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Edward's Lost Love

Edward grew up with a girl that he came to love with all his heart. They had true love and were best friends. Then in 1918 they thought it was all over. She cried by his bed until the doctor came in and said it was time for her to go. That was the last time that they thought they would ever see each other. Edward is hunting in the forest when he sees her and bumps into her. His love, his life, his Allie.


2. Meet the Sibilings

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Allie's POV

I was so excited and so nervous to meet the family. My thoughts were storming with ideas of how they would be. Then, Edward and I abruptly stopped running.

"What?" I said,"Is something wrong? Do you not want me to meet them? I mean I understand if-"

He cut me off, "Allie,love, please relax, I'm sure that they will love you. Just calm down, you are thinking so many thoughts at once that I can hardly keep up."

"Okay Edward it's just...it's just I'm so excited!"I said happily.

"I can tell."Edward chuckled,"Don't worry they will love you, in fact I can read Alice's mind from here and she already loves you."

"Has she told the rest of your family?"

"No, she wants it to be a surprise."

"Let's go!"I said yelling now.

He just chuckled and we were off. We were running top speed now hand in hand. Then, we arrived at a gorgeous mansion.

"Wow." I said shocked.

"It's nothing really,"He said being the perfect gentleman he was,"Shall we go in now? Are you ready?"

"Yes." I said before thinking,"I'm ready."

"Okay,"he said with a dazzling smile,"Lets go."

We walked in hand and hand. The inside of the house was just as beautiful if not more. It was gorgeous. I was practically stunned. I was utterly speachless.

"Are you coming?"Edward said gently tugging on my hand.

I just shook my head yes and continued to walk in. Then, the first thing that I saw was a little pixie-like girl with short, black hair and golden eyes smiling at me. She just continued smiling as she looked over at Edward, he was smiling with a huge proud grin on his face. I smiled at him, he was just how I remembered him ansd more. This was truely amazing.

"Hi, Allie!" she ran over to me and embraced me in a very welcoming hug, and I hugged her back. "I'm Alice!" she said in a very pretty bell voice.

"Hi!" I said excited, I could already tell I was going to like this girl.

Edward just looked down and smiled a crooked smile at both of us. "Where are the others?"

"Em and Jazz are out back wrestling. Rose is in the garage, and Esme is in the garden. Carlise should be home in about 20 minutes though."Alice said politely.

"Oh, okay."Edward said.

"Come, on Allie! You can come meet Jazz and Em! I'm sure that they will be exited to see you!"Alice said, wow this girl sure had alot of energy.

Edward chuckled at that thought. Is Jasper the empath? I thought looking at Edward. He shook his head yes. Well, I might as well tell you one of my powers now. I'm an empath too. I thought. He gave me a surprised look.

"Really?" he said surprised.

"Really." I said aloud this time.

"Really what?" Alice said excited.

"Allie is an empath just like Jasper."Edward told her.

"Oh my gosh! That's going to be really interesting. I wonder if Jazz will know?"

"I doubt it he's not very perceptive." Edward said.

Then we walked out into a beautiful half paved backyard to see two young men wrestling. Then they abruptly stopped. I guess that they caught my scent. They looked up at me and gave me a puzzled look. Then the looked at mine and Edward's intertwined fingers and smiled. I could feel the waves of excitement coming from them.

"This is my mate Jasper, but we call him Jazz." Alice said pointing proudly to a tall, muscular, honey blonde man.

"And this one is Emmett." She said pointing to a slightly shorter, dark haired, very buff, man.

"Hey, Edward!" He said in a baritone voice. "Who's the really hot girl you brought home?"

I giggled.

"Boys, this is the Allie that we have all heard so much about."Alice said giving him a warning look.

"Really?!"lots af excitement waves were bursting from Emmett now.

"Yes." Edward said looking extremely happy and proud.

Jasper on the other hand was very calm and collected as we empaths usually are. I smiled weakly at him and he smiled back.

"It's a great pleasure to meet you Allie." Jasper said in a calming tone. I could feel the waves that he was sending towards me of calmness.

"Yeah, um, what he said." Emmett said shortly after.

"It's nice to meet you too." I said shaking their hands.

"You know what, Jazz?" Alice siad in her pixie tone.

"What, Alice?"Jasper said back.

"Allie is an empath as well."

"Really?" he said rather surpised and anxious. I sent calming waves to him. "Oh, I see you are. It will be nice to have another empath in the house, no one else knows what it feels like."

"I know what you mean." I said.

" Awe you two can be best friends." Emmett said in a mocking tone. I laughed again he was pretty funny.

"Well let's get a move on. We can go meet Rose now!" Alice said excited.

All of them came with us to see me meet Rosalie I walked in and saw a blonde, beautiful girl coming out from working under a car.She was absolutely gorgeous. She was immediately in defensive crouch when she saw me. I sent calming waves to her, and she shot a devilish look to Jazz.

"Hey! Don't look at me!" he said, "It's Allie ,she's an empath as well."

"Is this the Allie?" she said surprised and coming out of her defensive crouch.

"Yes." Edward said proudly again, and I smiled at him.

"Oh." she said. I felt waves of envy and anger coming off of her. Why did she hate me? What did I ever do to her? I shot a look towards Edward.

"Don't worry about her." Edward said swiftly so no one else could hear.

"Hello." she said in a tone that said it's you.

"Hello, Rosalie." I said politely.

"When did she get here?"

"About ten minutes ago." Emmett said.

"Oh." and with that she ran off with Emmett following after her.

"Why does she hate me?" I said to the other three.

"She's just jealous because she thinks that you are more beautiful than her." Edward answered.

"What?!" I said "Are you kidding me?! That is the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in all of my exsistence."

"I don't think she is." Edward said smiling and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Don't worry she'll come around." Jazz said.

"Okaayy." I said still sounding unconvinced.

"Carlise's home!" Alice said exited,"You can meet him and Esme together."