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Cat and Wolf chase.

When Hazel goes to live in Forks Posessing a strange knowledge of vampires and 'were-wolves' But Hazel is also on a mission.... A mission for her life.... Banner Made By ScarlettBlushRated TEEN!!! For Stuffz...xD

Yay, I hope you like it!!

2. Woahh...

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We were all huddled around the bonfire, waiting for that shapeshifter girl.

Lucky me, I was sandwiched between Jacob and Edward.

Oh well....

Talk about emergency metings....

And she was late....

Then we heard someone stumbling around.

Jacob and Edward jumped up to help her.

We smelt her before we saw her.

She smelt like...like wildflowers, rainy days and vanilla all at the same time....

You wouldn't think that could smell nice, but I'm telling you, it did.

Then she came into view.

She had long chesnut coloured hair, dark pink eyes and a beautiful smile.

My world was suddenly centered around her.

She was the only thing that mattered.

My imprint. My true love.

Jacob noticed my shaking and dragged me behind some rocks.

"Seth, what happened?" Jacob asked, "You just suddenly started shaking."

I looked at Jake.

Yup, same old Jake.

Here we go...

"I imprinted...", I whispered, "On her..."

Jacob nearly had a heart attack then.

"You-Wha-Huh-WHAT!?", he spluttered, "You. Imprinted. On. That. Weird. Girl.?!"

"Uh...Yeah...." I said, trying not to laugh at Jake's reaction.

Even though he just 'insulted' her, it was still funny watching him trying to stop looking so shocked.

"Yeah....can I go back now?" I smirked. "Try not to have a heart attack"

I walked back over to the bonfire, and plonked myself back on the log....

What was her name? Hazel?

Her name and my last name-Hazel Clearwater.

That fitted perfectly.

Hazel sat down next to me and wrapped her arms around me.

She whispered in my ear. " Oh and I thought you should know I imprinted on you"

I nearly fell off my log backwards.

"Ehh....Can I talk to you?" I asked.

"Yeah sure.", she replied.

We went over to another set of rocks, as Jake was still occuping the other ones.

"You...Imprinted?...On me?", I stumbled over my words.

"Yeah....Why?" she wanted to know.

"Uh....I imprinted on you", I answered.

"Woahh...." Hazel whispered, "That proves...We're made for each other.....most indefinately..."

She suddenly threw her arms around me.

I hugged her back...

She was mine...

We went back to the bonfire, holding hands and we sat back down.

I lent over and whispered to Nessie. "You might wanna go get Jacob from behind those rocks."

She jumped up and returned with Jacob.

Then the meeting started.

Sam stood up and said the thing that Alpha's say at the begining of a meeting.

Then it was Hazel's turn...

She hunched up and started talking.

"I was born in a small town, near Canada. My father was a drunk; my mother a prostitute. One day when I was locked in a cupboard, by my drunk father, I had a panic attack, and passed out. When I woke up, I was a 5ft tall black cat. Later, I learnt to experiment with my shape shifting, and killed my parents, for abusing me, over the years. Then I was found by vampires. They were interested in me; I was one of a kind they said. They locked me up and performed cruel tests on me. One of the guards told me about the other vampires and a few other shape-shifers. I have 3 more abilities, other than shape shifting. One day, I simply ran off. I was sick of it all. I travelled for a bit, then came here. When I was at school today, I met the Cullens, and Jacob. Then I was told to come here, I met Seth, imprinted and here we are now"

All the werewolves were staring at her now, their eyes nearly falling out their heads.

Then she showed them her scars...

Embry, Quil, Paul and Jared fainted.

Bella zoomed away, and came back with a bucket of water.

She chucked the water over them and they suddenly sat up.

She started laughing, then Edward joined in and Alice did.

Then we were all laughing at them.

Hazel's laugh....amazing...

Sort of like the Cullen girls bell laughs, but different.

I love her...

When the meeting ended, there was a huge feast.

Renesmee ate a hotdog or 2 and a bloodshake.

The Cullens had some blood.

Me, Hazel and the rest of the pack, ate everything else.

Hazel had nowhere to go, so we all went round to the Cullens, and slept there.

Jacob-So he was near Nessie.

Me-So I was near Hazel.

The rest of the pack went home.

When morning rolled round, Hazel was gone....