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How to Save a Life

Life for Edward, Bella, Shane, and Cat are just getting harder and harder. As their home and school lives get worse music and friends become their only sanctuary. Fighting through it together to save each others' life. Sequal to 'You and Me' NONE OF THE PICTURES IN THIS STORY ARE MINE DO NOT SUE ME ACTUAL OWNERS ARE IN CHAPTERS! CONVERSE.jpg CONVERSE image by shelby4d5

I finally got my five reviews saying they wanted more so here it is our characters' sophomore year.

2. Deal!

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"What’d you three do over the summer?" I asked Shane as he grabbed two sodas out of his fridge. After school we all went to the ice cream parlor to celebrate the fact we were all together again. But that didn’t last long.

Cat had to be home by four cause of something she did over the summer to get grounded. It had something to do with a skunk, I didn’t ask questions.

Bella’s Uncle and Aunt were coming into town so she had to be home to cook dinner, seeing as Charlie her dad had no idea how to cook anything other then fish.

And so Shane drove them home, and both of us ended up here. I was sick of my family, and Shane didn’t want to be alone with his sister. It was a mutual agreement.

"What we always do really, probably would have been better if you were there. We went to the lake, but it was on the completely wrong day, started raining. Then the car. That was a interesting situation. We tried to teach Cat to skateboard."

"Whoa what?" I asked alarmed. I could just imagine Cat trying to stay on a skateboard. Laughing her ass off as Bella and Shane tried to stop her from jumping off and chasing a squirrel or something like that.

"Yeah, that did not turn out so well, she ended up jumping on me after she got scared half way down a hill falling off of me and spraining her wrist. Interesting day." We both laughed as he put two sodas on the counter. We heard the door slam and looked around.

Three weird looking girls stood there they had way too much makeup on and looked like they dressed in as little clothes as possible It was creepy. One I recognized as Shane’s sister Alexis. The other two didn’t know but if they were Alexis’ friends they were probably in the same grade as us. They were just standing there staring it was rather annoying.

I looked back at Shane to see his eye twitching. He came around the counter and started waving his hands at them like they were birds, "Shoo! Shoo!" he shouted at them.

When they finally left the room shouting "Shane you freak!" he turned back to me.

"So sorry, they went mental over the summer I swear they’ve gone crazy! Every time they see a boy they stop and stare then calculate how cute they think he is. Its insane!" Shane shouted.

I laughed slightly. "Lets go to my room I don’t want to deal with them coming back to continue their stare session. Come on!" Shane said grabbing the still unopened sodas, then Shepherded me up to his room closing the door.

"If only Cat were like that huh?" I asked sitting down on the chair by his computer.

"Don’t even joke. If she were anything like that I wouldn’t like her the way I do. But it would be nice if she noticed me in that way." Shane said shaking his head and falling back on his bed. I looked at a picture of the four of us from the previous year that was on his desk. We all had the same one. Mine was of a shelf with my CDs.

"I know what you mean," I said as I looked at Bella in the picture.

"This really needs to stop," Shane said shaking his head. "We’re pining after girls that we’ve known for a long time but they don’t notice us they way we notice them."

"Yes, yes it’s a shame but what are we going to do about it?" I asked.

"We’ll have to ask them to go out with us," Shane said sounding resigned. I coughed on the soda I had just swallowed.


"Come on! In Cat’s words we need to ‘grow a pair’," Shane said laughing at me a bit as I coughed.

"I understand that you need too, but I haven’t been a coward for four years, only one. Therefore I can stand to wait a while." I said.

"The question is do you want too?" He asked smirking. I swear he looked like a pirate.

"No I suppose not," groaned.

"So we have a deal by the end of this year we’ll ask them out." He said sticking his hand out for me to shake.

"Yeah alright," I said shaking his hand. I didn’t know until later that Bella and Cat were making a similar deal.


Bella’s POV (one time thing sorry)

"I bet you loved seeing Edward again?" Cat said, laughing. Charlie wasn’t home yet and I was trying to make dinner before Aunt Teresa and Uncle Red got to the house. I was talking on the phone with Cat. Aparently as soon as she got home she was sent to her room, (why'd she have to capture that skunk!) and had gotten bored, so she called me.

"Well yeah," I said hesitating a little Cat knew I liked him. But I really don’t like to talk about it. There was no way he liked me not even a little smidge of hope.

Unfortunately for me even this little agreement sent Cat over the edge. "You lurve him, you you you lurve him." She sang. I could literally hear her jumping around in her room on her bed.

I rolled my eyes even though she couldn’t see. And kept stirring the pasta on the stove. "You love Shane." I said a smirk on my face.

Cat immediately quieted, "Shut up!" she grumbled but didn’t deny it. She’s liked Shane forever! Since fifth grade I think when he tried to save her from Lauren. Key word here bring tried. Boy ended up breaking his wrist, somehow. But Cat and I visited him in the hospital every time we could, and since then we’d been a group.

I laughed at the memory and her answer as I said, "What are we going to do? Its like they don’t notice us."

"They notice us! Just not like that. We have to make them notice!" Cat said/shouted it was always really hard to tell whether she meant to shout or not.

"Okay smarty how?"

"Well we have two options. First being we dress like sluts." we shuddered. We promised back in eighth grade to never dress like that to get guys, so that’s out, "Or we can make them jealous."

I have a feeling this was going to be an interesting year, I thought as I agreed.