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There are a lot of "if Edward never came back" stories, and in the ones I've read, Edward always runs into Bella or caves and comes back. What if Bella went looking for Edward? Bella tripped over a loose floorboard in her room. she finds some things she thought she had lost under it. does this mean Edward really loves her? she's going to find out. look out for the sequel to Somewhere! it's called Nowhere!

My inspiration for this story is when Bella has a fantasy on the flight to Italy in New Moon about following Edward around the globe after Alice told her she would change her. Also, though this story is kinda against the other "if Edward never came back" stories, I just want to say that those stories rock! Enjoy the story! Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer. I just like writing Twilight fanfic.

5. Gone

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Edward’s POV

Once I got to Seattle, it was still dark, but the sun would rise soon. It looked as if, for once, Seattle might have a sunny day. I had to get out of the airport quick, before the sun rose.

` I ran out the doors and into the parking garage. The sun was rising, so I had to be blocked from it. I looked out the side of the structure to see the sky turning from black to oranges and pinks. I really had to hurry.

I ran out of the parking garage and into some trees. I didn’t have a car. I could run, but then I would have to worry about the sun.

I looked behind me into the trees. My car should be back at the old house, where I had brought it after saying goodbye to Bella. I had run away after leaving it there, not wanting to smell her scent saturated into my car. How could I have ever had the strength to leave Bella? It seemed impossible now that I would have ever had that strength.

I turned and ran through the trees. Luckily, there weren’t many breaks in them where sun could get through, in case a person just outside the forest had noticed a glint of light flash at them, even for a split second.

I finally found the house, surrounded in waist-high weeds. I tore through them and made my way to the garage. The keys were still inside the lock on the door, just like I had left them. I got into the car and started the ignition.

I sped down the highway towards Forks while ignoring my cell phone’s ringing. It was probably Alice waiting to tell me something that I didn’t want to hear. Alice was probably back in Forks right now anyway. I hadn’t bothered to go into the house. Maybe she was waiting for me to come in the house, and got impatient. Either way, I didn’t want to answer my annoying psychic sister.

I drove to Bella’s house and got out of the car. It was early in the morning, but she should be up right now. I went up and knocked on the door. A very shocked Charlie answered the door. She must not be up yet.

Why is he here?! He left! He ruined my daughter! How can he possibly have the nerve to come to my house?! Charlie continued to attack me with his thoughts, imagining different things he could do to me which, to his dismay, would not work on a vampire. I just stood there waiting for him to actually speak. After a few more moments he decided to finally talk.

“Why are you here?!! Do you know what you did to my daughter? The way she acted, she might as well have been dead! And you have the nerve to show up at my house a year later?!” Charlie screamed at me. But the words were not what hurt the most. It was the memories he was replaying in his head.

It was Bella. Not the Bella I knew. She was extremely thin and even paler. She had dark circles under her eyes. And when you looked into their eyes, they were empty. There was no life in her.

How could this have happened? There was no way her love for me could’ve exceeded mine for her. Yet, this is what I had imagined I would have looked like for the last year if I was human.

“Where is she?” I asked in order to stop the painful memories from continuing to go through his head.

“She’s at the University of Washington going to college. I haven’t seen her in over a month. Every time I call, her roommate Angela says she’s busy. I’m getting worried, but I don’t think you would help her. You’ve messed her up enough! Stay away from her!”

The University of Washington? I would’ve thought that Bella would have gone somewhere warmer. The last I heard, she despised the weather around here. Why would she want to spend an extra four more years in it?

At least Angela was her roommate. I have never come across such a kind person as her.

I needed to go see her before she started looking for me. I would attend to my traitor of a sister later.

“I have to go,” I said quickly, turning around and heading to my car.

“Don’t come back! And don’t you dare go and bother Bella!” Charlie yelled after me.

I really shouldn’t have told him where she is. That was a really bad move. Maybe I should try calling her dorm again to warn her… I heard Charlie think as he walked back into the house towards the kitchen to call Bella. I was all ready speeding away by the time he closed the door.

Bella’s POV

“Ha! I found him! He’s in Brazil. I don’t know which city. I didn’t see them with him, but I’ll bet he was staying with Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri.” Alice rejoiced as I hung up on Edward, pain coursing through me from having to do such a thing.

I wrapped my arms around my middle to hold myself together. I hadn’t had to do this is months, but right now, my pain was uncontrollable. Hearing his voice again was bringing me to pieces.

He had sounded so concerned, so loving. This only strengthened the idea that he might actually love me. If this was true, then I would never be able to truly understand why he left me. If he really did love me, how could he ever stay away? I was so confused.

“Time to go!” Alice piped up, pulling me from my confused thoughts. “Before I have to start looking for him again, please.”

“Ok.” I picked up the bag I had prepared a few days ago, in case Alice actually let me go.

Alice tried to hand me a cell phone, but I rejected it. I didn’t like any of the Cullens spending money on me. She frowned.

“I’ll keep in touch somehow. I just don’t want you spending money on me,” I told a dejected Alice.

Her frown deepened. “Alice! I have plenty of money!” I tried to convince her. She looked at me suspiciously.

“You’ve never had much money, Bella.”

“I’m serious! I got it from the Pacific Northwest Trust. Or as I like to call it, the Edward-giving-me-extra-money-I-don’t-need Trust,” I told her my more descriptive name for the “program.”

“How much did he give you?”

“I got twenty thousand to start and I get an extra five thousand every month. Right now I have at least fifty thousand dollars!”

“How come you accepted that from Edward?”

“Well, I was going to get rid of it, but then I was looking at tuition for college, and I decided I really needed the money.”

“Can I at least help you with your wardrobe?” she asked in a last attempt to do something for me. “You’re in desperate need of some better clothes!” She looked down at my simple jeans and a t-shirt combo. It was perfect for me, but Alice absolutely hated how I dressed. I didn’t want to be Alice’s Barbie Doll. Plus, there was no way I would be able to run in the things she had in mind for me.

“NO! I don’t want anything Alice!”

“Hmph.” She crossed her arms and left the room.

I decided that was my cue to leave. I said goodbye to everybody else and headed out the door towards the airport.

The smells of the humans was tantalizing, but I was able to restrain myself by holding my breath pretty much the whole way to Brazil.

I headed for the exit as soon as I got off the plane. I did not have any check-in baggage; only a medium sized bag that I used as my carry-on.

I looked at the wildlife around me as I stepped out of the airport’s doors. The trees enveloped me as I walked into them.

I took my mind off the scenery and brought my mission to the front of my mind. I had to seek out the Amazon vampires. If I found them, I would probably find Edward.

I started searching through the wildlife to find the smell of other vampires. I was still a newborn, so it took me longer to find the scent than it would a mature vampire because I kept getting distracted. The smallest sounds kept causing me to whip my head up and look for its source. I really needed my human hearing right now. Sure, they were sometimes helpful, but not very often. I wonder if they make vampire earplugs…

I finally found the right scent and followed it. I ran for many miles through the large collection of trees along the river.

After a while, I came to a small camp. There were no sleeping bags, only three tents for shelter and a fire. Around the fire sat three very wild-looking vampires. They were only animal skins, and they looked as if they had been stretched. The red eyes did not help. They turned to face me as I entered the small clearing that was the site of the camp.

“Who are you?” the largest woman, probably the leader, asked me, narrowing her eyes.

“I’m Bella Cullen,” I said, changing my last name so that they might have a chance of knowing who I was. “I’m looking for Edward Cullen.”

“Cullen? You’re not a Cullen. You have red eyes. Carlisle would never let a vampire who drinks human blood join his coven,” she pointed out.

“I’m a newborn. Now, do you know where Edward is or not?”

“I’ve never met him,” the leader replied.

My face fell. Alice had been wrong. He was never with the Amazon vampires. He had probably run off to some other place in the world. Maybe he didn’t love me. Maybe it was a false hope. I still had a little hope though. I had found that stuff under my floorboard. That must mean something. I turned to leave when I heard a new voice speak. I turned around to face the three women again.

“Zafrina?” the woman to the left of the leader asked.

“What is it Senna?” Zafrina looked back at her, a concerned look on her face.

“Kachiri did come across the scent of another vampire about a week ago while we were hunting,” Senna admitted. Zafrina stared back in shock. Obviously she hadn’t been informed of this little detail of their hunting trip. “We started to follow it,” Senna continued, “but it went through the city and we really needed to hunt.”

I stared at the two other women, Senna and Kachiri. Maybe they could help me. Zafrina clearly didn’t know a thing about Edward. What would I do when I found him? Would my theory be true? Or am I completely off? I was starting to think about where in the city he might be when a voice pulled me from my thoughts.

“What are you doing?” Zafrina stared back at me confused.

“I’m not doing anything,” I answered back defensively.

“You must be! You looked anxious so I tried to put you at a quiet beach to calm you down, but you still look anxious. Do you have something against beaches?”

“Beach? I didn’t see anything. How could you put me at a beach anyway?”

“That’s my power,” she informed me. “I can put you into any scene I want, whether it is scary or calming. I wonder why you didn’t see it.”

I thought back to why I wouldn’t have been able to see something if she tried to put that image into my mind. I remember a detail of Edward and I’s relationship that might help understand this situation.

“Edward couldn’t read my mind even when I was human. That’s his power, mind-reading. Maybe you can’t get into my head either.”

“Interesting theory. I’ve heard of mental shields before, but I’ve never encountered one. You must be pretty powerful if he couldn’t read your mind while you were human.”

I had no idea what she was talking about. Then again, I have never known any vampires other than the Cullens, the Denalis and James’ coven. I only knew of three people with powers. I hadn’t though of asking the Denalis if they had any, so I probably knew even more. I had heard Eleazar mumbling something that sounded like “shield” a few days after my transformation, but I had never thought anything of it.

“What’s a shield?” I asked.

“It means that you can block out other vampires’ powers. Yours appears to be mental. I don’t know how powerful yours is, but it would be fun to test it. I’d like to see how you fare against the Volturi.”

Volturi. I remember Carlisle telling me about them before I was changed. They had filled me in on everything they could think of about vampires before Carlisle bit me. But they hadn’t mentioned anything about any powers pertaining to the Volturi, or to anyone for that matter.

“The Volturi have powers? Or are they just good fighters?” I asked Zafrina yet another question.

“Of course! Haven’t you heard of their evil twins? Jane and Alec?”


“Well we need to fix that. And I’m assuming, since you’re a newborn, you don’t know how to fight?” I nodded. “We’ll train you to fight then too. Otherwise, you will probably be killed by your first challenger. I’d also like to experiment with that shield. I’ve heard of some shields being able to project, even though I’ve never met one, I bet you could-” Zafrina babbled on.

“Whoa. Slow down! What do you mean project?” I stopped her midsentence.

“Well I’ve never seen it, but apparently some shields can push out their shield so they can incorporate other people. I have no experience with it. If you can project, you might also want to try pulling it back to strengthen it.”

The onslaught of information sent my mind reeling. Could I ever find another shield to help me? Could I project? If I could, was it possible to protect the people I loved, instead of just standing by like I used to? Would I actually be able to fight? I’d never thought about that, but now that I did, I wondered who I would end up fighting during the rest of my existence. I wouldn’t have to just stand by and watch the people I loved fight. I could learn to fight! I could help!

Though I was very excited about learning to fight and project, I kept my voice calm and even. “Ok,” I agreed.

“We will start tomorrow then. Come, sit down,” she patted the spot on the ground next to her. I walked the few yards over to her and sat down. I remembered how I had wanted to follow that scent, but I figured it could wait.

We talked through the night about many things. I told them my mission and why I was here. I told them about Edward and how he had left. I even told them about the werewolves. They were shocked about that one. They had thought that werewolves were extinct. Apparently the ones in La Push weren’t alone.

In return they told me about themselves. Zafrina told me more about her gift and how it works. Senna told me about that scent I had been wondering about it and how she had followed it only half of the way and then had to break off to go hunt. I was still disgusted that any of them could eat humans, but I understood it was how they live and I know how hard it is to resist their scent.

The most intriguing story was Kachiri’s one about the vampire hybrid. I had not even known that was possible. I briefly wondered what it would look like if Edward and I had had a baby. That was impossible now; I was all ready changed. I would have to remember to tell the rest of the Cullens about this story. Carlisle would be thrilled with the glory of new information.

They told me about the Volturi’s powers; like they had promised. I wondered if any of their mental powers would work on me. I knew for sure that the leader’s, Aro, wouldn’t. He was a mind reader, but he needed physical contact. If Edward couldn’t read my mind, there was no way that Aro could. I decided that I didn’t want to find out if any of the Volturi’s powers would work on me. From what Senna, Kachiri, and Zafrina told me, I didn’t want to deal with them.

The next day we started following the scent. We’d decided that I could learn to fight later. I needed to track this scent before the next rain washed it away.

Kachiri, Zafrina, and Senna came along to help me. We had been following the scent for about five miles when I came across the alluring smell of a jaguar. I hadn’t hunted for weeks now, so I started charging after it before I knew what I was doing.

“We’ll leave you to hunt in peace,” Kachiri said as they turned around and ran back the way we had come.

I tackled it to the ground and quickly drained the jaguar. Once there was no blood left to the wild cat, I moved on to find something else to fully quench my thirst. I looked around and found a deer. It was not as appealing as the jaguar had been, but blood still ran through it and I was still thirsty. I ran over and sucked it dry anyway because I was still a newborn and I needed more blood than a mature vampire would.

I had just stood up after dropping the empty carcass to the ground when I heard the smallest rustle of the leaves on the ground behind me.

I turned around to inspect the sound only to find that someone was watching me.