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A Story in a Poem

This is just an idea that came to me. I warn you, it may not be any good. I wrote it down in five minutes. Hope that it's good anyway. Review and tell me what you think. The title says it all. It's not very long, so it won't take that long to read it. Sorry about the title, not very creative, but at least it fits the 'story' : ) I added more to it! Enjoy!


1. Waking Up

Rating 5/5   Word Count 225   Review this Chapter

Light steams in through the window
A few beams sparkle off my mirror
The warming effect
That consumes my skin
As I bask in it’s blaze.
Behind me
My immortal
Walks up to me
Right into the shaft of light
He sparkles like millions of diamonds
Plastered onto his body.

A quick peck on the cheek and
Then out the window
That was already halfway open
From his arrival last night.
Stiff and slow my footsteps down the stairs
A thump and creak as I walk.
A thud, I fell
But that is no surprise
To anyone who knows me
At least.

Crunch and a cling
The spoon banging against the bowl
As I take a misaimed scoop for the cereal
Some splatters onto the floor and
I reach down to clean it up
Knocking the whole bowl down
In the process.
After a few minutes if life with out him
He waits in my driveway
Begging me to hurry up.
I blunder towards the shiny Volvo
The chariot that my prince
Has thoughtfully brought for me.

But before his arms could wrap around me
A knock to my head
The ground coming towards me
Faster then I feel comfortable with
Blackness consumes me
Making me wish that
I could hear his voice one last time.

I open my eyes
White walls all around me
Clouds are seen through the window
I look at Alice who is sitting in the chair
Next to the bed.

“Where is he?” I ask
Curious to where my Romeo has gone.

“Taking care of some business,” she responds simply
And then turns back to her magazine.