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There are a lot of "if Edward never came back" stories, and in the ones I've read, Edward always runs into Bella or caves and comes back. What if Bella went looking for Edward? Bella tripped over a loose floorboard in her room. she finds some things she thought she had lost under it. does this mean Edward really loves her? she's going to find out. look out for the sequel to Somewhere! it's called Nowhere!

My inspiration for this story is when Bella has a fantasy on the flight to Italy in New Moon about following Edward around the globe after Alice told her she would change her. Also, though this story is kinda against the other "if Edward never came back" stories, I just want to say that those stories rock! Enjoy the story! Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer. I just like writing Twilight fanfic.

6. Vengeance

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Bella’s POV

Behind me, looking as if she had been watching me the whole time was none other than Victoria.

I gasped as I looked at the she-devil. I had never seen her, other than that time in the baseball field that seemed like it had been eons ago. She had leaves through her flame red hair and she wore no shoes. Her clothes were worn and covered in dirt. Her crimson eyes bored into mine.

“V-V-Victoria?” I stammered as she looked at me in a threatening way.

“Yes Bella. I have been looking for you. I thought you were in that tiny little town up in Washington, but then I saw that you had boarded a plane to Brazil from Alaska. I would’ve gotten here sooner if those wolves hadn’t gotten to me. Now, vampire or not, it is time for you to die so that your precious little mate can feel the same pain I did when he killed James,” she told me her plan. I could hear the love and devotion in her voice when she said James’s name.

I now regretted not asking to learn to fight earlier. The scent could’ve waited. I couldn’t even look for Edward let alone track his scent unless I was alive. There was no way I could survive this. I decided to try running. I was a newborn, I could outrun her.

I had only moved a few yards when her hard arms came around me and flung me through the trees. I landed flat on my back, scattering the leaves and soil on the forest floor to the side due to the force. I looked back through the trees at my extremely angry enemy that was glaring at me.

I got to my feet, but I did not attempt to move. I would not dare to try running away again. Victoria was very fast; even as a newborn, there was no way I could outrun her.

She started to walk toward me and we began circling in the small break in the trees.

As an instinct, I recalled the little self defense that I knew while I stared at her. I shoved it aside when I remembered that none of this would do any good against an experienced vampire opponent. I braced myself for her attack, closing my eyes as I did not want to the wild flames of her hair come at me.

She jumped at me, slamming me into one of the trees that were surrounding us, bringing it to the ground. She had her hand on my neck, ready to snap it. I swiftly brought my hand to my neck and pulled hers away. She was using all her strength. The resistance caused her left hand to flip back and snap off. She screamed and jumped back.

I found out just how strong I was then. If I could just get my arms around her to snap her in half; I could quickly tear the rest of her apart after that. I smiled as I realized I might actually have a chance of winning this.

“What are you smiling at?!” she shouted, putting the nub where her hand used to be to her side. I hadn’t noticed that she had been inspecting it until now.

“Nothing,” I smiled wider, feeling even more devious. She just glared menacingly at me. She came charging again, her arms ready to strangle me as she ran. She was obviously not prepared for any movement on my part, so I stepped to the side to throw her off, causing her to run into another tree and knock it to the ground.

I was feeling so empowered that I didn’t notice her get up from the ground and come charging after me again to attack. She tackled me to the ground and tore off a piece of flesh from my neck before I realized what she was doing. I screamed in pain. I needed to get her off me so I kicked both my legs at her stomach and pushed myself up with my hands, making Victoria jump back to her feet. I pushed her forward, making the few trees left around us fall to the ground. We had now created our own little clearing surrounded by fallen trees.

“You shouldn’t have tried to fight a newborn, Victoria,” I told her before I ripped the rest of her to shreds. “Even with no experience or training, I still won.” I felt extremely powerful as I said these words aloud.

“I thought you were still human when I came,” Victoria informed me. “I never thought I would end up fighting a newborn, but I wasn’t about to give up the chance to kill you while I had you cornered. I just wanted to-" her voice broke off because I had charged at her this time in impatience and wrapped my arms tightly around my middle, snapping her in half as she screamed.

I pulled her head from her shoulders and severed her limbs from her body. I walked across the small clearing to where the backpack I had brought along lay. I got out the pack of matches that I had brought in case I needed to start a fire; I never anticipated that I would end up fighting anybody on my journey.

I dragged the match across the box to light it. Once it was lit I quickly threw it toward the pile of white body parts and hair that looked like flames all ready that was in the corner, careful for the fire not to come in contact with my skin. The pile of body parts instantly burst into flames, causing a long column of purple pungent smoke rising through the trees. I lit a few more matches and threw them in to make sure that all of her was burned to ashes.

I ran away, back to the Amazon’s campsite, so that the flames would not catch my skin. They were all there, probably thinking I had been hunting this whole time. I must have looked pretty bad because their eyes widened once they saw me.

“What happened to you?!” Senna asked in panic, staring at the spot on my neck that was now missing some flesh.

I gave myself a quick onceover. My clothes were ripped and covered in dirt. My hair was tangled and filled with things that had previously been on the ground. I tried to look at my neck, but I couldn’t see it; so I settled for running my hand across it. Victoria had taken a piece of skin off a few inched in length and a about an inch wide. It wasn’t very deep, but it probably would’ve killed me had I been human.

“Well, I was hunting and then someone came up behind me. Edward killed her mate a year and a half ago because he was trying to kill me, so she was trying to kill me for her revenge. I fought her and won somehow, but not before she got a piece out of me.”

“So, Edward is your mate?” Zafrina asked.

“I don’t know. He left about a year ago. I want to find him. He was in Brazil a few days ago, that’s why I’m here. Alice Cullen sees visions of the future and she saw him in Brazil. She thought that he might be with you.”

“Bella…How could you ever doubt that your mate doesn’t love you? As vampires, our emotions don’t change. He could never stop,” Zafrina explained to me.

I didn’t know whether to trust her or not. She sounded sincere, but what if Edward never had loved me? Then his emotions would have never changed. Then again, why would a godlike creature like him bother to waste any time with a feeble human like me? He hadn’t done that with any of the other girls who would have gladly taken my place. Why me? This observation gave me a strong hope for the future to find him and spend eternity with him.

“He left. He said he didn’t love me. I’ll never be good enough for him anyway. I understand why he left.”

“Such low self esteem…” she muttered to herself, though everybody could hear. Then she spoke louder. “You really need to have more faith in yourself, Bella. Though, I have no idea why anybody’s mate would leave them. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Never doubt that.”

I smiled. I had needed the reassurance.

He loves me. He loves me. I repeated this over and over in my head. It made me feel wanted. Oh how I loved that feeling.

“So what were you saying about fighting somebody before we got into this discussion about your lost love?” Zafrina interrupted my mental mantra.

“A woman named Victoria attacked me to avenge her mate,” I briefly explained.

“So that’s why you now have a part of your neck missing?” Senna asked. I nodded. “Wow. I can’t believe that’s the full extent of your injuries after your first fight. Untrained and a newborn too.”

“So…” I began; trying to see if they would still follow through on their promise, even though I had all ready fought Victoria. “Are you still going to teach me to fight?”

“Of course! You may have all ready fought someone, but that doesn’t mean that you will be able to win your next battle. You need to be trained!

I smiled in response.

So, I stayed with the Amazons for a few more days. They taught me all I could learn about fighting off vampires. Once I had learned that, I decided that I needed to try to find that scent, even though it would be hard to track because of how old it was. I eventually found the faint scent. It led to the airport. I had no idea why Edward would leave Brazil and I didn’t want to know. I ran back to the campsite at full speed. Edward definitely wasn’t here, so I needed to say goodbye to my new friends before I went looking for him again.

They bid me farewell with a simple “Come back soon!”

I needed to contact Alice. A pay phone probably wouldn’t work for calls to a different continent, so I decided to go buy a cell phone.

Once I was done with that, I called Alice’s number. She picked up on the first ring.

“Bella! I had no idea how to contact you! I’ve been trying to figure out for forever now! Edward’s not in Brazil anymore! He went back to Forks! But don’t go back there because by the time you get back he’ll be in a stopover in Houston on his way back down to Brazil!”

“Whoa, Alice! Slow down! What is he trying to find me now?”

“Yes!” Alice exclaimed. “This is what I have been trying to tell you the whole time! But you wouldn’t listen! He loves you! He only left because he was overreacting and being overprotective again! Haven’t you figured that out yet?”

I tried to look at it from Alice’s point of view. That would be something Edward would do. He had always talked about doing that before if I was in too much danger. Wow. I really was being stupid. I didn’t even think of that. I could only focus on the part about him not loving me. I smiled even though nobody would be able to see it.

“Ok then! Go find him! I’ll call you if there’s anything new! Bye Bella!” Alice hung up.

I went to the airport for the second time today and got on the next flight to Houston, thinking about Edward the whole way.