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A Story in a Poem

This is just an idea that came to me. I warn you, it may not be any good. I wrote it down in five minutes. Hope that it's good anyway. Review and tell me what you think. The title says it all. It's not very long, so it won't take that long to read it. Sorry about the title, not very creative, but at least it fits the 'story' : ) I added more to it! Enjoy!


2. Hospital

Rating 4/5   Word Count 347   Review this Chapter

It took longer then I would have liked
But there he was
Glory and all
Sitting on the chair next to my bed
White walls surrounding us
As the humm of both Edward and
The machine next to me
Lured me to sleep.

A bright light shown through the window
Beams and speckles of light cover my face
The warmth feels right
Edward next to me makes it even better
I wonder to myself where he was
The night before
I asked him
But he gave the same answer as Alice
And called the nurse in
He asked for my breakfast
And moments later
A tray of pancakes arrives at my bed
I wonder why they took so little time
But then Edward slips her a bill
With a sum too large to be real
And she walks away
I eye Edward angrily before
Burying myself in syrup

A few days go by and
They all are the same
And an occasional doctor or two
Visits me
To see how I was doing
All logical answers because
How could I not be fine
With an angel by my bed?

Charlie blames Edward
Edward blames Edward
I blame Victoria
But who really listens to me?
Edward mutters to himself
Talking about revenge
I roll my eyes
And slap his hand playfully

I was gone within a week
Chores around the house
They all piled up
Until I couldn’t take it anymore
A few hours after a break down from me
My own cleaning crew
Arrived at my door
Seven vampires worthy of bucket and sponge went to work
Around the house
And Edward locked me in my room
So I couldn’t help
By the time they were done
I was fuming and
But a kiss from Edward
Cleared that right up

His family left and
We were alone in the house
That was
Until Charlie came in with
A whip in one hand and
A gun in the other and
Ordered Edward out of the house
Edward hopped out of there
And pretended to drive his car home
I was sent up to bed and
Charlie watched the game

Edward didn’t come
I was left alone and
Wondering where
He could have gone
Day light came and Edward arrived at my window
I ask him where he was

“I was taking care of some business, Love,” he says simply.

I throw a dirty glare at him and walk out of the room
To get ready for school.