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Damsels in Distress and Knights in Shining Armor

Bella and Edward are in a typical cliched situation. Bella's trapped in a tower and Edward is the knight in shining armor. Edward has to fight three old ememies that are somehow not dead. You know who they are. HINT: we met them in twilight

I think it is pretty funny

rated teen just in case Review and whatnot it makes me update that much sooner.

I do not own any of these characters. Except for Richard and the Guide.

Oh, and just a future warning, I might delete this so that way I can rewrite it, since a whole bunch of people told me it rushes.

2. Chapter 2

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EPOV The guide had taken me as far as he would go. He told me how to get there the rest of the way. I nodded and as soon as he was far enough away that I couldn’t smell him I checked around with my thoughts to make sure no other human was on their way to rescue Bella for some reason. ............ Nothing, I was far enough away that nobody was in hearing distance. So I took off the ridiculous armor and face paint. Fortunately, I was wearing clothes under my armor, although they weren’t exactly normal. I was wearing a long white shirt with some sort of weird gold sash and a red belt around my waist. My pants were red with a gold stripe down each of the sides. The shoes were plain and black. I looked like a character from Disney world. Alice would throw a fit if I came home like this. Emmett wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. The horse that I had been riding on had bolted once it had caught sight of me in the sun. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, sniffing the air, hoping to catch the familiar scent of Bella. I wasn’t able to smell her but I did smell something familiar. I wasn’t certain of where I had smelled it before but the scent made me clench my fists in anger. I ran, following the scent. Then it hit me. This was Laurent’s scent. I stopped quickly from shock. Laurent was dead though! Wasn’t he? Hadn’t the wolves killed him because he had tried to hurt Bella? I ground my teeth at the thought. If Laurent was still alive I would kill him myself. Then another horrible thought occurred to me. If he was alive who else was too? I began running again, focusing on my sense of smell to guide me to Bella’s tower. If Laurent was the reason nobody survived in their attempts to rescue Bella I wouldn’t be surprised. Then I caught two more scents that I recognized and froze, snarling in fury. James and Victoria were back as well. I was going to kill them all. I began to run, faster this time, and hoped that I would get there before my precious Bella was- I couldn’t even think about it. Bella must be terrified. BPOV I was terrified, curled into a ball on the bed. I had found some different clothes to change into but they were so medieval-y. I realized that this probably was around the medieval time so everything would be medieval-y. I sighed and selected something pink and gold, and decided that if I was going to be playing the damsel-in-distress, princess-locked-in-tower type thing then I should totally embrace the part. So I picked one of those princess hats that are pointy and have the tulle coming out from the tip and flowed down. I looked in the mirror at myself and nearly gagged. I looked like a three year old getting ready to trick-or-treat. I would have changed but everything else in there was far, far worse. I can only describe them with two words. Black silk. I hoped that I would wake up from the nightmare soon but I very much doubted it. I wondered vaguely what Edward was doing right now. He was probably in this current delusion. I giggled as I realized that he was probably dressed up in some ridiculous outfit, just like I was. I knew it would be pointless to try to escape considering who my guards were. I really didn’t want meet Victoria or Laurent under any circumstances. And I wasn’t certain that they really wanted to keep me specifically, I was probably replaceable to them and I didn’t really want to tempt a thirsty vampire, especially an irritated one. So I would play the part of damsel-in-distress until I knew without-a-doubt, that my guards were long gone. I hoped that I would see Edward soon. I looked out my window and saw a small pillar of purple smoke off in the distance. EPOV I threw the remaining pieces of Laurent into the fire. When I had come across him he had jumped at me. Fortunately I knew he was about to so I was able to tear his head off before he could land. Fortunately the path to the tower went through a forest so there was plenty of wood for a fire. I had found a match box in one of my pockets and a lighter (don’t ask how they got there. I was still confused about how I somehow ended up in these clothes) so I was able to start a fire to burn the pieces of Laurent. One vampire down, two more to go. I’m coming Bella. BPOV I was wondering which of my guards had died (hopefully it had been one of them and not some Vampire that I know and love) when James burst into the room looked around so fast his head was a blur. When he spotted me his gaze relaxed somewhat. “Who died?” I asked innocently. “How do you know someone has died?” He asked panicked. I pointed out the window at the pillar of smoke rising in the not-so-distant distance. James snarled, causing me to step back instinctively. “Laurent’s gone. Damn, someone must know our secret. But you’ve been trapped in here. How could you’ve told anyone? No, it must be one of us.” James seemed to be talking more to himself than to me. Still, I didn’t move from being so terrified. “We’ve got a problem. VICTORIA!” He called out to her, closing the doo when leaving my chamber. I could still hear them from through the door if I pressed my ear to it. “What James?” Victoria’s bubblegum and blonde curls kind of voice made me freeze in terror. “Laurent’s been killed. Someone knows how to kill us. I think it’s another vampire.” “What vampire would want a human girl? Except as a snack?” I shuddered at the thought. “Maybe she’s his singer. I don’t know. But we can be assured that he won’t reach her. I’m saving her for when she turns twenty. She smells so mouthwatering.” I started to shake uncontrollably. “You can take care of him, can’t you?” James asked Victoria. “No problem. I’ll kill him nice and slow.” She giggled. I started to wobble. I slowly made my way over to the bed before I collapsed on the floor. Victoria was going to try to kill Edward (by this time I was pretty sure that it was him). I shouldn’t be worried. He’s killed her before hasn’t he? But I still was shaking like a leaf. I was thankful that James thought that Victoria was enough to kill Edward. If they had both gone then I don’t think that Edward would survive. He might already be injured from the battle with Laurent. “Edward, good luck.” I whispered, but I knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to hear me. EPOV I was closer to the tower now. Not much closer but close enough to catch a slight whiff of that heavenly scent that captivated me. Bella’s blood still sang for me even at this distance but I didn’t care. I loved her smell. I probably would have stood there for another hour contemplating how many ways I loved that smell but I knew that I would have to rescue Bella as fast as possible, otherwise James might kills her. I snarled at the thought. Suddenly I heard the thoughts of someone whose thoughts I never hoped to hear again. I smelled something that sent me into a crouch. “Victoria.” I snarled. “You’re a well informed one.” Her voice tinkled as she laughed. It disgusted me. I lunged at her while she was caught off-guard but she had seen that coming and dived. But I had seen her intentions and beat her there. Her eyes widened as she tried in vain to turn herself around in midair but I dismantled her before she had the chance. I built another fire and burned the pieces of Victoria. Two down, one to go. Bella, I will save you! I began running again. I knew that I would reach Bella’s tower in less then ten minutes at my speed. When I reached it I could smell Bella’s rich scent. But it was tainted with the smell of someone that I had hoped to never see again. I looked up the tower and saw at the top, James, clutching Bella’s arm. Bella was dangling over a five story drop. I growled and was about to climb the nearest tree and jump the rest of the way when he did something that he had done once and that I had made certain that he would never do again. He took Bella’s leg into his free hand and snapped it using his thumb and fingers. My roar of fury seemed to amuse him as he threw my broken angel into the room behind him and jumped down to meet me. “I’ll take it you’re the man that killed Victoria and Laurent?” He sneered at me, and then gestured to the two columns of smoke of in the distance. “I am.” I snarled back at him. “Then this should be a lot more interesting.” He grinned then shifted into a crouch. I copied him then jumped to the right as he launched himself at me. Then I jumped straight up as he tried to wrap his arms around me. I landed in a tree branch just above him and quickly shot myself back down, straight at his head as he hesitated, realizing that I could fight better than he had thought I could. He didn’t even have time to figure out what had happened before I tore his head from his body. Then I quickly dismantled him just like the others building a fire and throwing the pieces of him into it. BPOV My leg was in pain. It hurt really badly. But I didn’t care, not really. Nothing hurt in comparison to the fact that Edward could be killed. When I had seen him from the window where James was dangling me I had wanted to scream at him not to come any closer. But I couldn’t. I knew it would be pointless. I knew it must have hurt him to see me hurt. While to the fight outside I smelled something that could only mean one thing. The smell of a burning vampire meant that the fight was over. Some one was coming to get me. But who? I looked up form where I was lying on the floor and smiled. Edward was there. His skin caught the last rays of light from the setting sun and sparkled. He was, no doubt, my very own knight in his own brand of shining, or in this case sparkling, armor. “Bella?” He called out gently, “How badly hurt are you?” “I’m alright.” I told him, trying but failing to mask the pain in my voice. “No, you’re not” he sighed and walked over to me. “I hope you don’t mind but I have to do this before I go insane.” “Wha-” my words were cut off by his lips pressing themselves onto mine. I counted the seconds, knowing that he would only kiss me for about five. 1…2…3… ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` *whoosh* ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` EPOV I jolted upright. I was in Bella’s room. I quickly looked to my side and let out a breath I didn’t realize that I was holding. Bella was right next to me also awake and bewildered. “Bella?” I asked quietly. I wondered if this too, was a delusion. “Edward? Umm, I may sound crazy but, were we sent back in time and Victoria, Laurent, and James still existed? And you were the knight in shining armor?” she seemed a bit nervous, as if the room was about to vanish at any second. "Bella are you all right?" I asked her quickly, she was all that mattered." "I'm not sure, maybe I ate something that gave me a weird dream." My cold hand seemed to move of it's own accord as it went down and felt the area where James had hurt her. Her heart began to speed up. Then I sighed, there was no break, she should be okay but I had to make sure. "I meant, are you hurt?" Bella looked at me and smiled, "No, Edward, I'm fine." “Bella, I don’t think that we should watch that movie anymore." I said smiling, "It made me go nuts for a few seconds.” “How about we don’t mention it to anyone? That we will forget about it unless we hear something that makes us feel like we should tell someone?” “Agreed.” Bella smiled at me then snuggled into my chest and went to sleep. I tensed, waiting for something to happen but nothing did. So I relaxed, and watched the fairest maiden in all the land sleep soundly for the rest of the night.