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Cat and Wolf chase.

When Hazel goes to live in Forks Posessing a strange knowledge of vampires and 'were-wolves' But Hazel is also on a mission.... A mission for her life.... Banner Made By ScarlettBlushRated TEEN!!! For Stuffz...xD

Yay, I hope you like it!!

1. Here we go.

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 515   Review this Chapter

I walked into Forks High school, and asked the receptionist for my timetable.

''Get your teacher to sign this and bring it back to me at the end of the day', the old hag croaked.

Yeah, Yeah, like I haven’t done this before.

Here we go again.

50 years of high school. Gah. 5 years was enough to kill anyone.

But nooo, I had to blend in.

Oh well....I noticed I was at my first class, so I walked in.

The first thing I noticed was the vampires. Sitting with a half-vampire and a shape shifter.

I held my breath and counted to ten, and the teacher told me to sit next to them.

It was math, and there were now 9 of us.

I hissed across the table. "We need to talk"

The one with bronze hair whispered back, only loud enough and fast enough for my ears and the other 7 to hear. ''Not now, at lunch''

''Fine'', I shot back. And the teacher asked me what the square root of 5.667x45.672.34 was.

I easily answered, with my ability to know the answer to any question.

Yay me.

Lunchtime rolled around eventually, and I made my way over to where they were sitting.

"Alright", the bronze haired one hissed, "What are you and how do you know about us"

I lent back in my chair and started telling them my story.

I was born in a small town, near Canada . My father was a drunk; my mother a prostitute. One day when I was locked in a cupboard, by my drunk father, I had a panic attack, and passed out. When I woke up, I was a 5ft tall black cat. Later, I learnt to experiment with my shape shifting, and killed my parents, for abusing me, over the years. Then I was found by vampires. They were interested in me; I was one of a kind they said. They locked me up and performed cruel tests on me. One of the guards told me about the other vampires and a few other shape-shifers. I have 3 more abilities, other than shape shifting. One day, I simply ran off. I was sick of it all. I travelled for a bit, then came here.

The shape shifters eyes were nearly falling out of his head. I stifled a laugh, as he tried not to look so shocked.

As of that, when he stopped looking shocked, he went back to eating.

Jeez, I’ve never seen someone eat like that.

Then I showed them my scars.He nearly fainted.

Come ON, I mean he’s like 6ft at least, he’s probably killed newborns before and he nearly faints at the sight of my scars?

Compared to Jasper’s, mine are nothing.

The bronze haired introduced everyone.He was Edward, the pretty girl next to him was Bella, the one next to her was Alice, the one next to Alice, was Jasper, next to Jasper, was Emmett, next to Emmett was Rosalie, next to Rosalie was Renesmee, and next to her was Jacob.


Now I have to go to a stinking meeting, down in La Push.

On the other hand, there will be a bonfire.

I like bonfires.