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"why i chose you"-bella's lullaby

another twilight poem. edward with why i love you for bella. if there were words to accompany bella's lullaby, this is how i would imagine them


1. Chapter 1

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why do i feel this way? why me? why you? tell me please.....

how quickly the reasoning of my mind surrenders to my hopes. gives in to my dreams. and washes away my darkness...

the soft beauty of your blush, when you feel my gaze, leaves me awestruck with wonder.

never have i been stunned thus, never have i found another like you.

so delicate. so lovely. i feel as if a breath of the wind would blow you away,

and would it but carry me away with you. but though it may take you over sea and mountain, follow you always i will.

drawn to your scent. your wonderous beauty, your interesting eyes, and your heart stopping luck

oh bella. my bella. finally, you are mine. and i would keep you for eternity

but i will not damn you. no, i will not damn you.....