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There are a lot of "if Edward never came back" stories, and in the ones I've read, Edward always runs into Bella or caves and comes back. What if Bella went looking for Edward? Bella tripped over a loose floorboard in her room. she finds some things she thought she had lost under it. does this mean Edward really loves her? she's going to find out. look out for the sequel to Somewhere! it's called Nowhere!

My inspiration for this story is when Bella has a fantasy on the flight to Italy in New Moon about following Edward around the globe after Alice told her she would change her. Also, though this story is kinda against the other "if Edward never came back" stories, I just want to say that those stories rock! Enjoy the story! Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer. I just like writing Twilight fanfic.

4. Caving

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Edward’s POV

I don’t know where I am and I don’t care. Life was meaningless now. I had lost everything I had ever cared about due to the biggest mistake in my entire existence.

Nothing matters anymore now. After what I had done to my love, I could never get her back. How could I have ever told her that I didn’t love her? She couldn’t have possibly believed me. But I couldn’t help but wonder if she had. There was no point to my life.

I regret my decision to leave now, but there was no going back. I had promised Bella that she would never see me again and I was going to stick to my promise. I had come close to caving many times, but I had restrained myself.

You could go back, that little voice inside my head whispered yet again. She might forgive you if you get down on your knees and beg. You might still have a chance.

No! I could not go back. Bella deserved a better life than what I could give her. She deserved to be human.

It was night now and I desperately needed to hunt, but I didn’t move an inch. I hadn’t hunted for weeks now. I was afraid that if I moved, my legs might carry me back to my safe haven. Back to her.

I had been trying to find Victoria, but I had lost her. The only way I would be able to track her would be if I hunted.

I sighed and reluctantly got up to leave my hiding spot. I didn’t trust myself, but I needed to hunt if I was going to be anywhere near humans.

I ran off into the forest and found a few deer. I settled for them, not wanting to go looking for any larger prey. I quickly drained them, my thoughts roaming miles away to a small town in northern Washington where the girl I loved lay asleep right now.

My phone rang yet another time as I started to run back to my hiding spot. I came to a halt and took the annoying little device out of my pocket to answer it. Maybe if I told whoever kept calling me to go away then I could get on with my miserable life.

The caller ID said it was Alice. Of course it was her. She probably wanted to tell me some news about Bella with somebody else, having moved on from me, so that I could move on. She always wanted to update me on Bella, even though I didn’t want to hear it. Why would I want to hear about my angel when she was probably with somebody else? I wanted to be with her so badly, but I could not. Not with the constant danger I always put her in when I was with her. Every time Alice got close to telling me something, I hung up on her. She had been trying to reach me since the day after I left Bella.

I flipped open my phone. “What do you want Alice?” I asked sharply. I heard an intake of breath on the other end before someone else answered.

“I’m not Alice,” the voice answered. It was the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. It sounded like my angel’s voice, but different somehow.

Great, I’m hallucinating now! That’s never good.

“Alice, quit trying to sound like Bella! I know it’s you!” I screeched into the phone. It couldn’t possibly be Bella.

“What did I do? I wasn’t even talking! Bella, what is he talking about? What did I do?” I heard Alice ask, clearly not talking into the phone.

I gasped. Did she just say Bella?! I wasn’t hallucinating? I just yelled at my angel for saying that she wasn’t who she said she was.

“Bella?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes, it’s me,” she answered slowly.

My head was filled with questions. How did she get Alice’s phone? As far as I knew, Alice had been in Denali with Jasper since she got back from Biloxi, and Jasper got back from Cornell. How had Bella gotten to Denali? Or had Alice gone back to Forks, even though I told her not to? I decided to address my original question first.

“Why do you have Alice’s phone?”

“She gave it to me so that I could call you to tell you something,” my angel responded.

“Bella, where are you?” I asked quickly before she could continue telling me whatever she wanted to tell me.

“That doesn’t matter,” she replied. “I’m not giving you the chance to run away from me this time. I’m coming to find you. Don’t try to stop me.”

“Bella, what do you mean run away from you?!” I asked urgently into the phone, realizing now that she had all ready hung up.

I was broken. The one chance in a year to talk to Bella and I had wasted it. I could’ve taken the time to tell her how much I loved her, how bad of a mistake I had made.

She had said she was coming to get me. How would she find me? I didn’t even know where I was! It was obvious that she wasn’t with anybody, otherwise why would she want to find me? So, I would find her. I would go back to her. Yes, I was caving, but it didn’t matter any more; I couldn’t live one more day without Bella.

I would like to have believed that I could’ve put up with the growing pain inside me for the duration of Bella’s human life; but I knew that I would have gone back sooner or later.

There was no way that Bella would be able to find me anyway. Where would she even get the money to get a plane ticket? She never would accept anything from my family. Sure, she could use the money from that stupid program I made up, but she needed that money for college!

I ran to the nearest airport I could find. Apparently, I was in Brazil, though I didn’t bother to look for which city. I quickly paid for my plane ticket and went through security, over to my gate.

I was to take the next plane to Los Angeles, and then continue to Seattle. Luckily it would be night in LA when I arrived, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the sunlight pouring in from the windows like I would have to during the day.

My thoughts were of my one and only love as I boarded the plane that would eventually get me back to the only place I would ever be able to call home.