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Elizabeth's Face

A father-daughter moment between Edward and Renesmee when she asks about his birth mother. One shot.


1. Chapter 1

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Edward’s POV

“Daddy? Can you tell me about grandma?” I heard my little girl ask me.

Bella’s head shot up from her book with Renesmee’s question. Alice, Carlisle, and Esme froze.

Oh Dear thought Esme. She sudenly thought of a time where Renesmee had asked her with her gift. Esme hadn’t known the answer so Renesmee had turned to Bella, then Alice, then finally Carlisle.

“Uh- you know Grandma Renee. And you live with Grandma Esme.” I said,confused.

Edward, I think she means Elizabeth Carlisle thought. He gulped and I saw that he didn’t want this question to come up. My adopted family –Carlisle especially- had tried not to think of my human mother around me for fear they would upset me.

“No.” Renesmee said mater-of-factly. “I mean Grandma Masen.” Bella’s eyes widened. I stared at my daughter. How did she know my maiden name was Masen?

Sorry Edward. Alice thought shepishly I think she heard me say that we would use your old name when we could go back to school.

“It’s alright Alice.” I said. I turned to my daughter. “So you want to hear about my birth mother?” I asked her.

“Yes Daddy.” She trotted over to me and climbed on my lap. I pulled her close and she snuggled into my stone chest.

“Well, she was very kind and she loved people in general.” I began. “I remember her scolding me if I spoiled my supper by taking a cookie from the plate she always had on the counter. And she had a beautiful voice. She would always acompany me when I played the piano.” I paused. The dim, human memories suddenly came flooding back to me. My mother, humming to herself as she prepared the sitting room for guests. Her Emerald eyes searching mine when I told a falsehood. Her laugh as I said something beyond my years of age. The way she claped her hands when I recited a bible lesson corectly. The way that she looked at my father every day of her life. I could see the love written all over her face.

Her face filled my mind as I sat there with my daughter in my arms. My mother’s bronze hair, flowing like a waterfall down her back, waving at the ends. The rustle of her skirts as she danced across the kitchen preparing dinner for my father, her, and I. The feel of her lips on my cheek as she tucked me under the covers at bedtime. I suddenly wished I could cry for this lost soul that I had called my mother for seventeen years of my life.

“Daddy?” I was suddenly brought back to the present by a timid little voice. I looked down and, for a wild second, I thought I was looking at a young Elizabeth Masen. But instead of emerald eyes, I looked into chocolate brown eyes.

“ You look just like her.” I wispered to my daughter. “ You have her face.”

She touched her cheek with a look of awe on her face.I chuckeled and kissed her little bronze ringlets. She smiled. “I’m glad. Now you don’t have to miss her face. It’ll be right here.” She said proudly,puffing out her chest. We all laughed and started tickling my little girl.

I wish you were here mother. I thought. I miss you and I wish you could meet your grand daughter and daughter in –law.I know you would love them as much I do.Suddenly, I could hear her voice again. Not the cracked voice that I had heard while we were both dying,but the voice I had heard growing up. I’m so proud of you darling.This girl has made you a very wise and straping young man. And you are a wonderful father. I love you so much.

“I love you too Mother.” I wispered. “I love you too.”