige?" He took my hands in his and squeezed them.
I nodded gently. The truth about imprinting was so overwhelming I was not able to say a thing.
"Paige. I imprinted on you."
That was when my whole world shifted.

My knees turned into jelly and I slumped down, but Jacob caught me before I hit the ground. My trembling arms wrapped around his warm chest and he pulled me closer to him.
"Are you mad?"
"No." My voice was barely a whisper.

He pressed his lips to my hair and a shiver ran down my spine.
"The moment I saw you I couldn't imagine a life without you. You are my everything, my soulmate" he whispered back. I had no idea…

Imprinting was the missing link to everything. It explained why we had that sort of connection, why we became so intimate in only a view hours, why he wouldn't get out of my head. We were soulmates, meant to be.
He took one step back and bent down to me, his eyes were so soft and loving.

I smiled at him, I was feeling a little dazed by the intensity of his glance.
"I love you, Paige." His voice was perfect as ever and the meaning of those words made it only more beautiful. I think my heart was melting.
"I.." My voice broke. I took one deep breath and closed my eyes.
"I think I love you too, Jacob Black." This was the very first time I said those words. Those words which were a synonym for feelings you couldn't describe.
The tingling sensation in your belly, the dazed feeling when you looked into the eyes of the one you loved, your quickening heart, your thoughts that only circulated around the one.
As I reopened my eyes he smiled at me and I was sure it lightened the sky. It beamed so much love and joy it was like another sun rose.

A faint smile spread over my lips as well and the next second I felt his lips on mine. Something was exploding inside of me and my skin started to burn under his touch. I kissed him back sweetly and my arms wandered around his neck, pressing me closer to him. His arms wrapped around my hips and everything around us disappeared, it was just Jacob and me.
We pulled apart, gasping for air. Jake lay his forehead against mine and the corners of his lips twitched before turning into a sheepish smile.
I kissed him again and then his nose, blushing.
"God, I love you" Jake mumbled frantically and I answered: "I love you, too."