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Edward's Lost Love

Edward grew up with a girl that he came to love with all his heart. They had true love and were best friends. Then in 1918 they thought it was all over. She cried by his bed until the doctor came in and said it was time for her to go. That was the last time that they thought they would ever see each other. Edward is hunting in the forest when he sees her and bumps into her. His love, his life, his Allie.


1. It's Him

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Allie's POV

I was running and running. Searching and waiting for a scent to cross my path. Hunting was rather fun to me. I had never killed a human, because I thought it was wrong. Even in my early days when I was alone. I often enjoyed hunting otherwise. Then I bumped into someone...Oh. My. God.

It was him. I couldn't beleive it. This was impossible. It couldn't be. No. Just no. But it was. I would know that beautiful bronze hair and that gorgeous sculpted face anywhere.

It was him. My Edward. Edward Anthony Masen.

He stared at me in awe. We stood there for what could have been ages. I just looked at him. Marveling over the fact that it was really him.

Finally, I whispered ,"Edward." so soft only a vampire could hear.

He pulled me into a tight embrace and I started sobbing uncontrollably, if I could cry I would. I was so happy it was really him. My love. My life. My Edward.

"Allie, I love you. I can't believe it's you. It's really you." he kept whispering to me.

Finally I stopped. I looked up at him, he looked so happy. I was standing perfectly content in his arms just like old times. Then he started talking.

"Allie, I thought I would never see you again. This...this is amazing. My one, my only love, I have back. " then he looked deep into my eyes like he was looking into my soul. "Wait...you don't feed on humans either?"

"No, I don't want to be a monster, and I assume that you don't either." I whispered " I rather miss your gorgeous green eyes though." he chuckled.

"As I miss your brown ones that I used to stare into for endless periods of time."

"But we are still together." I said " And I am never leaving. Never ever. I will stay with you forever. Just like it was supposed to be."

"Good."he said. "Because I wouldn't let you leave me, even if you tried."

I giggled softly.

"I can't believe this. It's too good to be true."he said, and with that he scooped me up into his arms and kissed me passionately.

"I love you. So much." I whispered as our kiss ended.

"As I love you," he said in his velvet voice "as always."

"That's good news then, otherwise that would have been a really inappropriate moment." he chuckled.

"Oh, Allie."he said while still laughing "you still make me laugh after all this time."

"I'm glad, it's one of my best qualities." he chuckled again and I smiled, I really was truly glad I could still make him laugh even after over one hundred years of being painfully apart.

"Why didn't Alice see this coming?" he said to himself.

Suddenly my non-beating heart felt like it weighed ten thousand pounds. I knew that this was too good to be true. Alice. Of course, he had a mate. I looked up at him sadly.

"Alice?" I said, "Is she?" my voice broke, "Is she your mate?"

"Oh, no, no, no," he said, I felt relieved, "Alice is my vampire sister. She is one of my many vampire sibilings. There is also Rosalie my other sister, and Jasper and Emmett my brothers."

"No mate?" I said.

"No mate." He replied with a smile. Suddenly his face fell.

"What?" I said.

"Do....do you have a mate?"

"Of course not!" I scoffed, "You are the only one I have ever loved."

"That's a relief."at that I giggled.

"Ah" he said "I missed your laugh almost as much as I missed you."

" I still can't beleive this." I whispered in my bell voice."I love you Edward Anthony Masen."

"I love you Allie Kate Coleman." at that I smiled."Wait..." I said, "Why would Alice see me coming?"

"You see," he said, " Alice can see the future. As I can read minds. Oh ,and her mate Jasper can sense and control emotions. Unless.. did you just decide to come this way?"

"Yes." I said "Just a few minutes ago, and thank god I did."

"Oh," he said, I looked up at him confused," You see... her visions are subjective."

"Oh." I said, "Wait..hold up, you can read minds?!"

"Yes." he said simply.

"Hmph." I pouted. He just chuckled."Can you read my mind?"

"Yes." he said again, "but I won't if you don't want me to. I only want for you to be completely and utterly happy."

"It's okay." I said,"For now, but I want to try it out to see if you're telling the truth."

Wow, Edward... I just noticed you're looking fantastic, especially in those pants, they make you're butt look really good.Yum. I thought this stepping back and eyeing him and circling and he busted out laughing.

"I guess you really can read minds." I said smiling.

"Yes," he managed to get out as he was finishing his laughing fit, "And you, Miss, look quite delicious yourself."

We were both laughing for several minutes. Until we finally stopped, still smiling. I decided I would try not to think.

"I have powers too, you know," I said in a childish tone just like I did when we were children fighting over who had gotten the best gift for Christmas," but that one would go quite nicely with the others."

"Really?!" he sounded rather excited "What is it?"

"I'll tell you later, if you're a good boy."he chuckled. I always used to say that when we were children and he wanted to know a secret.

"Oh, Allie, I'm so happy that you haven't changed your same humorous, mischivious self."he said "Hold on....Others? Plural?"

"Yes." I said smugly "I have more than one."

"Wow." he said,"Well I suppose you would, you are just too wonderful to have only one."

"I know." I said a smugly again. He chuckled. Oh, how I missed making him laugh.

We stood there staring at each other for a while. Until he broke the silence.

"Shall we go meet my family?" he said.

"We shall." I smiled.

With that we walked off to see his family. I could hardly wait. He must have a great family.