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Edward's Lost Love

Edward grew up with a girl that he came to love with all his heart. They had true love and were best friends. Then in 1918 they thought it was all over. She cried by his bed until the doctor came in and said it was time for her to go. That was the last time that they thought they would ever see each other. Edward is hunting in the forest when he sees her and bumps into her. His love, his life, his Allie.


3. Meet the Parents

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Allie POV

Oh my gosh, I was going to meet his parents! What if they didn't like me? What if they didn't want me to stay? What if-

"Allie, love, calm down, I'm sure that they will love you. Your thoughts are driving me crazy! I can hardly keep up!"

"I'm sorry, Edward, it's just that I'm a little worried. I mean what if your wrong? What if they hate me?"

"Allie, Allie, Allie. What's not to love? Everyone else already loves you. So what makes you think that they wouldn't?"

"Rosalie doesn't."I muttered under my breath.

"Well, Rosalie is Rosalie. She is just like that, but my parents will love you so calm down they are here."

Just then a beutiful woman with carmel colored hair and a beautiful heart shaped face walked in to the room with a very good looking blonde man. They walked over to us and smiled when they saw Edward's hand around my waist.

"Hello," the man said,"Alice told me that you were here. My name is Carlisle and this is my wife Esme. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Hello, Carlise, Esme," I said shaking their hands,"It's a pleasure to meet you as well."

"You are just how Edward explained you. It's quite remarkable that you two found each other, but perhaps it was just fate."I smiled as Carlise said this.

"Well, we must get to know you better. Take a seat on the couch with us."Esme said.

We walked into a living room with two white couches facing each other. Edward and I took a seat on one and Esme and Carlisle took a seat on the other.

"So, the main question, how did you become a vampire?"Carlisle said.

"Well," I said,"After,I left the hospital I was devistated. Everyone I knew was dying or about to die. I was alone, mostly I would just wander empty streets and think. I wasn't going on without Edward and I didn't know how to go about it. One night I was wandering the streets and some one came up to me and then I felt this burning like I was on fire. It wasn't stopping and I started screaming for someone to just kill me already. Then eventually the burning stopped and I woke up in a cave. No one was there and I wandered out. It was all so confusing. I just wandered around in the forest feeding on deer and moutain lion. Whatever animal I could find, even thought I was thirsty for human. Then I wandered the earth for about fifty years trying to stay away from human. I crossed the path of one of the Volturi's guard. They took me back and I stayed with the guard hunting animal for ten years, but I decided to leave. They let me go if I promised to go and visit. When I left them is when I discovered my other gifts besides empath. I also have Jane's power to torture, and I have a power to basically heal. When I breath on a wound it heals." after I said all of that Edward was just staring at me marveling.

"That's amazing, unthinkable," Carlisle said, "All those gifts you have, that's insane."

"Wow." Edward said,"That's amazing, and you never killed a human? Even when you were alone?"

"Never." I replied.

I think that I stunned them they just sat there practically speachless.

"You must join our family. You have to! Edward and you are meant for each other, you are a vegitarian already, the others love you. You must!"Carlisle said.

"Yes, dear, you must! Please accept our offer." Esme said.

"Of course! Yes! I'm so glad you asked! Thank you so much for letting me into your family Esme and Carlisle."

"Please dear, call me dad. You are part of our family now."Carlisle said.

"Yes of course! Please, and call me mom." Esme said.

"Okay, mom and dad."

"Yipee!" Alice said running towards me jumping on me and hugging.

"Yes!" Emmett said giving me a pat on the back,"Hot girl is staying!"

Edward scowled while Alice gave him a look and Jasper snickered.

"Don't think about it Em!" Edward yelled.

"Did you guys hear that whole converstion?"I asked.

"Yep!" they replied all at the same time.

"You have some awesome powers! Now it doesn't matter if I get hurt! I can just have you breath on me!" Emmett said.

"Very funny Emmett." Alice said,"Just because she has that power doesn't mean that you can go crazy!"

"Whatever." Emmett said winking at me.

I giggled. Then Edward went up to show me his room-I mean "our" room. The room was just how I expected it to be music everywhere.

"Allie, Edward!" Alice called."Come down here!"

"We're coming Alice!" Edward answered.

We descended down the stairs.

"I want to hear some stories of Edward when he was little!" Alice said all excited.

"Oh, don't worry Alice, I have plenty of stories that I remember!"

"Really?" Edward said surprised,"I was kind of hoping you would forget those."

"Nope, sorry hon, I have a good memory, especially since you were all I thought about for 100 years."I said.

"Well, let's hear them!"Alice said practically sqealing.

"Okay!"I said I had a really good one in mind. Edward just looked at me and scowled. I giggled. This was going to be interesting.