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First night

this is a poem about when edward first heard bella say his name, and his exultation. enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

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gazing unhappily upon her features,
my sient heart beat with anguish,
and with a sigh i turned, ready to evaporate under nights closing shadow,
when i heard the murmur of her dreams,

a voice that should be treasured, coveted and kept secret,
a voice that shook with unwanted and wanted torments,
that blazed with curiosity and longing,
or so i longed to hear,

my name! my name she spoke upon her lips! A breathless sound of wonder,
and my silent heart flared with new life,
while the beast that was as black as the night howled,
and i almost laughed aloud at my new found joy,
and hope

ah! I had forgtten that word.
Amongst the dreary endless days and nights, my humanity had been lost,
But this fragile, perfect creature was drawing on my memory,
The irony and the perfection of this moment,
Brought a wry chuckle to my stony face,

Wait...could it be? Had she said it again?
Once more, for the second time in a century, i felt my dead heart soar,
And my worries were as meaningless as the air i no longer needed,
They were inconsiquential compared to my need...for her!

Would she...could she, be my bella?