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How to Save a Life

Life for Edward, Bella, Shane, and Cat are just getting harder and harder. As their home and school lives get worse music and friends become their only sanctuary. Fighting through it together to save each others' life. Sequal to 'You and Me' NONE OF THE PICTURES IN THIS STORY ARE MINE DO NOT SUE ME ACTUAL OWNERS ARE IN CHAPTERS! CONVERSE.jpg CONVERSE image by shelby4d5

I finally got my five reviews saying they wanted more so here it is our characters' sophomore year.

4. Unmentionables

Rating 5/5   Word Count 801   Review this Chapter

"Would you be quite?" I hissed at Shane as we hid under the window, just by the door of the supermarket. He was still freaking out about the plan, I don’t see why I mean he could probably just talk us out of it if we get caught! "Now," I said when he stopped looking like he was going to blow up, "look, SLOWLY!" I shouted as he jumped up to look, "Which way are the girls facing?"

"Away from the door, were good." Shane said. We went through the door, quickly. Going to the back aisles.

"We got lucky the floor’s orange." I said as we got a bowl, some orange sauce, two egg cartons, and anything else slimy and orange. Shane figured out how much we were taking, and put some bills on the counter, with a note.

As we were mixing the goop, every so often I’d drop a bit on the floor, and compare the colors, Shane going to get darker or lighter orange stuff depending, Eventually we got it just right and I spread half of it on the floor, while Shane set up the other half in the decaying old, ceiling panels. I was just surprised when the shelves didn’t fall when he climbed up to set it up.

"Quickly, quickly." I said as he was climbing down. We rushed back to the car, and waited, in exactly the same spot we were before, trying not to laugh.

Only a minute later Bella and Cat came back out, both pushing a cart. "Lets GO! Cat shouted pushing the cart as fast as she could, then jumping in the basket and rolling down the parking lot. "I thought she was uncoordinated?" I whispered/ asked Shane.

"Only at what she isn’t used to." He said, as both our heads turned to look at her as she zoomed past the car, one hand in the air, screaming at the top of her lungs!

The next thing I knew, I was in a shopping cart. Bella had come next to the car, and positioned the cart just right, so when Shane pushed me of the hood, I landed hard on my butt, in a shopping cart.

I was screaming, as both Shane and Bella, pushed the cart running as fast as they could. Eventually Bella tripped and it was just Shane, but then he let go and I rolled down the hill on my own, screaming my ass off.

The cart got faster and faster as the slope got steeper, and the cart started wobbling, I clutched even harder to the sides, scared for my life. Apparently I should have been more scared for Cat, Cause, I crashed into the cart she was trying to get out of. She was thrown out of it and onto the pavement.

"Shit!" I yelled, and jumped out of the cart as fast as I could, helping Cat up. She had a few cuts and scrapes. Some bruises, but was otherwise fine. And laughing her ass off. I was actually worried for her sanity.

She finally stopped laughing enough to move, and we made our way back to the top. Cat still giggling occasionally.

I was glaring at my two supposed friends as they came back in sight. "You know I think Cat’s my only real friend!" I shouted at them, we were still fifty feet away, and I cold hear them laughing like they were right next to me.

"What happened?" Shane asked, sobering up as soon as he saw blood on Cat’s arm.

"I crashed into her, couldn’t you have waited until she came back up?!?!?" I yelled, still annoyed.

Shane and Bella just looked at each other, "No." They said at the same time. I groaned, pushing both the carts back up to the top. And sitting down on the curb. Inspecting a cut on my elbow from when we crashed.

Suddenly there was a huge crash, from behind me in the store. I turned around quickly and looked down the aisle where we set up the prank. One of the clerks was flat on his back having slipped, and the other was running towards him from the back of the aisle.

Just as he got to his friend, and helped him up, the bowl of goop which had been wobbling slightly since the first guy slipped, fell of the ledge, and landed on the heads of the two guys. Splattering them with more of the gross orange goop.

"The looks like orangutan shit," Cat’s voice said from behind me. I looked at her seeing that she was completely serious and started laughing, along with Shane and Bella.

"I feel a little sorry for them, I mean they do have to clean up ‘orangutan unmentionables‘," Shane said still laughing.